Garden Sheds Fife: Top 4 Suppliers

Garden Sheds Fife: Top 4

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Fife’s Top 4 Shed Manufacturers

As rated by NattyShedGirl

Hey Sheddie, been looking long? I’m not sure if you know, but I’m on a mission to rate all the Shed Manufacturers and Suppliers in the whole of Scotland and this time it’s Fife’s turn. We’re looking at Google’s top 4 Shed Manufacturers in Fife and we’re using the search term “Garden Sheds Fife”.

We exclude the paid ads, as they tend to be online companies and not businesses operating from the area we’re interested in. In this case, we’re only interested in Shed Manufacturers operating in Fife. So here’s what we’ve got…  

Anchor Timber Buildings


Central Fife Sheds

Premier Sheds and Garages


  1. We don’t talk about ourselves! Nope – this is not a sly, skanky ad for Gillies and Mackay, we are not in this review. This is purely for my research purposes and I take a clear, impartial view on all companies I review.
  2. We just talk about 8’ x 6’s in our comparisions – makes things easier.
  3. The opinions in this blog are based on my own personal judgement and what I believe is important when it comes to the perfect Shed.

Let’s begin, shall we?  


Nice and easy to start. Anchor Timber Buildings are approved retailers/agents of TGB Sheds. TGB?! Say what…? Who’s that then?

I wrote a blog on TGB a wee while back that covers who TGB are and what they offer in terms of quality of building.

You can read it here.

Anchor are amazing agents, they have a 100 unit display for all their TGB sheds. Incredible. I really like the way their website works. It’s a proper Amazon experience. Sizes and prices all detailed within at least 2 clicks.

Obviously, the construction determines the price and there are variable degrees of quality on offer from Anchor/TGB so you can match your budget fairly easily.

I selected options to match my own criteria; 19mm thick walls, thicker flooring, thick felt, bearers for assembly and a traditional layout with two windows.

Here is the Rhino Apex Shed from Anchor as priced with my preferred specification.


Garden sheds Fife - Anchor Timber Buildings

I really like how you get an option to upgrade on the varying elements of Shedness. The only issue I have is the specificity of material details.

I’d really like to know more about the timber itself to determine the quality of the cladding. The other thing I’m not keen on is this…

“All timber spoken about in our website is nominal sizes, this means the size of the timber before it has been machined. 16mm is the size of the board and when finished is 12mm thick. There can be a slight variation of upto 1mm either way, this is outwith our control.”

I don’t know what the benefit to the customer is when manufacturers insist on using the before the timber has been machined size? This kind of information is between the manufacturer and the sawmill not the end user. The end user… YOU, want to know the actual size you will get. Not what’s essentially sawdust.

Woah… Sorry, got a bit ragey there.

Regardless, Anchor are doing a good job of giving you a clear route to buy, with a nice online experience and they have no qualms about disclosing their “Agency” nature. Unlike some.



My relationship with Forest Craft has been somewhat peppered over the past 15 years or so. Often times, Gillies and Mackay need to recommend an alternative retailer when we’re either too expensive or our lead time is too long for the customer.

Forest Craft is someone I would not recommend based on my past experience with their previous customers, who have been mistreated by their company and then come to us for help.

Regardless, they are in Google’s top 4. Similarly to Anchor, Forest Craft have upgrade options, I’m choosing the 19mm again.


Garden sheds Fife - Forest Craft

Is it just me, or do you feel like you’ve maybe seen this Shed already?

Yep. Although it’s not detailed on Forest Craft’s website, I can’t help but feel this may be a TGB shed?

However, given I can’t say this for certain, let’s take Forest on their merit, that it’s their own.

Decent specification although, again, no detail on what type of timber it is that they’re using. The cost of this Shed, as of July 2018, is £1,180.00 including the VAT Delivery and Assembly within 30 miles of their depots.

It’s not extortionate but, without knowing what kind of timber they’re using, I’d be reluctant.

As mentioned, I’m not at all enamoured with Forest Craft’s aftersales service. I’m hoping they may have improved – best thing to do is check out the most current reviews on either Google or Facebook.

Take care when considering reviews – they can be overtly nasty and/or spammy. Read a couple that are genuine and make your own judgement.


These guys are just young and the website is fairly basic. From what I can gather, they’re 10 years in the making and have 4 different specifications:

  • Economy
  • Deluxe
  • Heavy Duty
  • Premier

Unfortunately there aren’t any prices on the website… #squintfaceemoji


Garden sheds Fife - Central Fife Sheds


Why?! Why wouldn’t you detail your price? What is the first thing you do when someone doesn’t display a price on the website?!

That’s right kids. Go to another website.


Let’s say Central Fife Sheds don’t put prices on their website because they’re not sure how, instead of they don’t want to… Looking at their Facebook reviews, it suggests that Central are fairly priced. The reviews say things like “…good price too!”

So – what about that specification.

First. Central are making their own – YUSSAH! That’s what I’m talking about.

Second, although the specification detailed isn’t as highly as I would like, I bet they’re doing it for a good price.

I reckon, you’d get a better made shed from Central than from TGB or Forest and I’m basing this purely on what I can tell from Central’s pictures and what I’ve seen of TGB.

Central Sheds have a decent overhang on the eves and gable. This matters for allowing the rain to run away from the shed, instead of splashing back up on to the panels.

They do need to embrace a window cill and an above window and door strip – again to further deter the water. This is my suggestion to Central, if they’re reading this. It is simple and it will save them a whole lot of hassle with leaking doors and windows in the future.


Similar to Central Fife Sheds, Premier Sheds and Garages do make their own buildings, in Fife.

The specification is:

  • 2” x 2” Frame (45mm x 45mm machined)
  • 13mm thick Weatherboarding – no origin specified.
  • OSB for roof and floor. T&G option available.

Garden sheds FIfe - Premier Sheds and Garages

Looking specifically at their 8’ x 6’, as detailed on the website, at £420.00 including Delivery and Installation.

£420.00 is considerably cheaper than the TGB and Forest Craft alternatives. This helps explain the difference in material costs to the manufacturers.

It is easier and cheaper to make a shed from inferior materials. The consequences of this have a direct impact on the longevity of the building. Cheap is good, if only for a short time. Do not expect any length of service from this type of specification.

That being said, I can’t help but feel so much more attached to Premier and Central. Mainly because of their locality but probably more so because they’re making them themselves.

Garden Sheds Fife: Top 4 Suppliers

It’s becoming a regular occurrence, the wholesale v’s the independent. I will always favour the independent, as I know that so much relies on the way the shed is built and the way the shed is put together.

I remember Gordon telling me about the time he had to assemble a wee 6’ x 4’ Shed from B&Q, not dissimilar to some of the specifications above.

Gordon is, without a doubt, Gillies and Mackay’s most experienced Joiner. He’s been with Dad and Grant from the beginning and spends his days training the bench joiners on how to make the best Sheds in the world.

Gordon’s testimonial for B&Q was something like this:

“…it took me 6 hours to make that shed. 6 hours?!”  

Gordon can assemble an 8’ x 6’ Gillies and Mackay Shed with a teammate in under half an hour.  

The message here is not the how easy it is to assemble a G&M Shed, the message is how long does it take an expert to make a shit shed good. Answer? Too long.

Time v’s Money, as always.

Cheers Fife and the above Shed Suppliers – it’s been emotional.