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There has been a recent increase in popularity of spaces like she sheds, man caves, home gyms, home offices and so on.

What these all have in common is being a space that someone can really make their own.

Whether it’s in the form of a room in your house or a timber building, such as a summerhouse.

Are you considering extending your home? Perhaps you are considering a conservatory?

In this article we share with you 5 reasons why we think that a timber building could be the preferable option when considering extending your home.

Gillies and Mackay Pent Shed

1. Avoiding planning permission

With a timber building placed in an ideal location in your garden, you are more likely to avoid having to apply for planning permission or worrying about building regulations compared to a home extension. This could result in saving you time, money and effort in the short and longer term.

If you are unsure the build you are interested in likely to be needing permission then have a look at this link here.

We also have a blog post explaining Building Control.

2. Creating a separate area from the home

This often depends on the use of the extra home space though. If you are needing another bedroom on your property then an extension is likely to be the most practical option. However, many uses such as home offices, gyms, studios and so on could be more suited to the likes of a summerhouse or cabin.

It’s quite likely that these are to be preferred to be away from the home to create the feel of it being a retreat or a completely separate space

3. A more affordable alternative?

It is often thought that one reason for the increase of popularity in a timber build option could have been sparked from the recession. The theory behind this is  that instead of up and moving to somewhere bigger, there have been more and more people seeing what they can do with the space  they have.
So instead of the cost of moving or extending, the use of an outbuilding is often the perfect solution.

Here’s our post discussing timber builds and the costs involved.

The Rannoch Summerhouse

4. Still adding value to your home

It’s said that an extension can increase your home’s value up to 10%. However, the cost to achieve this is often much higher than the 10% you can gain from an extension.  The use of a timber building also has the ability to increase the price of your home without you having to pay a fortune first. Win, win!

5. Quicker overall process

As well as being the generally cheaper option, depending on the type of build, it’s almost certainly going to be faster to put up than an extension as outbuildings can generally be put up within the day compared to extensions which can take a few months.

Your turn

Hopefully these 5 reasons have got you thinking a little differently about how you can create more living space. Join the comments section below if you have any thoughts, questions or ideas.

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