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By Cara Mackay on 15 Jul 2018

Garden Sheds Scotland: Top 3 Suppliers

Scotland’s Top 3 Shed Suppliers

As rated by; Gillies and Mackay Ltd

So I bet you’re wondering… Where on earth am I going to get a decent Garden Shed in Scotland? I’ve been trawling the online sites and I can’t figure out who I’m better buying from online.

Well Sheddie – look no further. I’ve been through Googles most wanted Shed Suppliers and reviewed the top 3 so you don’t get all ragey at their annoying websites and confusing description specifications.

Now if you’ve read any of my previous comparison blogs you’ll know I like to keep things fair.

  1. First, Gillies and Mackay Ltd Sheds are NOT in this comparison.
  2. Second, We’ll compare 8′ x 6′ Sheds – like for like.
  3. Third, We’ll make an honest judgement on what we know from our own 30 years of business manufacturing Sheds.

Shed Warehouse Scotland


Okay Sheddies, let’s get stuck in. First on the list is, Shedwarehouse.com – it’s a typical botch SEO job on their website when you click through…

“UK manufactured garden sheds are perfect for people looking for garden sheds in Perth, Scotland.”

Ugh. Right annoying. BUT none the less – they do deliver throughout Scotland.

Shed Warehouse Scotland have a huge selection of varying grades – it’s like the Amazon of wholesale Sheds. You can start with a 7mm thick 8′ x 6′ for less than £300.00 – trust me, you don’t want it. I’d say anything less than 16mm thick for the Shed cladding in Scotland isn’t going to withstand our climate for very long.

So – I’m going to go for the top of the range and see how it holds up.


  • 12mm Pressure Treated Tongue & Groove Walls 😕
  • 10mm Solid OSB Floor and Roof 😕
  • 28mm x 44mm planed rounded framing
  • Button Lock
  • Mineral Roofing Felt
  • UK Manufactured
  • Easy Assembly

Price: £1012.09 (July 2018)

Shed Warehouse are ticking some boxes with this one. This price includes delivery and installation. The 12mm pressure treated cladding isn’t really as thick as I’d like but it’s pressure treated so it’s better than bare given the quality of the timber #TimberSnob [Redwood v’s Whitewood] they’re using. The framing is lame and the use of OSB isn’t cool – especially when Scotland lashes 6 months of rain on the poor thing and it soaks it all right up.

Now not to get totally down on Shed Warehouse please make sure you check the returns policy, this is where I deciphered the timber quality. There is HUGE emphasis on the timber, cupping splitting shrinking and knotting. Meaning they’ve very little confidence that the timber will withstand our climate either.

Who’s next?!

Buy Sheds Direct


Pretty much the same as Shed Warehouse – however Buy Sheds Direct claim they are the leading online retailer for Sheds and they even have a price match policy. I searched their range of 8′ x 6’s – they have 30 timber 8′ x 6′ Sheds to choose from. Naturally, I scrolled to the bottom for the top of the range. Here she is…


  • Professionally handcrafted from premium quality selected European Softwood
  • Pressure Treated to include a wax additive, repelling moisture and giving a 15-year guarantee against rot – no need for re-treatment
  • Manufacturer’s approved same day installation available; please see details in the accessory options below
  • Quality ledged and braced door, with integral rim lock for built-in security and hung with heavy-duty galvanised hinges
  • Robust 34x34mm framing with 12mm thick tongue and groove roof and floor

Price: £679.00 (July 2018)

Buy Sheds Direct’s top 8′ x 6′ is fairly similar to that of Shed Warehouse. Just a quick one – premium quality selected European Softwood isn’t an origin of timber. We need to know where that wood is from Sheddies. The Arctic Circle is our top choice for all pine and spruce thank you very much.

Complaints, guarantee’s and returns are all a bit vague on this site. They’re directing you to call if you have any problems.

The tongue and groove roof and floor is definitely the better option although the thickness again isn’t good enough.

Stewart Timber


Yipee Stewart Timber actually in Scotland! I know mad. These guys are in Cumbernauld and serve the Glasgow and Central Belt area of Scotland and their Shed ain’t too bad either. The info on their website isn’t fantastic but it does give me enough to go on.


  • 21mm swedish red pine Log-Lap boards
  • 19mm T&G flooring
  • 16mm sarking boards on roof
  • Swedish red pine log-lap boards
  • 5-year guarantee against rot!
  • All of our sheds come with installation included in the price on your level base.
  • We offer fast delivery for orders within a 30-mile radius
  • £545.00 (July 2018)

Stewarts have a really sweet deal here. 21mm thick half log tongue and groove? Insane value for £545.00 including the Vat, Delivery and Assembly. I have no idea how they’re doing it to be fair and I’m struggling to find a catch.

Their website copy is genuine and it feels like they’re actually catering for their customers. Interested in what’s best for them.  And wait for it… They have a blog?! Pretty special stuff right there.

Garden Sheds Scotland: Top 3 Suppliers

It’s not often you find the cheapest is also the best value for money and quality of product, but in this case, Stewart Timber definitely WIN. If you happen to live within their delivery radius you’ve got yourself a cracking Shed.

I’m not keen on wholesale, especially for such a high value, variable product like Sheds. There are so many different levels of quality when it comes to timber buildings I just can’t imagine wholesale managing to deliver on quality and service. I am yet to be proven otherwise.

I will keep searching though Sheddies – it’s what I do to make sure I’m on top of my game.

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Until next time, any questions you know what to do!

Love and Peace

NattyShedGirl x

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