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By Cara Mackay on 20 Sep 2016

In Col We Trust

It’s been a whirlwind bromance for me and this man. 3 years in the making. We’ve shared heartache and happiness, worry and success but most of all we’ve had bloody good fun growing our businesses and riding this train together. Woah… Emotional. Hey, he’s still alive though. Fitter than ever… Well except the whole Bloodstock Fest relapse last month.

Col Gray – that’s Col, pronounced “Cole”. The legend that is Gillies and Mackay’s brand designer.


Col – The absolute legend <3

So what’s that mushy stuff got to do with the price of Sheds? Well, a lot actually. Last week whilst I was buying Oor Wullies and contemplating the meaning of life, Col was orchestrating the execution of our amazing new website launch. What this man has done to get this off the ground is a miracle! 8 months of dealing with a; non-contactable, completely unreliable, far too distracted, probably 3 glasses of wine in – client… Is beyond any mortal capabilities.

Col persevered regardless of the fact that A) He’s a designer, not a web developer, and B) Mates rates to the extreme. If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘tidy! give me some of that lovin’ Col is not for sale. The magnitude of this man’s skill speaks volumes.

Col has embedded himself within Shedlife. He became “one of us” right from the beginning which has created an invaluable understanding of our customers. From the very first glimpse of what was to come from the website, I knew straight away Col had nailed it. It’s a perfect representation of everything we are and that’s because Col gets us, gets our business, and most importantly gets our customers.

Pixels Ink – it’s a magical yellow box of laughs where Col believes in you before even you do.


Thank you, Col for all that you are.


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