Ultimately, if someone want’s to break in to your shed, they will – A hacksaw/sledge hammer whatever, eventually they will. BUT you can deter them, and that is vital to the safety of your; expensive road bike, lawn mower, power tools or jewellery workshop equipment.

In 2014, Police Scotland announced although home break in’s were down 25% out-buildings and sheds were up 34%. ‘Operation Buzzard’ is a police and community focus group. It was launched to bring awareness to homeowners about the need to protect your shed. They’re doing a great job, but the problem inevitably still exists, with Aberdeenshire being the worst hit.

According to UK crime statistics, thefts such as these tend not to be pre planned but are carried out by “opportunistic criminals”. So as a result, here are a few ways how you can take simple steps to prevent your build from being seen as an easy target.

1. Strong padlocks and hasps

Seems a bit obvious doesn’t it? However, this is also the step that can make it blatantly obvious that you have something worth hiding inside your build. Investing in a strong hasp and padlock is definitely advisable, but be wary that many more could be as much of a lure as it is a deterrent.

2. Keep most valuable belongings out of clear view

If your build has windows and you can’t easily hide belongings then a simple step to take could be to have some curtains or frosted window film up. This is likely to help prevent a break in as there is then no clear easy target for a burglar to fixate on to justify the break in.

3. Alarms

This can always be a good deterrent you can buy decent quality shed alarms pretty cheap for around £20. There are so many different types out there. So this guide is very helpful if you are considering in investing in one. http://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/How-to-Buy-an-Alarm-System-/10000000177317847/g.html

4. Maintenance – (yes, again!)

Yeah, yeah, I know we are always going on about shed maintenance and the importance of tasks such as painting them. But it’s only because we can’t stress the importance of it enough!

This applies to shed security. A shed with rotting timber from a lack of maintenance is always going to be an easy target.

5. Home Insurance

Even though you take every measure necessary to secure your shed, you still need to insure it. Most home insurance policies include outbuildings and their contents so it’s best to have a look.

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