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By Nicola Hutchison on 11 Sep 2022

Garden Sheds Edinburgh: Who is the best manufacturer? 

What we’ll cover in this blog...
The rules of our Edinburgh garden shed review
Simply Sheds
Seafield Shed Centre
Meadowmill Shed Centre
Capital Sheds
Uhut Better Sheds

Who makes the best garden sheds in Edinburgh?

Ah, beautiful Edinburgh! The residents of our stunning capital deserve only the best when it comes to sheds. However, if you’re not an expert, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what makes a great shed.

As it stands, there are a fair few shed manufacturers around the city from Stockbridge to Leith, Corstorphine to Portobello and we want to make sure you get the very best shed for your garden.

So, in this blog, we’re offering our expert opinion on Edinburgh shed manufacturers to help you decide who is right for you – and get some #sheducataion along the way. 

Why are we reviewing Edinburgh Shed Manufacturers?

Time and time again we hear stories from our Sheddies about the disappointing experiences they have had with previous sheds. All they want is a damn good shed that lasts for years to come – and to know that they’ve invested their money in the right place.

It frustrates us to see this happening, especially when it’s never been easier for shed manufacturers to share information with their future #sheddies. That’s why we do our best to offer as much information and #sheducation as we possibly can to ensure you’re empowered to make the right decision for you.

We have over 30 years of experience in this market and are deeply passionate about sheds that last. And whilst we’d love to build sheds for everyone – it’s not always possible or we may not be the right fit for you. But this blog should help point you in the right direction even if it’s not us.

*This is an opinion-based article based on our experience and understanding of sheds. You do not have to read on if you don’t want to. This article was updated in 2022.*

The rules of our Edinburgh garden shed review…

We know, we know! We’re shed manufacturers! So you might not trust that we are going to be unbiased in our Edinburgh shed review. That’s why we thought that we’d lay out the rules before we get started. 

We looked at Google to find shed manufacturers in Edinburgh using the search term “Garden Sheds Edinburgh”

We’ll review those who show up on page one of Google, including on Google Maps. We’ll exclude paid ads as they tend to be companies not local to the area we’re interested in.

In this blog, and in no particular order, we’ll be reviewing:

Who we’ll not be reviewing in this blog:

The Shed Man – They are a Glasgow-based shed manufacturer who delivers to Edinburgh. We’ll be reviewing Glasgow shed manufacturers soon.

Forestcraft – They are a Fife-based shed manufacturer who delivers to Edinburgh. Read their review here: Garden Sheds Fife: Top 4

Garden Life – UK-wide supplier

A1 Sheds– UK-wide supplier

Easy Shed – Uk Wide Supplier

Sheds First – UK-Wide Supplier

*Suppliers are not included in this blog as they are mass-manufactured and do not take responsibility for the sheds supplied. Suppliers offer the lowest quality sheds and services on the market and that is how they keep the prices low and have never-ending sales. They will not end up being on our best lists because of this but it’s good to be aware. Always check out their reviews.

1. Simply Sheds 

First impressions of Simply Sheds website are pretty basic and standard. But for a company claiming high-quality products all over their website, I’d expect to see a high-quality website to match.

Simply Sheds Edinburgh garden sheds

So, let’s take a look at their quality and make a judgement on whether they are the best. 

Simply Sheds: What is their garden shed specification?

Simply Sheds offers quite a bit of information on their shed specification which is always bonus points in our book. We like to let people know what they are getting themselves in for – especially when it comes to specification, and it’s so important when it comes to longevity.

Simply Sheds Specification

Shed Timber Thickness

They use tongue and groove weatherboards with the option of 12mm or 15mm thickness. We would argue that 12mm is too thin to manage against Scottish weather. Straight away you’ll want to upgrade to 15mm.

15mm is a mid-spec range – however, is very dependent on the type of timber they are using which is vital in determining the longevity of the shed. Simply Sheds do not offer this information, so it’s impossible for us to make a full analysis of this.

