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By Nicola Hutchison on 03 Aug 2021

How do I place an order for a Gillies & Mackay building?

You’re ready! You’ve had your eye on a Gillies & Mackay for a while and you’re ready to get cracking with your order.

So, what’s next?

As extremely proud Shed makers, we want to ensure that our #Sheddies, feel safe in the hands of the best Shed experts in town. You want the best garden building possible for your size and space. And our ordering process is vital for making sure this dream is made a reality. 

We get it – it’s a big commitment, and you Sheddies are trusting us on a lot of fronts. The intricacies of the order process helps us deliver these promises, and ensure you will all be extremely #shedisfied.

This blog walks you through exactly what to expect when you place an order with Gillies & Mackay. We delve into the details of the ordering process, the timeline of events, fill you in on the stages of the buyer journey.

So, let’s get started, shall we…

Step 1: Booking your Appointment

If you’ve got this far, then the first thing you’ll want to do is to book an appointment with us. This is the same for any G&M building, whether it be: Shed, Summerhouse, Garage, or Blackstone Garden Room.

The appointment is your best starting point.

If it’s a Shed or Summerhouse you’re after, then the appointments will be with either Cameron or Kieran.

If it’s a Garage or Garden Room that tickles your fancy, then you will be scheduled in with our very own Shedi Master, Cara. 


How do I book an appointment?

It’s really simple, just head to this page to book your appointment. Select a date, time, and Shed expert and our system will schedule your appointment.

During booking, we’ll have a few questions for you to answer about what you are after and any questions you have at this stage. This will help both you and I prepare for your consultation so we can have the right discussion based on your shed dreams.

Why should you book an appointment? 

We often get asked: “Do I need to book an appointment?” or “I didn’t know I needed an appointment”. By booking in for a consultation with us, it allows you to:

 a) see our wonderful show area 

b) have 30 whole minutes of our shed experts undivided attention to go through all your #sheddie questions

It means we can spend quality time with you so that you leave feeling confident that you received the information you needed and you know exactly what happens next. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see Cameron do some moonwalking 😉 

What appointment types are there?

COVID rules for show area

There are three appointment types available depending on what suits you best:

1. Show Area Visit

2. Phone Call

3. Video Call

Coming to the show area is so important in helping decide the best building for you. The knowledge you have of your garden + Cameron and Kieran’s knowledge of the G&Ms building means you’ll order the building that is best for you. Plus, you get to smell the wood, take in the beauty of the buildings, and really get excited for your very own G&M.

The main downside of phone consultations is that you can’t see the quality of our range in person. We believe that seeing the buildings in real life really helps gauge what is right for you. There’s something special about opening a shed door and getting a whiff of that redwood. It helps you judge the quality (which is amazing) and really imagine the building in your own garden.

Sometimes our #sheddies will have a change of heart whilst visiting. Perhaps they realise the Kindrogan roof is more sublime than they originally thought. Seeing a G&M in person is truly captivating, trust us when we tell you it’s something you want to experience.

Step 2: Location: G&M Headquarters. Mission: Get yourself a Shed.

Next up, is what happens when you come for your consultation.

At your consultation, Our team will come out and greet you as you arrive.

If you have opted to have a consultation over Zoom or Phone call, then they’ll be in touch at the agreed time.

With a visit to our site, they will either give you a tour of the show area or let you have a look around for yourself. We’ll provide you with a brochure and map of the show area, whilst answering any questions you may have. This will give you valuable time to find the shed of your dreams.

Wandering around the show area usually takes around 15 of the 30 scheduled minutes (assuming you’re not already barrelling down the A9 with a Vorlich in the boot). 

In the latter 15 minutes, the discussion becomes more formalised and we head into one of our G&M buildings to talk through the finer details of your potential order. This typically entails going through all of the Buyers Prep material; planning permission, base work, paintwork, lead time and, the exciting bit, the building of choice. 

If you’ve come to the Show Area with your heart is set on what you see (the buildings, not the moonwalking), then you can confirm there and then that you’re ready for the go-ahead. And if you need more time to think or take measurements, just get in touch with @info@gilliesandmackay.com when you’re ready get the ball rolling.

We’ll communicate with you every step of the way.

Step 3: Post-consultation 

Your next steps are dependant on what we’ve discussed.

Always expect an email from us at the back of your G&M consultation. In this, we’ll wrap everything up including pricing and any additional information that we think will help you take the next steps into #shedlife.

The ordering process

Once you have confirmed that you’d like to order we’ll take you through our order process.

What does this look like? 

  1. We’ll gather any further information we need for you to allow us to write up your order form (we usually have most, if not all details at this point).
  2. We’ll send you a “Site Access and Basework” form by email for you to fill out. This form asks you very specific questions about your site that will allow us to determine how much time to allocate to your delivery,  book you in for your delivery date and ensure everything is plain sailing on delivery day for both of us.
  3. Once we have received your form back we’ll get your order in for diary planning – carried out every Thursday
  4. At the beginning of the following week, our team will send out your order form to you along with your official delivery date, deposit payment details and terms and conditions.
  5. You check all the information is correct and send us a confirmation email. Then you’re ready to pay your deposit to secure your building.
  6. Once your deposit is paid, the order is confirmed, the delivery date is absolute, and you can kick back and look forward to your G&M building. 

Read more about this here: Site Access: How To Make Sure We Can Deliver Your G&M Building 

Are you ready to order your G&M building?

And that’s it folks, easy peasy.

Book your G&M Consultation and we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.

We hope that this clarifies everything to do with the order process here at Gillies & Mackay. It may seem like a lot of steps, but once you’re in it, it’s straightforward and we do most of the work.

You want the perfect garden building, and the meticulous approach of our order process helps ensure you get the best possible experience with us. Let’s do this!

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