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Garden Sheds Perth: Top 5

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Perth’s Top 5 Shed Manufacturers

As rated by NattyShedGirl

This week we’re looking at The Fair City… Perth! And how they fair up for Garden Sheds.

As you may know, I’m making it my mission to rate as many shed manufacturers in Scotland that I can find! This week it’s Perth and we’re looking at Google’s Page 1 to find Shed Manufacturers in Perth, using the search term ‘Garden Sheds Perth’.

We exclude the paid ad’s as they tend to be online companies and not businesses operating from the area we’re interested in. In this case, we’re only interested in Shed Manufacturer’s operating in Perth.

So here’s what we’ve got…  

Wood N Garden – Already rated in Garden Sheds Dundee

Shed Warehouse – Already rated in Garden Sheds Scotland

Easy Sheds – Already rated in Garden Sheds Scotland

Drysdale Sheds

Lee Walker Fencing


  1. I’m not interested in Gillies and Mackay’s 8’ x 6’ – this has nothing to do with my sheds. This is me rating other businesses based on my knowledge and personal opinion.
  2. We only talk about 8’ x 6’s which makes things easier for comparison.
  3. I have 3 things I believe are ultimately what shed companies need to be good at – specification, service and price. I hate when Sheddies get ripped off for shite sheds and I hate it even more when the aftercare is shoddy.  

So – let’s begin, shall we?


Drysdale, sweetheart, please! The full specification right there on the homepage?! Ahhhmazin’ honestly guys. Major credits for that!

  • Roof – 16mm kiln dried sarkin boards covered with 38Kg green mineral felt
  • Walls – 14mm Norwegian pine tongue & groove weatherboard
  • Floor – 19mm tongue & groove on 50 x 75mm tanalised timber

Norwegian Pine is a BIG tick in my book.

You may have heard me mention the Arctic Circle before? Basically, it is the most favoured location to lumber Redwood. All of our timber is from there and we LOVE it.

Drysdale does have a Facebook page showcasing their buildings, which is great to get an idea of their custom styles. Their website is fairly limited and it’s always a major bonus to see what other people have got and their experiences with a company.

It also helps me understand the product a bit more and identify the type of construction and timber shed builders are using. I like Drysdale’s buildings. They’re neat and they are using decent wood.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to identify their costs.

I suspect they won’t be as cheap as some others considering they’re using quality timber. But as I always say, you get what you pay for!


It’s your typical Shed manufacturer of the independent variety. No prices, no specification, some decent pictures but nothing that actually tells you what you will get…

I was really excited to see Lee Blog on the menu bar but alas it was just a post from 2014 about their new website.

Lee Walker is a fencing company – hence the name – and it isn’t unusual for Fencers to turn to Sheds, however, and not to sound like a patronising twat, there is a big difference.

Looking at the pictures, Lee Walker is using primarily whitewood in his construction. The build looks fairly decent, above window and door strips tell you that consideration for Scottish driving rain has been made.

I’m not entirely sure about Lee’s bracing design on the doors but that’s for another day.

Lee Walker is great on the Facebook, plenty of updates and keeps it light with the banter. Looks as though he’s had quite a summer and it’s great to see so many custom builds too. Even though I can’t compare his 8’ x 6’ I am fully appreciating the mortise and tenon doors on the most recent summerhouse pictured.

Anyways THAT’S NOT A SHED!!!

Gosh, I get myself so carried away sometimes. I do have a wee soft spot for Lee Walker though, he was one of our top recommenders back in the day. Looks as though he learnt a thing or two about G&M sheds in the process.

Here’s a Shed, it looks about 10’ x 6’ and the under eaves are on wrong but apart from that… Doesn’t look too bad right? How much though, no seriously, how much?

Drysdale and Lee Walker – what are we doing here?

Let’s get some prices, please. Customers want clarity they want to know how much. Do not make them phone for basic information. It won’t help them buy, in fact, they’ll be far more likely to jump webpage for someone who does tell them the cost.

So there you have it Sheddies – another geographical area and another 2 companies reviewed. If you’re looking for a garden shed manufacturer and want to do your own research make sure you’re getting the good stuff by checking out this video as it will help with what questions you need to be asking: 

Peace and Love Sheddies.

NattyShedGirl x