Redwood is the best type of wood for a shed over whitewood. Ideally, this should be sourced from the Arctic Circle. Redwood slow-grown timbers offer dense grains making it the best wood to handle the changes in our weather. Otherwise you’re left with common problems like cracking, warping, leaking and water ingress.

Shed Framing

Framing material is vital because it’s the very thing holding your shed together. The framing must be able to load bear and protect your shed from the elements (especially important in Scotland). 

Simply Sheds mentions that they use C16 CLS Graded timber in their framing. C16 Graded timber is a cheaper cost-effective alternative to C24-graded timber. And although C16 timber is strong it’s best used in light internal constructions where it can be kept dry – like housing for example.

However, in a shed it can cause structural implications due to the external elements ie. strong wind and lots of water. You might end up with a sagging roof, a blown-away shed or a shed with a lean.

C24-graded timber is much superior to C16 and is best used for external construction due to its strength and versatility. C24 timber is usually imported from slow-growing climates making its grain tighter and the overall timber stronger. Hence making it ideal for strong, sturdy long-lasting sheds.

So although they state high-quality materials – we wouldn’t necessarily agree. Actually, we would say average. There are much better materials that can be used on the market that are of higher quality.

OSB in Sheds

OSB- well there are arguments on using this material in sheds. The way Simply Sheds use it is a big no-no in our opinion without a moisture barrier. They state they use OSB in the floor and roofing, but OSB should not be used in places where it is susceptible to water. 


Because OSB is very good at absorbing, maintaining water and expanding. Once it has expanded it very rarely ceases to contract.

Moisture issues in your shed lead to mould, rot and the timbers warping.

The floors and roof are the most susceptible places to moisture and must be kept dry. So unless they are using a moisture-proof barrier to protect the OSB (which they do not state) then this is only going to lead to you dealing with moisture issues quickly on your shed and long-lasting problems.

Simply Sheds: How much does a garden shed cost?

Simply Sheds Apex Shed 10 x 8

We do love a sheddie manufacturer that actually gives us the price (rather than making us contact them for it).

For a 10’ x 8’ Apex Shed with the above materials and felt roof we’re looking at £1,390.00 with a £120 build charge.

A cheaper alternative in the market for its size is likely due to the materials used in the construction.

Simply Sheds: What are their garden shed reviews?

Reviews give us a little insight into how well their customer service is, and how well the timber buildings fare after installation. Let’s look at some Google reviews as well as Facebook…

Google Reviews

On Google Simply Sheds gets a 3.6-star rating⭐ out of 5 from 102 reviews. A pretty low score on the market.

However, their positive reviews are great. People seem to be happy with their sheds and the experience they have had.

Simply Sheds Positive Google review

Couple of recent negative reviews on the construction. Water ingress and gaps in the wood and difficulties getting someone to come and rectify the problem. Timber doesn’t come without its challenges but if you buy something, you’ll want to know you’ll be looked after if there is a problem – whether it be in the form of advice or rectification. 

If Simply Sheds want to avoid these types of reviews it would be good for them to be on form with their communications and set expectations with you. There’s nothing worse than being left hanging. Communication and solutions are what we’re after.

Simply Sheds Negative google review

Facebook Reviews

3.9 stars out of 5 out of 51 reviews. Very mixed reviews here. Some were pleased with their finished product. Some shared very specific detailed problems about their experience. I scrolled through the first page and every second review was negative. As someone trying to put myself in your shoes – it put me off immediately. It’s clear that Simply Sheds need to work on their customer service and communications so you are clear on what to expect and you know what is happening.

Simply Sheds facebook reviews

This makes it difficult to tell what kind of experience you are going to get from Simply Sheds. It’s either extremely pleasurable or very frustrating. Feels like a bit of a gamble – are you willing to take it?
I do like and appreciate those who are willing to share their specifications openly so you know what you’re buying and pricing so you know if you can afford it.

