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Whether you’re looking at JML Garden Rooms or Gillies & Mackay, or one of the many other garden room companies out there, trying to find your ideal garden room quickly becomes a headache, even with all the information that’s available online these days.

Do you go for composite cladding or a traditional finish? Should you take Google’s recommendations or will you have to saddle up and visit hundreds of sales displays? And who knew there were so many different roofing materials out there?

Who is the best garden room company in Scotland?

We have review blogs about a wide range of Scottish garden room companies. But sometimes you just have to cut to the chase and get some facts. Best for you might not be best for someone else, and to make an informed decision, you need to know some core information to get started.

This post compares JML’s Highlander and Lowlander Garden Rooms to Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms. These buildings are of similar sizes. By looking at the pricing, features, materials and project management services provided, you can see which option suits you best.

Does JML build the best garden rooms?

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JML Garden Rooms make beautiful buildings that use SIPs construction. They offer luxury features and a range of optional upgrades. Based in Auchterarder, they install these buildings across Scotland, and they have a cracking website that provides lots of really useful information about the specifications of their products.

Here’s a detailed comparison between the Gillies and Mackay Radiata Garden Rooms and JML’s Highlander and Lowlander Garden Rooms, specifically focusing on the 3.5m x 2.7m size.

Please note – this post is based on public domain information that’s accessible to anyone with an internet connection. If any new information about these garden rooms comes my way, I’ll update this post to reflect any changes.

How do JML Garden Rooms compare to Gillies & Mackay on price?

JML’s Lowlander Garden Room starts at £31,500. Their Highlander model starts at £33,900.

Gillies and Mackay Radiata Garden Rooms range from £10,797 to £13,979 depending on the specific model and customisation.

Which materials do JML and Gillies & Mackay use?

A closeup of Radiata Pine ThermoWood, labelled "Gillies Mackay"

JML’s Lowlander Garden Room is made of Cedar cladding. The Highlander uses Larch cladding.

Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms use Radiata Pine ThermoWood cladding.

Which features do JML Garden Rooms have compared to Gillies & Mackay?

JML garden rooms feature factory-finished double-glazed timber doors and windows as standard, with options to upgrade to triple-glazing or sliding doors.

The Lowlander Garden Room uses Firestone single-ply flat roofing membrane, while the Highlander uses Spanish slate roofing.

Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms use premium aluminium frame argon-filled double-glazed doors and windows with Low E soft-coated glass for exceptional insulation.

Depending on the design, the Radiata Garden Rooms use either steel box profile roofing or Isola roofing shingles.

Do JML Garden Rooms & Gillies & Mackay offer a project management service?

Both companies offer a comprehensive project management service, so you can rely on them to coordinate planning, design, site preparation, delivery, installation and finishing.

How do JML Garden Rooms compare with Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms?

JML’s rooms are significantly more expensive, reflecting their use of high-end materials like Spanish slate and specialized cladding options like cedar and larch. Both companies offer versatile and durable buildings, but JML includes luxury features like triple glazing and higher-end roofing materials as options. Gillies & Mackay offers a more traditional approach with robust materials and construction, providing good value and efficiency within a more accessible price range.

The wide world of Garden Rooms can be extremely complicated and confusing. I have so many questions about this comparison, and I’m sure you do too. Since answering your questions is the reason I’m here, look out for more content that explains and evaluates the details of this comparison.

Whether you choose a Gillies & Mackay Radiata Garden Room or a JML Lowlander or Highlander, make sure that you’re making an informed choice. Want to know more? Head to our Learning Centre to learn even more about the best garden room for you.

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