Garden Shed Review: Pottery Shed

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It’s no secret that sheds are used for more than storing a dilapidated lawn mower, a three-pronged rake and two bent spades nowadays. Whilst watching “Shed of the Year” finale, it seems almost fitting to tell you about one of my favourite sheds I’ve done this year. Marilyn came to me last year with a somewhat restricted space.


Marilyn wanted to maximise what space she had available by literally wedging a shed between a stone wall and a brick garage.

Marilyn’s vision was to have a working area to create her beautiful ‘fractured’ masterpieces.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1)

As you can imagine careful measurements were taken on my initial site visit.   To make the most of the space I designed the shed with little left of 150mm all round (ticht).

Marliyn Rattray photo 2 

The assembly wasn’t the easiest, but with careful precision and custom facias and under eaves we made it work.


A year on and Marilyn had this to say:

“My garden shed, or as I like to call it, my ‘shedio‘, is my haven.  This is where I work on my mosaics and stained glass.  It is such a privilege to have a dedicated workspace where I can zone out doing the things I love. This past year has definitely been very productive in the shedio!

Gillies & Mackay fitted the pent roof shed into a dead space in the back corner of my garden.  So what used to be a dumping ground is now wonderfully utilised. I fully insulated it and had it lined with ply, lots of shelving and lino on the floor. A little heater keeps me warm on cold days.”


Marilyn needed somewhere other than her house to be creative. The feasibility of investing in a shed is the equivalent to 3 months rent on a commercial build. Having your own shed in your own garden means a short hop skip and jump commute and comfort in knowing your space is yours to with as you please.

Marilyn’s other projects include a magnificent garden seating area…


…with accompanying pets full of character and charm…


Marilyn’s talents don’t stop there…

Genuine Rattbags; Marilyn’s passion for ‘making things’ began when she was very young. Marilyn took an old piece of thick tartan and attempted to make a frock for her favourite doll Linda. Using an old Singer sewing machine, Marilyn would make clothes from scratch with a ‘Simplicity’ pattern; Simplicity designs produces and markets sewing patterns for individuals who love to sew.

And so it continued, doing lots of dress-making, designing bespoke garments, and forays into tapestry weaving, patchwork and quilting, knitting, needlepoint, felt-making, rug-hooking etc – all of which influences Marilyn’s designs today.


It’s clear Marilyn “shedio” is the ideal solution to creating a working environment allowing Marilyn to craft such beautiful things, which undoubtedly bring joy to both Marilyn and her customers. An added value to her craftswoman life.

So… What do you do in your shed?