Simply Sheds Verdict

I appreciate that Simply Sheds are offering up much more information on their sheds to get an idea of what you are buying into – this is great for sheddies. You get what you pay for and their price matches their specifications. In Scottish weather – I would expect to see an improvement on their shed specification to guarantee longevity and less common shed issues although that does come with increased prices. It’s difficult to tell what kind of experience you’ll get with Simply Sheds and we know that sheddies love consistency and communication – an improvement here and Simply Sheds would be a good lower-priced option on the market.

Ok, who’s next?

2. Seafield Shed Centre

Seafield Shed centre – they’ve been on the market for 20 years and make their sheds in Fife but have a show area in Edinburgh. 20 years tell me they’ve got experience. Very simplistic website, with very little information. So it looks like you’re going to have to go see them for much more info (annoying).

Seafield Shed Centre Website

Seafield shed centre: What is their garden shed specification?

The first thing is to see on their homepage – sustainable and locally sourced Scottish Fir. This is what they are using in their buildings. Red flag!  🚩

On the surface locally sourced, and sustainable might suck you in – it sure sounds good.
But unfortunately, Scottish timbers on timber sheds are not suitable for Scottish weather. If they were then we’d be buying locally rather than shipping in from Scandinavia. 

As strange as that seems – Scottish-grown timber grows too fast which means the grains are wide = and more moisture getting in. The wide grains also cause the timber to be weaker making it susceptible to warping and breaking. Mix this with their 12mm weatherboard and Scottish weather = water ingress, leaking, warping, mould, rot.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our product” – not with Scottish sourced timber you don’t. If Seafield Shed Centre wants to match the quality they should be sourcing their timbers from slow-growing climates.


Seafield Shed Centre openly shared that they use 2” x 2” framing in their sheds. The framing MUST be substantial in order for your shed to last and withstand the Scottish Weather. 2” x 2” is half of what we would recommend for this. 

Again, you’re going to come into complications with warping, leaning, sagging and quite possibly a blown-over shed. At the minimum we recommend 4” x 2”.

Seafield Shed Centre Specification

I’m disappointed in the lack of information we’re getting from Seafield Shed Centre. Nothing on what type of roofing material, or options they offer. So it’s difficult to give you a full review of their garden shed specification. 

Seafield shed centre: how much does a garden shed cost?

No pricing! Come on Seafield, it’s 2022, time to give sheddies access to pricing so they can make a decision on what’s right for them. 

I can’t really tell if they are right for me. It’s hidden under a cloak – why? Give me more so I can make a decision.

Based on the materials they are using – which is typical use when being cost-effective –  I would expect this shed to be on the lower end of the scale for a 10’ x 8’ Apex in the market.

Seafield Shed Centre: Reviews

Google: 3.9 stars out of 5 (49 reviews)⭐
Facebook: No Facebook

A mixture of reviews here. It looks like they do well with custom builds if you state exactly what you want. If you have an awkward space and need something really bespoke then they might be a good fit for you.

Seafield Shed Centre Reviews

It looks as though there’s a common theme in lacking customer service skills and communication with a few different experiences expressed there. A lot of that can be avoided if there is more information put on the website and express expectations for everyone. People expect a quick response with answers. They want their questions answered

Seafield Shed Centre: The Verdict

For 20 years’ experience on the market, I would expect better from Seafield Shed Centre. Quality of wood is vital for a good shed and it’s frustrating that they state quality and it doesn’t match the information offered. If they want to build quality sheds – I’d expect an upgrade on timbers used asap –  and give sheddies the price so they know if they can buy from you. We have budgets – we want to know.


3. Meadowmill Shed Centre

We’re getting a bit of relief here – phew! Meadowmill Shed Centre – I’m already getting positive vibes from their website. So much more information. Thank You Meadowmill 🙏​​ 

Meadowmill Website Image

This tells me they know what their customers are asking and what information they are looking for. It tells me they can look after you.

Meadowmill Shed Centre: What is their garden shed specification?

Scandinavian Pine baby! Yes – Meadowmill is using the best timber for their sheds to handle the Scottish climate. I would argue this puts them miles ahead and they know their stuff.

