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Where do you start with buying a shed?! It can be a wee bit confusing navigating the shed landscape if you’re no shed savvy. Whether it’s your first time buying a really good-looking shed or your fourth time it’s good to have a wee checklist so you can get from A to Shed in your garden in no time. You want this to be as easy as possible, right? 

We have everything you need on the website but let’s get it all into one place so you can follow the roadmap – by the end all you should have left to do is pop in, email us or call to book your shed in. You can even download our shed checklist to print off – bye Hinch list, hello Shed list 😀 

Heads up! Our delivery times tend to be 2 – 3 months in advance so you can’t call in and book your shed for in a couple of weeks time. We craft everything right from scratch here.

Let’s get started.

What size of shed do I need or want?

Before you get started on your shed dreams the most important factor is the size because it determines everything else about the shed. 

So, the most important questions for you to think about is: 

What are you using it for?
How much space do you have?
Where is it going to go?

Do you need extra storage for your garden bits and bobs? Do you need somewhere to store all your tools? Do you want to store a small vehicle in it? – talking bikes, scooters, trailers. Man cave/She shed? Do you want to use it as a gym? Looking after your plants?

This will determine the size that you are going to need and how big you really want to go.

You can measure in either feet or metres. We’re not fussed and can figure out all the workings if need be 🙂  

You can find all of our G&M standard shed sizes in our pricelist: G&M Pricelist 2020. Though if you would like a size outwith these and a price, it’s best to pop us an email with the details at info@gilliesand mackay.com. But before you do that, let’s keep working through the checklist.

Do I Need Planning Permission or Building Control?

Boring but VERY IMPORTANT because we get asked about this all the time and it can easily be confusing.

Building Control

You will only need building control if: 

1. Your shed will be more than 30m2.
2. You plan to have mains plumbing or water wastage running through the shed. 

If this is the case and you need more advice pop us a call or an email and we’ll be happy to go over it with you. When building control gets involved it will add significantly to the cost of your building.

Read more: Does a Shed Need a Building Warrant

Planning Permission

You’ll find out more about planning permission here: 

Do you need planning permission for a shed? 

Work your way through the questions to work out if you will need planning permission. If you do, we offer a service to write and submit your planning application or you are able to submit this yourself.

Cara’s recorded a video about all the things you will need to apply for planning permission here:

What you need to apply for planning permission for your shed…

What Type of Sheds Are Available?

At G&M we have three types of sheds to choose from: The Apex, The Pent and the Deluxe Potting Shed.

The Apex

The Apex is the “A” style roof shed.

Apex Shed
Apex Shed

The Gable or the “A” usually sits on the shorter ends of the shed (depth) though you can change the gable to sit along the width of the shed (the longer side).

If you want the gable to sit along the width of the shed you’ll need an extra board of tongue and groove added to give the shed the height it needs to fit your door.

The Apex also comes with 1 or 2 fixed windows and a 2’6″ single door included in the price.

The Pent

The Pent has a sloping nine-degree roof with a high side and a lower side.

Pent Shed
The Pent Shed

All of our Pent sheds come with a Steel box profile roof as standard. Over time we’ve found that the Steel better protects this type of shed from water damage. Included in the price are 1 or 2 fixed windows and a single 2′ 6″ door.

The Deluxe Potting Shed

The Deluxe Potting Sheds come in the style of the pent shed designed specifically for your potting needs.

Deluxe Potting Shed
The Deluxe Potting Shed

The Potting Shed also comes with a Steel Box Profile roof. Included in the price are three windows including one half-opening window, a single 2′ 6″ door, three shelves and a bench.

What Roofing Options Are There To Choose From?

There are 3 particular roof types you can choose from: Felt, Steel Box Profile and Shingles.

A reminder that if you are after a Pent Shed or Deluxe Potting Shed, these only come with a Steel Box Profile Roof.


Felt is what you will find on most standard sheds. The felting we use is a poly flex roofing sheet and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Polyflex Felt
Polyflex Felt

Bitumen Shingles

Shingles are beautiful. They look like tiles on the roof of your shed so if you want the icing on the cake these are it. Shingles are a bitumen bonded profile. They are not slates though give the appearance of them.

