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Garden Sheds Perth: Who is the best manufacturer?

Ah, The Fair City…Perth! And how they fair up for garden sheds. The thing I appreciate most about Perth is that they’re not short on shed manufacturers.

We know that lots of #sheddies like to buy from a local manufacturer, so we’re making it our mission to rate as many shed manufacturers in Scotland as possible. 


We’ve had sheddies extremely upset over the phone about sheds they have bought from others that don’t last or live up to what they expected. It hurts our souls to hear this and we don’t want this for you.

We have a deep passion for making sure you find the right and best shed for you.* And we have over 30 years’ experience in the shed industry – so are skilled at telling the good from the bad. 

While we’d LOVE to be able to help all the sheddies nearby, we know that we can’t and that we won’t always be the right fit for everyone. So, we’re not shy in directing you to a different manufacturer if they are decent and fit your needs at the time.

So, in this blog we’re going to review the top 5 shed manufacturers, to help you pick the best shed for you. 

*This is an opinion based article, based on our experience and understanding of sheds. You do not need to read on if you do not want to. This article was updated in 2022*

How do we rate Perth Sheds? 

I know what you’re thinking!

Aren’t we biassed?

Won’t we just rate all the other Perth garden shed companies as crap so that you buy from us?

Come on now, you know that is not how we do things…

We are passionate about education in the shed industry, and we want to make sure that everyone is investing in a decent shed. There is a mountain of information available on the internet these days, so NO ONE needs to buy a rubbish garden shed. 

But most people just go on how a shed looks and don’t really think about it beyond that. However, there is a little bit more to it than that, and that’s why we write these blogs.

These reviews are our way of using our expert knowledge to help you invest your money in something that will last. 

internal garden shed

The Rules for reviewing Garden Sheds in Perth…

First up, we used the search term “Garden Sheds Perth” to find local manufacturers in Perth. We’ll review those who show up on page one of Google, including on Google Maps.

We’ve excluded paid ads as these tend to be companies that are not local to the area we’re interested in.

Perth Garden Shed reviews

In this blog, and in no particular order, we’ll be reviewing:

  1. Walker Outbuildings and Lee Walker Fencing
  2. The Shed Company
  3. Drysdale Sheds,

Who we’ll not be reviewing:

*Suppliers are not included in this blog as they are mass manufactured and do not take responsibility for the sheds supplied. You’ll find suppliers offer the lowest quality sheds and services on the market and that is how they keep the prices low and have never-ending sales. They will not end up being on our best lists because of this but it’s good to be aware. Always check out their reviews.

1. Walker Outbuildings and Lee Walker Fencing

Why are we reviewing two companies in one? 

Ok, we reviewed Lee Walker Fencing a while back and it looks like he is expanding to Walker Outbuildings. Both the same website, both the same guy/team. It’s likely he’s focusing more on the building side of things rather than being known for just fencing.

I think the most frustrating thing is that nothing has changed on the website – both websites –  since we last reviewed Lee Walker Fencing.

We are big believers in giving you all the information you need to help you make the best decision for you. That includes specification and price on the sheds I’m still not getting any of these from both websites.

Walker Outbuildings garden shed review

Walker Outbuildings: Specification and Price

I’m getting an idea of what he builds but I can’t really determine the quality of the builds. He does state on his website that they are high quality but I don’t see any information on specifications to back that up.

So, we’re using Cara’s expert timber eyes to see what she can spot from the images.

The last time Cara reviewed Lee’s sheds (we’re updating this blog) she picked up that he was using Whitewood in his timbers by looking at the images.

Whitewood isn’t a great timber to use in the moist Scottish weather. Whitewood timber grains are more sparse allowing for larger movement in the timbers causing splitting and water ingress – which leads to rot quicker.

We have spied some good standard features in Lee Walker’s shed construction that take into account the Scottish Weather and protect the building (eg. window strips above the door and windows.)

Lee doesn’t provide any pricing which is frustrating but from the information, we have so far I would expect him to cost less than the others in this blog based on him using Whitewood in his construction.

Walker Outbuildings Reviews

Looking at his reviews – on Facebook we have 4.8 stars out of 5 and on Google 4.1 stars out of 5. He provides a fantastic service and product according to the reviews and he’s always sharing his work and keeping sheddies up to date. Not to mention his fencing and decking jobs look stunning.

lee walker outbuilding review

Some challenges with communication come through in the reviews. From experience, we know this happens based on past Sheddies experiences and is a big factor in building trust. Sheddies really appreciate it when you communicate with them often and quickly

Lee Walker Fencing Google

We would love to see Lee providing more standard information on his website for Sheddies so they know what they are buying and at what price so he can build trust from the offset when you are on your buying journey.

2. The Shed Company

The Shed Company is a fairly new company on the Perth shed market since 2017 and their new website launched in 2021. First impressions on the website – impressive.

Why impressive?

If you compare this to Lee Walker Fencing website there’s a big difference in design. Lots of high-quality images and a sleek modern website. It’s not something you see often on the shed market. It really helps to see and trust what you are buying into – if you value high quality as a business – you’ll want all other aspects to match that – including your website.