Combine this with 16mm weatherboard thickness in their premium range of sheds and you’ve got yourself a damn decent shed.

Meadowmill 10 x 8 garden shed

They do mention that they all come pressure treated. Pressure treatment protects against rot and fungi for around 15 years. It’s a good addition to have for ultimate timber protection. However, in our experience pressure-treated timbers come with their own challenges.

We find that water ingress is more common with PT timbers. We believe the chemicals used in the treatment stunt the movement in the timbers hence causing water ingress. It isn’t a major issue – but it can be an inconvenience.

Decent and well-built windows and doors. Dressed framing is a bonus – means you get a neat finish on the inside of the shed. Details count!

They use 45mm x 30mm framing in their sheds. This is the one thing they could improve upon in their build. Considering the quality and weight of the materials they are using – the framing has to match and hold that weight over its lifetime. My advice to them would be to upgrade their framing to C24 graded 70mm x 45mm framing to guarantee the longevity and strength of the building.

Meadowmill Shed Centre: How much does a garden shed cost?

Ah Meadowmill – my heart aches – no pricing on the website. 

I don’t see any reason as to why the team couldn’t share their prices. It’s just frustrating to have to seek it out. An extra task to carry out. 

Get your standardised prices up for your customers so they know if they can buy from you.

Meadowmill Shed Centre: Reviews

On Google, we have 4.8 stars out of 5 (44 reviews)⭐
And no Facebook page – it looks as though they have removed their page.

I did a good scroll through of the reviews and it’s 5-star after 5-star reviews. Excellent service all around, they deliver quickly and quality is great.

Meadowmill Garden shed reviews

As an added bonus they provide their own base laying services and shed removal at an extra cost.

Well done Meadowmill. It’s not often you hear of this kind of quality on the market. They’ve proven – you’ll be in good hands with them and I believe that too.

Meadowmill Shed Centre Verdict

Meadowmill lay out their information well for you and they use decent timbers in their shed. It’s clear that they have put thought into their builds and customer service and that comes through in their reviews as well. Add some pricing information for sheddies so they can work out if we can buy from you and they will be flying. I reckon Meadowmill will be sitting towards the middle/high end of the market on pricing based on their specifications if you have a little more budget to spend there.

4. Capital Sheds

Capital Sheds are based in Murrayfield in Edinburgh and have been going for around 30 years. First impressions navigating through the website – it’s basic, it’s easy to navigate, it’s simple. I’m not getting a lot of information from them.

Capital Sheds Website Image

Again, if you say you’re delivering high-quality products I’d expect a high-quality website to match

Capital Sheds: What is their garden shed specification?

You’ll get 12mm or 15mm (Premium) with Capital. However, they don’t state what type of wood they use on their sheds. Useful to know as it’s a key factor.

Typically if a shed company does not state what kind of wood they use or where it comes from – it tends to be whitewood pine. It’s cheaper and the quality is substantially less.  Red flag. I would contact them to find this out.

Capital Sheds Specification

15mm for premium is actually an average thickness. It’s frustrating when shed companies state a premium for a shed that’s not premium at all. It’s commonly used but it doesn’t make it better. And if I suspect that they are using whitewood timbers then it decreases the quality of the shed further and you’ll be facing water ingress and moisture challenges.

44mm x 36mm framing isn’t great for a timber building. I’d expect an upgrade in the framing to ensure it’s sturdy and the shed remains stable throughout its lifetime in this Scottish Weather. They do state that you should upgrade to “premium” in exposed areas. I’d argue that even premium isn’t going to last here. 

Capital Sheds:  How much does a garden shed cost?

HURRAH! We have pricing.

10’ x 8’ Apex Shed (Premium – 15mm Cladding) = £1,870.00

Now, this price doesn’t include delivery and assembly or VAT.

VAT – c’mon now. Customers pay VAT – include the VAT and stop giving them extra work to figure it out.

So £2,244.00 is what you would be paying.