Bitumen Hexagonal Shingles

Our shingles come with a 15-year guarantee. You get some choices with these: 

  • Colour: Black or Green. Black is our most popular. 
  • Shape: Hexagonal or Rectangular – Hexagonal is our most popular.

Shingles are only available on an Apex shed.

Steel Box Profile

Steel Box Profile is a ridged steel sheet that sits on the roof of your shed. This is the best roofing we have with a 20-year guarantee.

Steel Box Profile Roofing

Steel comes as standard on Pent, Deluxe Potting Sheds and Large Apex Sheds. If you would like this on a medium to small Apex it will come as an extra cost.

What door options are there?

Ok, so all of our sheds come with a standard single door-sized at 2′ 6″ wide.

top 5 shed manufacturers in perth
Standard 2′ 6″ Shed Door

Our other options include 5ft or 4ft double doors or a 3 lever lock Mortise and Tennon Door for security.

Shed Double Doors
Double Doors

If you are storing highly valuable items in your shed and want proper security, we recommend the Mortise and Tenon 3-Lever Lock Door.

You may add extra doors to your shed or wider doors if you wish. It comes down to what you will use your shed for and what kind of things you’ll be hauling in and out of your shed.

For example – if you would like to store a motorbike in your shed then have a think about the clearance space you want/need on each side of the door.

If you are looking for another size of door that is not mentioned above you are best contacting us at info@gilliesandmackay.com. Let us know what size shed you want and what size of door you are looking for.

We may be able to accommodate your needs and look at the best options.

What Kind of Windows Can I Have On My Shed?

All sheds come with one or two fixed windows and The Deluxe Potting Shed has an extra half-opening window included. 

You may add extra windows if you wish or even a potting shed window to a standard shed if you need some breathing space!

Standard 2′ x 2′ Shed Window
Note: There are two single windows in this image

A standard window is 2′ x 2′ and is single-glazed.

Deluxe Potting Shed
3′ x 2′ Potting Shed Windows
Note: There are three potting shed windows in this image. Two are fixed (right and left-hand panes) and one half opening window (middle).

Potting shed windows are 3′ x 2′ and there is a half-opening window option too.

Have a think about where you would like the windows placed on your shed and keep in mind the sizes to make sure windows and doors can fit on the panels you would like.

What Kind Of Base Do I Need For My Shed and Can G&M Do It?

This is super important! First of all, we don’t provide the base for your shed. You’ll need to source someone to do it for you. We have our recommendations that you can read more about here. If you’re further afield you’ll need to source someone. 

Type of base for a shed: Clear, compact and level within 2″ of tolerance or a slabbed base. 

If you want your building to be sturdy and last – the right base is our no.1 rule. 

What kind of base do you need for a shed?

You’ll most likely want to source a quote for your base and add up the full costs before placing an order. Keep yourself right. 

You can place your shed order with us, then book in to get your base done. We recommend you have the base completed 2 weeks before the delivery of your shed. Remember you’ll have plenty of time to get your base sorted with our delivery times being 2 – 3 months in advance. 

For a substantially larger shed, it’s possible you might want to have a concrete floor. It will depend on what you want to use the shed for. A concrete plinth will be a good bit more expensive.

Again, get a quote from someone who can provide this for you and weigh up the costs.

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Choosing your colour

There’s nae boring colours here! The type of paint we use is Sadolin Superdec. In our experience, this is the most reliable paint to withstand the Scottish weather.

We put the base coat on for you then it’s up to you to put the second coat on 3 weeks after the delivery of your building. Why the second coat? It gives the best protection of your shed and is the best chance to stop moisture from penetrating the wood causing it to move or rot.

You will need to buy a tin of Sadolin to do your second coat.

There are a range of colours from Opaque to Transparent to choose from. Check out our colour chart:

The G&M Sadolin Colour Chart

If you’d prefer a custom colour you can check out Sadolins website. Or Bannerman’s in Perth and Dundee have a range of colours also if you are local to those areas.

