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By Cara Mackay on 22 Aug 2019

Best Summerhouse Manufacturers in Glasgow (Part 2)

Here we are!! Part 2 of the Best Summerhouse Manufacturers in Glasgow.

If you have not already read part 1, best to start there. This is where I explain the rules and review the first three Summerhouse Manufacturers: McCallum Timber Buildings, Clyde Valley Sheds and Clydeside Garden Sheds.

In this second part of my review, we will be looking at the remaining three independent companies and what they have to offer the shed world.

First up we have…

Elite Fencing and Sheds

Instantly chuffed with Elite Fencing and Sheds – PRICING ON THEIR WEBSITE!!

So, let’s get stuck in.

Elite have seven designs on their website to choose from. We’re going to specifically look at the 10’ x 10’ Summerhouse with a 2’ veranda canopy.

Elite Fencing and Sheds are offering two thicknesses (of 1mm difference). It’s listed that they’re both “log” in this image but I believe that the 19mm relates to their flat tongue and groove cladding, whereas their 20mm is their log-effect cladding. It’s a little bit confusing…

There isn’t anything that specifies the type of timber they are using, just that it’s good quality.

From their images and video, I feel confident in assuming it’s whitewood, which isn’t as good as redwood. Regardless, the 19/20mm thickness (trusting that’s their finished size) is great.

Their framing is 50mm x 50mm as detailed on their Facebook page but the type of timber isn’t specified, however, again it looks like whitewood.

The window and door sets are factory bought; many Summerhouse manufacturers appear to be using the same Georgian design, presumably all buying from the same manufacturer.

I’m not sure what the total of this build would be with the doors and windows being optional. I’m hoping that the prices given include some windows and doors, but it’s not very clear.

Trying to learn a little more about who Elite are is quite difficult. There appears to be three depots and a guy called Greg. Their social media presence and reviews are all really good. Plenty of pictures and pricing for you to get your head around what they have to offer. The engagement with customers and their response to reviews helps build a picture of what kind of service you could expect.



Now, we all know how I feel about interlocking log and what mass-produced wholesale has to offer the Scottish climate… (You can read our Tuin Interlocking Log blog here.)

And to be honest, I was expecting much the same from Logspan.

However, I was wrong to do so. Logspan are wholesalers for TYLA wood production – a Lithuanian company who produce interlocking log and other profiles, en masse, using machine technology for precision and accuracy.

TYLA and Logspan do a fantastic job of explaining where their timber comes from and why they use a specific type. TYLA talk about glued-laminate wood as their main raw material, which starts as northern spruce, typically described as whitewood. Their timber is kiln-dried with a moisture content of 12-16% – this is really important because the more moisture, the more movement the building is susceptible to after construction.

Logspan express the importance of this by comparing the inferior qualities of interlocking log production and their below-par timber.

Ultimately Scotland needs a decent timber to withstand our rapid and volatile climate. It’s not that we’re too cold, too wet or too sunny… it’s that it all happens at once in Scotland, which causes the timber to move so drastically. If you’re using, high water content, low-density southern European whitewood timber, it’s not going to last. And sadly that’s the case for most Summerhouse manufacturers in Scotland.

I am fully satisfied with Logspan’s specification. Regardless of my personal thoughts on interlocking log – these guys have it nailed.

Here’s a 10’ x 10’ Summerhouse which is most similar in size and spec to Elite Fencing and Sheds.

Logspan do not assemble, so the price you see is for delivery only. They are, however, extensive in their instructions and customer care for you to be able to assemble it yourself.

The wall thickness is 45mm which provides an energy value and natural insulation.

Pretty decent right?

The reviews are predominantly for their BBQ huts which are not supplied by TYLA – all the reviews about their customer service though are great. Logspan have really good engagement and responses to their reviews, even the one that wasn’t happy and that’s what we want to see.

My only concern is the laminate timber technique. A few years ago I was using this glued-laminate timber to make our mortise and tenon doors. It was beautiful, straight and strong. However, after a few years, we began to get feedback that the doors were ‘mushing’ where the glue had given way and the raw wood had started to expand.

Sealing and treating the doors was, and still is, absolutely paramount but with this timber, it didn’t seem to work. With the natural timber, there is always a slight movement and adjustment needed depending on the season, however, they withstand their ability to function and certainly don’t turn to mush. For that reason alone I’ve never explored the glued-laminate timber option again.

In saying this, Logspan have been around for a fair while, so I’m thinking their supplier might be of better quality than the one offered to me many moons ago. I can’t imagine Logspan are dealing with mushy buildings every day.


Barras Garden Shed Co

Right then Barras, let’s keep this short and sweet shall we?

The Barras have two options for you: Lugarde interlocking log cabins or budget Summerhouses. I’m done with interlocking log for today, so let’s take a look at the budget ones.

Based on the previous sizes above we’re going with this one:

She’s pretty cute hey?

A 10’ x 10’ in size will cost you £2,661.00 – this is in the 18mm thick cladding.

There’s nothing to tell us what kind of timber Barras Garden Shed Company are using. They do state 18mm flooring, but I’m not sure what type of flooring this is.

I’m pleased that Barras Garden Shed Company have their prices on the website, but it’s very difficult to tell if this is value for money without the specification.

I’m thinking that Barras Garden Shed Company is a wholesaler for southern European manufacturers. Their website doesn’t tell us anything about who runs the company nor do they state where they get their products from, or what they’re made of.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m fed up writing this blog or their website is genuinely annoying but I’m finding the usability of it pretty stressful.

Based on the reviews available, it would appear the Barras Garden Shed Company are doing not too bad with their customer service, plenty of happy Sheddies. There’s a couple of confusing ones though, especially the one about Shedman supplying the building instead? No response to the complaint either. Not great.

I can’t say whether or not the building is worth the money. And that’s a shame because there’s a lot on offer here. We just need a bit more information Barras – educated customers want it.

So there you have it, my two-part Best Summerhouse Manufacturers in Glasgow review. (You can read part one here.)

We’ve reviewed six companies altogether with plenty to say. I’ve enjoyed reading up on everything each has to offer (where the information allowed!). Hopefully, this will give you a good insight as to what’s out there in your area.

As always, I’m eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions for my next review!!

All my Sheddy Love,

Natty x

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