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By Cara Mackay on 22 Jun 2016

Garden Shed Scotland: TGB Sheds Review

It’s Shed season, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. My girls have noticed on a few occasions this week that customers are coming to us with a TGB Sheds brochure? What the?! Hey, it’s okay! This is a good thing, we actively encourage our customers to go and see what else is out there before they commit to buying the best shed in the world.

It’s a bit of a hassle though, so I thought I’d have a wee look myself and see if I could summarise for you what TGB have to offer. I’ve been making sheds since I was in nappies – so if there’s one thing I know, it’s a good Shed.

For the purpose of fairness, I will comment only on a standard 8′ x 6′ Apex Shed.

TGB Sheds

The Shed


TGB Apex Shed

Specification: 16mm (Redwood, origin unspecified) tongue and groove cladding, 38mm x 50mm framing. There is no clear description of the floor or roof materials but you can upgrade to 22mm flooring. Unfortunately, there is no price available on the site. This is to be requested by filling out a form.



Easy and pleasant to use. I like the accessibility of each product and being able to click through to get the specification information without searching. TGB have agents that sell their buildings throughout the UK – although to know where they do ask you to fill out a form. The website is informative and has clear links to their social media platforms.

Social Media

TGB have an excellent engaging Facebook with plenty of updates and pictures of recent projects. They have a live twitter stream on their website also.


Facebook (FB) is the most active for reviews and they score a 5-star rating on 4 reviews. There are 2 negative comments on their FB which have not had a response. There is 1 review on their Google listing which is quite negative but contradicted by the majority of comments on their FB page. The visitor posts on their FB page are lovely to see, with customers posting pictures of their new TGB sheds.

“Our fab tool sheds delivered today. Excellent service from the day we ordered them to today when they arrived. Would highly recommend the company.”

“Would not recommend. Delivered one shed instead of two on wrong day. No apology when called to inform of this; instead tried to shift the blame to the local fencing company/agent who had taken my order. This was simply not the case.”

My Opinion; the quality of product specification is as expected for a normal garden shed. It’s unfortunate they do not include the full specification as the floor and roof are fundamental to the longevity of a Garden Shed. The fact you can’t get a price or a location of show area without filling out a form is pretty annoying.

I’d personally be put off by not knowing who was responsible for the aftercare as in the Google review in case something went wrong with my purchase. However, If I was in need of a standard garden shed and after visiting their premises, I was satisfied with their service and product I would buy from TGB.

My aim for the next 90 days is to create 2 videos a week answering any questions you may have about buying a shed, looking after a shed or how to enjoy Shedlife to the maximum. Here’s a link to my channel and if you have any questions at all please get in touch or leave a comment here.

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