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Job Specification


  • £35,360.00 Per Annum (starting)
  • Start Date: JANUARY
  • APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Friday 8th December 2023
  • Six Month Probationary period
  • Product Training provided.
  • Must be on-site five days from seven - weekends included. We are based in rural Perth and therefore you must be able to get to Gillies and Mackay.

About the Lead Sales Consultant Role:

We’re looking for a Lead Sales Consultant to join our growing team. Your goal will be to help us convert qualified leads into sales, drive the sales department forward and grow sales.

You must have a deep passion for sales and be committed to closing sales that are right for both the prospect and the business. You love working with people, getting to know their deepest desires and frustrations and guiding prospects to the best solutions.

There is an opportunity to grow the sales department here, therefore you must have a desire to lead and bring in your experience from previous sales roles to shape and grow sales within G&M.

Our company:

Gillies and Mackay are a growing high-end timber building manufacturing company, based in Errol Perthshire, who have been on the market for over 33 years.

From Sheds, Garages and Garden Rooms to our Scottish Sheddies providing the shed life they dream of, and buildings that last a lifetime.

We are a small business - 18 of us in total. Trust, respect and communication are our values. We're big believers in learning and development both in ourselves and in our products. We work to tight schedules and help each other out.

We follow the They Ask, You Answer philosophy in our sales and marketing - creating the best shed content in the UK market to help prospects make informed buying decisions.

We've got big visions and our company is currently in a growth phase looking to secure more of the Scottish market.

About the Lead Sales Consultant role: 

You are expected to be on-site (Errol, Perthshire) five days a week to look after and communicate with new prospects, existing customers and third-party contractors - all with the aim of closing qualified sales.

We are a seasonal business. Between the months of March and October is when we are most busy. It's an exciting time in G&M - stamina and pace is required.

In contrast, October - February are our quieter months. During this time you'll be expected to seek new prospects and work closely with the marketing team to drive sales during off-peak season.

You'll experience a variety of different scenarios in communications with prospects and it is expected that you are able to analyse and manage all communications to get to a resolution and share your findings with the team.

Part of your role will require an element of project management with third-parties and the internal team on high-value Garage and Garden Room projects contributing to a smooth delivery of the buildings.

There will be scope to grow the sales department and therefore it will be expected that you collect data, analyse for gaps and develop solutions to improving the sales process within G&M bringing in your experience from previous roles.

You'll be working closely with our team:

Cara - Managing Director
Nicola - Sales and Marketing Director
Kieran - Sales Consultant
Ailsa - Sales Administrator
Amy - Content Writer

Work with us...

We're a family-run business who have been lovingly crafting timber buildings for over 30 years.

No one makes sheds like we do here at Gillies & Mackay. We live and breathe sheds – it’s what we’re good at.

Core Responsibilities

  • Communicate with leads and customers through phone, email, web chat or visit. Answer any questions they have, educate, share our content or point them in the right direction.
  • Conduct professional customer consultations for our full product range - sheds, garages and garden rooms.
  • Take customers through our full sales process, care for and communicate with them through to the delivery of their building.
  • Project manage high-value buildings - communicating with customers, key internal players and third-party contractors.
  • Contribute to the development of our sales processes through written and video content.
  • Accurately record, report and analyse sales data through our CRM system.
  • Develop and stream-line the sales processes
  • Create and develop sales playbooks.
  • Contribute content ideas to the team based on your day-to-day sales experience.
  • Take part in and execute on training and development opportunities.
  • Bonuses available

Person Specification:

About you

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has had at least 3-5 years of experience in previous sales roles.
  • Has excellent communication skills
  • Enjoys and confidently interacts with people
  • Is organised, goal-oriented and detail-driven.
  • Is analytical
  • Is open-minded
  • Is agile and flexible
  • Is excited about learning and can learn quickly
  • Is curious about the unfamiliar
  • Is not afraid to get on video
  • Is open to and implements feedback
  • Is familiar with assignment selling
  • Can take direction
  • Is familiar with sales psychology
  • Has had experience working with sales data

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