If you do choose a colour outwith our range, you will need to order the tins and make sure we receive your colour 2 weeks before your delivery date.

What Kind of Access Do We Need To Your Site?

This part has to do with the team’s access to your swanky garden when they deliver your shed. They’ll arrive with your shed in panels on a flatbed transit.

They will carry the panels to where your shed will be placed. They need a bit of room and to make sure nothings going to get in their way.

Here are the questions we’ll ask you that we need answers to: 

  •  Are there any height restrictions?
  •  Tight corners down alleyways?
  • Are there any steps up to or down to the site?
  • Is the carrying distance more than 30 metres from the deliverer’s van to your site?
  • Will there be a 400mm gap at each side of your shed?

If you are not sure about the answers to these questions or you think “it’s more complicated than that…”, we can organise a site visit where one of our lads will come out and check everything and let you know if it’s possible to deliver to you or if there is anything you can do to make it easier for the guys to get your shed into your garden.

Oor Calum 🙂

They’re lovely lads and happy to have a conversation with you about your project. If you’d like a site visit pop us an email at info@gilliesandmackay.com and we’ll get a date organised for you. We usually get out to you within two weeks of your request.

Will I Need a Site Visit?

We’ve briefly covered site visits to check access for delivery but there may be other reasons that might require a site visit for example: 

  • Check site for correct sizing and recommendations
  • Check lads carrying distance
  • Check size of archways for delivering panels
  • Measurements between objects such as trees, existing buildings etc.
  • Checking the level of your site or existing old bases
  • Anything else you are not sure about on your site
  • To gather details for Planning Permission or Building Control
  • Required for larger sheds

We’ll normally ask you to send us some photos of your site because we may be able to judge the issues from them and if a visit would even be needed in the first instance.

How Does Delivery Work?

It’s important to note that the pricing of your building includes delivery and assembly within 30 miles of Errol. Out with the 30-mile boundary is a £3.90 per mile charge one way. For example:

Glasgow is roughly 55 miles from Errol. 30 miles are free leaving a 25-mile charge.

25 miles x £3.90 = £97.50

Edinburgh is roughly 33 miles from Errol. 30 miles are free leaving a 3-mile charge.

3 miles x £3.90 = £11.70

On the day you place your order, you’ll not get a delivery date straight away if you want it on the soonest available date.

Every Thursday Cara books all orders in the diary to make sure everything works out smoothly. We also need to take into consideration travelling for the lads. For example, it’s much better for us to fit in 3 – 4 deliveries all in Dundee in one day than go from Dundee to Aberdeen.

We’ll pop you a call with your delivery date within 2 weeks of placing your order.

However, if you are looking for a delivery a bit more in advance there’s a chance you’ll be able to pick a date suitable for you as our diary will be much clearer in advance. 

Two weeks before the delivery of your shed, the guys in the workshop will start crafting your shed and will be completely ready for your delivery.

It is VERY rare that any problems occur that will postpone the delivery of your shed. Even if the weather is bit crap. We’ll be out.

We don’t give out specific times for arrival. You’ll get a morning or afternoon slot. This is because there may be factors that happen on the day of deliveries that affect the timings such as weather, base issues, traffic, and alterations on the day.

Calum and Kev doing a fabulous job <3

You don’t have to be in on your delivery day. You can communicate with us about where the shed is placed and we’ll get on with it. But it’s completely understandable if you want to be around to make sure everything goes smoothly 🙂 

The lads are quick at assembling too. Because we do most of the building work in our workshop, your shed will arrive in panels and the lads will have it up within an hour to a few hours depending on the size of course. We don’t muck about and you’ll not want us hanging around either.

And that’s you. That’s all you need to know about ordering your beautiful shed. Are you ready?!

You can go ahead and download our shed checklist and fill it out according to what you want to keep you right.

Download the G&M Shedlist

If you’re ready to order – pop us a call on 01821 642 713 or email us at info@gilliesandmackay.com with all your details and we’ll get you booked in :). Easy peasy.

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