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The Best Shed for a Harley Davidson

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Is your partner sick to death of Harley parts ‘carefully’ placed on the kitchen table? Are you constantly reminded to get ‘that thing’ out of the hall? Is the love you have for your Harley Davidson misunderstood by the normal day-to-day functioning of the family home?

Yep… it’s about time you and your Harley got your own place – a Harley Davidson Shed!

What about this one?


The Original 1903 Harley Davidson Shed

Did you know the original Harley was made in this very shed? Here’s an abstract from the Harley Davidson Website:

“William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson made available to the public the first production Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. The bike was built to be a racer, with a 3-1/8 inch bore and 3-1/2 inch stroke. The factory in which they worked was a 10 x 15-foot wooden shed with the words “Harley-Davidson Motor Company” crudely scrawled on the door. Arthur’s brother Walter later joins their efforts.”

Amazing right?! Aww, the nostalgia – imagine having your very own Harley Davidson Shed? Well, what if I told you I know how to make the perfect one?!

Let’s take a look.

How To Store A Harley Davidson

  • Strong – The Shed needs to be strong right? Strong enough to withstand the weight of a Harley Davidson, a mere 740lbs – ooft!
  • Warm – The Shed needs to be comfortable for you and your Harley. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in there and there’s nothing worse than cold feet when you’re working on your bike.
  • Dry – Your Harley does not appreciate condensation, moisture and general rusting agents. Timber naturally absorbs the moisture in the air, deterring it from lingering on the bike. Keeping your Shed at a consistent temperature helps with that also.

Inside a Harley Davidson Shed

Strong, warm and dry. It’s a good place to start.

Obviously, you’ll need to kit it out on the inside with a fridge for beers, a comfy battered armchair, a DAB radio, some Harley memorabilia, and a decent workbench with all your tools marked and hanging on the wall. That sort of thing.

Harley Davidson Shed Specification

Specification wise we’ve got that covered. Gillies and Mackay have been accommodating motorbikes and their owners for over 30 years. And because we make ‘the best Sheds in the world’, we know exactly what your Harley needs.

So, what does a Gillies and Mackay Harley Davidson Shed FEEL like?

  • We’re using 19mm thick tongue and groove redwood flooring, with 75mm x 45mm floor joists set at 330mm centres (that’s really close bracing right there to support THE BEAST!).
  • We’re thinking a good 5ft width double doors to allow you to ride in and out without any bother. We also fit it with a cross bolt for you to padlock that bad boy up at night.
  • The cladding is 19mm thick tongue and groove redwood weatherboard, with 75mm x 38mm framing, which means if you want to go all out and get the Shed insulated and lined too, you’ve got a good 75mm cavity to do so.
  • The roof is 16mm tongue and groove sarking with a Steel Box Profile roof, meaning you don’t have to worry about it leaking or felt replacements.

What does a Harley Davidson Shed look like?

Well… she looks a little something like this:


The Double Whammy – Harley Davidson His and Hers Shed

How much does a Harley Davidson Shed cost?

A while back, we had a charming lad and his better half pop in and buy our ex-display 14′ x 10′ Harley Davidson Shed. He was from the Dunedin Chapter in here in Scotland. This big green beauty now houses a Harley Davidson, perfect!


Gillies and Mackay Harley Davidson Shed

The original Harley Davidson Shed is a 15′ x 10′ – so you’re looking at about £2500.00/£2,700.00 depending on whether you fancy some extras.

If you’re wanting to go the whole HOG 😉 and get it insulated and lined, you’re looking at double the cost.

At Gillies and Mackay we’ll do the full shebang for that though, handmade and assembled with the love and attention your Harley Davidson Shed deserves!

Sheds are great, but they’re even better when there’s a Harley Davidson inside.

Want to find out more or where you can see one? Hit me up on the chat and click here.

Natty x

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