Perth Garden Sheds: The Shed Company

The Shed Company: Specification and Price

I’m looking for a 10’ x 8’ Apex Shed and don’t see one where I can get specifications and pricing. I’m getting an impression that this team focuses on larger bespoke shed buildings. However, you can contact them for a quote. Which I have done…

All their sheds have a close board and strap profile or what they call “danish vertical cladding” in 22mm. 

We use this cladding as an option (it’s likely we’re using the same supplier) and call it “Highlander Cladding”. 

Not only is it an excellent specification, but it really looks stunning – especially on those bigger builds.

Perth Garden Shed: Specification

They also use Steel Box Profile roofing, we use this ourselves and believe it’s the best roof material for a shed for longevity so they’ve got that right.

It looks like these buildings go straight onto concrete and they do mention on their website that the frame is concreted in. I can see they use high-standard timbers in both their framing and their cladding. For longevity, it’s important that these buildings are layered to keep moisture out. I can see from their bespoke builds that they do use a layering process which is a great sign. Difficult to tell if they do this on a smaller build. 

Expect the pricing of these sheds to be high as they do use top materials. 

If you are looking for a medium to small standard shed then they may not be the right fit for you. However, if you’re looking for a large or bespoke robust shed – definitely worth checking these guys out.

The Shed Company: Reviews

They have 5 stars out of 4 reviews which is excellent so far on Facebook and no reviews on Google yet. I would love to see more reviews here to get a better picture. But they are pretty new, so I have a feeling they will have fab reviews all around. Getting more of those in will help with trust building and also show off their work from your trusted people.

The Shed Company Facebook Reviews

It would be great to see a more detailed view of their specification and an idea of the pricing of projects they have created on their website just to give people a starting point at least. I would also like to see more information on what the project involves as it does look vaster than your average standard shed project.

We would definitely recommend this company for larger bespoke shed builds. These are the types of shed companies we like to see on the market – the highest quality sheds built to last.

3. Drysdale Sheds

Drysdale Sheds remains on the list since the last time we reviewed Perth sheds. They’ve made some website changes since the last time we reviewed them.

I feel it’s teetering on the edge of what a shed suppliers website looks like – straight to the point – here’s the product – please buy.

It keeps it simple – I’m craving more information about the buildings though – are they actually good

Drysdale Sheds Website

Drysdale is a family business that has been going for 40+ years. This told me they will have extensive knowledge of their buildings and experience in the market. I would love to hear more from them on their experience and story on their website.

40 years in the market is a great achievement👏

Drysdale Sheds: Specification and Pricing

Previously we managed to get a detailed look into their specification and where they source their wood from. I’m gutted to see we’re getting a little less information from them this time. Where are they sourcing their wood from? Is their framing thick enough to support the shed?

I want to assume that they are continuing to source their wood from the Arctic Circle – the best place to source timbers.

Apart from that – their specification is good on all fronts. 16mm tongue and groove cladding, 16mm sarking and 19mm flooring. 16mm is a grade down from 19mm so I would expect the price to account for this.

Drysdale Sheds specification

All buildings come with heavy-duty felt. This is great for smaller buildings but larger buildings and pent sheds can do with something a bit stronger like steel to guarantee longevity.

They use pressure-treated timbers on all their buildings. In the office, we’re having a bit of a debate on how good this is. Although pressure treatment protects against rot and fungi for 15 years at least – we’re finding that it stunts the movement of the timbers and therefore causes water ingress. Not necessarily an issue if the timbers are protected but it is a bit of an inconvenience for sheddies.

Expect pressure treatment to add to the price of the building.

Although they offer a 10’ x 8’ Apex size, we’re not getting pricing from them 🙁 You’ll have to contact them for a price. I have contacted them and will update you when I have this. 

Drysdale sheds: Review

On Google, they have 4.1 stars out of 5 on 18 reviews.  Mostly great reviews on quality and service.

A couple of negative reviews one on quality and one on service.

On their Facebook page, they share their work, which looks great. No reviews on their Facebook which is a bit unexpected and strange considering how long the company has been going. I’m not sure if it’s something that’s been turned off or they genuinely have no reviews on Facebook.

Again, I think it would be helpful to see more information from Drysdale – specification and pricing specific. Then go a bit deeper and provide information on what is required for the project so you know what to expect.

The Best Sheds in Perth Finale

We believe these three companies are top contenders for the best sheds in Perth. They all provide a range of specifications from the information that is available and they have decent reviews. Different shed companies will cater to your different needs. 

The Shed Company – High End Bespoke Sheds

Drysdale Sheds – Mid Specification and good reviews

Walker Outbuildings and Lee Walker Fencing – Lower end specification and more affordable for a lower budget.

I’m gutted that none of them provide even a rough price for you to give you a starting point. It’s a bit of a pain to go seeking the price – a basic necessity for decision-making. I hope to see some transparency on pricing from them all in the future. In our opinion, there is no reason to not offer this upfront.

If you want to do your own research and want to know what to look out for in a great shed, then you can have a look here.

The types of materials used will determine the price and longevity for you. If you want a top-quality shed that lasts, expect to pay a higher price for this  -and stay clear of those pesky suppliers!

What are Gillies and Mackay sheds made from, what sizes do they come in and how much do they cost? Head on over to our shed page to find out more.

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