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By Cara Mackay on 06 Aug 2017

3 reasons why your Shed might be leaking

Your shed’s leaking and it’s causing no end of problems… but what can the cause be and is it fixable? 

There are three main reasons as to why your shed might be leaking and here’s a short video explaining what they are and how to combat them:


Here are the three reasons why your shed might be leaking.

1. Needs a coat of paint

The first one is you haven’t painted it. If you haven’t treated your shed when you’re supposed to, then it’s more than probable that there’s moisture coming straight through the weatherboard.

2. Nowhere for the water to go

The second reason may have something to do with the surroundings of the building. 

The water comes off the roof and splashes off the ground and splashes back up onto the shed. That’s more common if you’ve got slabbing right round your building. If there’s no ground or gravel that comes around your building, then the water just splashes right back up onto the building. If it’s got gravel or something similar, then it can soak away and not splash.

It’s easily combated. All you need is some guttering. If you put guttering on your roof, that will stop the water splashing back up onto the board. Because without it, the persistence of the constant rain that we get here sometimes, there’s just no holding it back, it will come through.

3. Spaces in the joints

The other reason is it may be leaking through a joint. We have joints where the doors are, there’s an above door strip and there’s a weather sealant in there to make sure that the water can’t sneak in.

There’s also some above window strips and window sills that are all sealed as well as the corners.

Depending on age, these seals might have broken down. If that’s the case, then you just pop them off and put some new sealing in there and then pop them back on again.

So there you have it – those are the three reasons it may be leaking in your shed and some solutions to address the problem.

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