For what you’re paying for – In my opinion, it is pretty high on the market. I know timber prices are high right now, however – it’s coming close to the price ours and I’m not afraid to say that we’re offering much more for a similar price. I’d be cautious about this.

Capital Sheds: Reviews

Google: No reviews
Facebook: 4.7 out of 5 stars (20 reviews)

Not a lot of reviews to go on here and for a company going for around 30 years – I’d expect much more. However – their Facebook reviews are positive.

Great service provided, loyal, communicating well and fast service. They look after you if you do choose Capital Sheds. 

Capital Shed Reviews

Capital Sheds Verdict

We really need to know what kind of timbers Capital Sheds are using to know if the shed will stand the weather and is worth the price they are charging. Again for Scottish weather – the only option is to go for a thicker timber and the right type. They have potential and if they offer us more information you can really get a good idea of what you are investing in. It’s helpful that they offer different price points for variations of the shed for those whose budgets are unable to stretch. We all want to include VAT to save any confusion there. Their reviews suggest they will look after you. I’d expect more transparency from them to really help sheddies trust and make the right decision.

5. Uhut Better Sheds

Uhut – first impressions – WOW! Talk about a different kind of shed. This is proper shed modernisation.

When I’ve previously spoken about quality buildings matched with a quality website – this is it. Uhut set the best impression for this. This is what we want to see.

Uhuts website  - garden shed

Another impressive feat – this team is giving you way more information than any of the others on their website. They’re talking about benefits, and sustainability, they’ve even got a buyer’s guide. Trust points are going through the roof! 

Uhut: What is the specification of their garden shed?

Uhut is giving us the full specification – well done! What’s fantastic is that they’re using a layered system on their walls giving their wall a thickness of 44mm. We use the same 3-tier system on our Garages and sheds for an upgrade. It means you are guaranteed to have a bone-dry building.

Because they use this moisture-resistant system, essentially it means it doesn’t matter what timbers they use externally because it’s already protected internally. However, if you’re going to invest in this – you’ll want it to be aesthetically pleasing and not have to replace the wood all the time to keep it looking good.

They mention they use softwood pressure-treated cladding on the externals. This is great – protected against rot and fungi for at least 15 years means you don’t have to worry about it.

Uhut: How much does a garden shed cost?

Full pricing available – fantastic.

Uhuts Pricinng garden shed edinburgh

A 10’ x 8’ Uhut = £1,895.00

£75.00 charge to deliver and assemble in Edinburgh. More further afield.

For what they are offering here – both quality, aesthetics and use. If you have the budget to spend on a shed like this then you’re in for a great experience. And at a fair price too. 

Uhut: Reviews

Google: 4.9 stars out of 5 (36 reviews)⭐
Facebook: 5 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)⭐

I wasn’t expecting any less. The quality of the building is above and beyond, their customer service is substantial, and they communicate very well. Everyone has had a great experience with this company.

Uhuts edinburgh shed reviews

Uhuts Verdict

Uhuts are a really great option if you are looking for a modern shed to fit in with the aesthetics of your modern garden. Great specifications and look. They offer something different on the shed market. They’ve done an excellent job of relaying all the information to you to make an informed decision. If you like the look of the sheds as is and have the budget to spend here – this is a great option for you. If you’re looking for something bigger or more customisable – a traditional shed may be the better option as there may be limits due to the nature of their design. You’ll be in good hands with this company and excited to see its future in the market.

Who makes the best garden sheds in Edinburgh?

There is a wide range of garden sheds on offer in Edinburgh. If you’re looking for something more traditional – Meadowmill is the most reliant based on the information we’ve found. Of course, you’ll have to contact them for pricing. And if your budget allows and you’re going for a modern twist – absolutely Uhut are your sheddies.

Top tip: Always check the specifications of sheds when you’re on your search and if they have a show area, go and visit it and check out the quality of the sheds yourself.

That was fun Edinburgh – who’s next?

If you’re looking for a garden shed in Edinburgh then book a consultation with one of our experts to get you on your way.

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