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By Cara Mackay on 09 Jul 2016

Mark Schaefer: Be More Human.

My mate Mark Schaefer aka “The SchaefDawg” was topic of conversation again yesterday. We were going over his Keynote from TCMA2016. A month on it felt right (fist. in. mouth. it’s over) to revisit and really take stock of ShaefDawg’s message.

The best way in which Schaef describes his message is to recognise that you are human and this is a human relationship, so be more human. The ignition stage is something ShaefDawg talked about as being the bridge between the awareness (of your content) and ROI and is pretty much what I’ll stick to in this blog (there’s like a tonne of other stuff but the man’s got to make a living y’ken).

There are so many current content marketing trends depicting the inevitable of mass overload content consumption. The rate and speed of information that will be available to us by 2020 is 5x the internet as it is just now. That’s ridiculous and the time we spend consuming it is even scarier. So how do you get your content heard?

Schaefer’s first pointer was, for me, understanding the importance of your audience. Specifically, you’re hardcore; the ones who love you, share for you, like, comment and die for you (maybe not die) are the very ones you need to look after. They are the ones who will cut through the bullshit noise and magnify your content to your wider audience.

So, the looking after? What does that mean?

Don’t abuse their trust give them decent content to share on a regular basis with them in mind. Keep it entertaining, clever, emotional and relevant – understand, your content is a reflection of your hardcore audience at the exact point that they click share. Your hardcore audience are, and want to be; entertaining, clever, emotional and relevant.  So don’t take the piss basically; no half arsed adverts, promos and general run of the mill boring chat. Produce decent content that your hardcore can be proud of.

This is where the ignition happens – The moment your 256 videos/blogs/podcasts finally gain traction all because you made a spoof video involving your cat – or in my case my son.

Here’s a video I made after TCMA2016 and because of what both SchaefDawg and Ann Handley had to say.


Here we are being more Human. Being bigger, being bolder and being braver. I’m pretty sure it’s not this video that will make me famous but the engagement is already 3 times more than my previous post in 11 hours, which was about sheds! So already I know where to go with this.

Schaefer and Handley – thank you.

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