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By Cara Mackay on 02 Dec 2015

Garden Sheds Scotland: How much does a Shed cost?

I’m guessing you’re right at the start of your Shed journey and it’s a question of budget, how much can you afford and how much does a Garden Shed cost in Scotland?

In the Shed world it’s hard to determine exactly what you get for your money; how much you have to do v’s what’s included. Not to mention all the jargon about Shed specification.

Luckily, you’ve got me as a friend. See – I make the best Sheds in the world and although you might not be after the best, I’ll still be able to help you make the right choice for you.

In central Scotland there are a few variations of the same Shed- I prefer the non – pre-manufactured versions and find the ones like McCallum and Patersons offer a better all round service.

Looking at the costs specifically these are the prices on July 22nd 2017 for Sheds readily available for delivery and assembly in central Scotland.

Wood n Garden (WG) (Perthshire)

Standard 8′ x 6′ £549.00

Upgraded 8′ x 6′ £795.60

WG deliver and assemble TGB Sheds across Tayside within the price quoted.

AMR Sheds (Falkirk)

Standard 8′ x 6′ £460.00

Upgraded 8′ x 6′ £520.00

AMR deliver and assemble within their local area within the price quoted.

McCallum Timber Buildings (Kilmarnock)

Although unable to identify exact pricing online, there are good examples on their Facebook Page with the prices for the pictured buildings in the comments.


Paterson Garden Buildings

I’ve spoken about Patersons before – They ranked in my Top 3 Summerhouse Manufacturers in Scotland.

I am impressed with their quality of build. I loved their commercial beach huts and they have such a vibrant Facebook Page with lots of customer engagement – bla bla bla gush gush… I know.

The one thing that Gary doesn’t do is price. I totally get where he’s coming from but I’d love him to do a wee standard 8′ x 6′ price and make my life easier 😉 Here’s what he has to say…

Based on Paterson’s specification, I’d hazard a guess that their 8′ x 6′ Shed may cost in the region of £700 – £900 depending on preference.

So there’s 4 company’s manufacturing, delivering and assembling in Scotland. There are other things that need to be considered like: –

That sort of thing.

Luckily I’ve done a million* videos about all of that stuff.

Not to mention the aftercare playlist too.

You may have noticed I’ve not mentioned B&Q or Homebase or even Wickes in amongst this. I’m not into that kinky fakery. You’re better off giving the cashier a tenner and telling her to keep the shed than buy one from a DIY store.

Sometimes Dobbies will affiliate with a decent company from down south, but it’s not consistent and often they disappear when they realise the size of Scotland’s market. Disappearing companies aren’t great for aftercare.

Anyway, I’m happy with the 4 I’ve picked for you to decide upon and as usual, you know where I am if you have any questions at all – fire away!


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