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By Cara Mackay on 02 Jul 2016

Midlands: How much does a Shed cost?

Sheds. Where to start? There are so many different variations; basic, standard, superior, heavy duty, deluxe…The descriptives are endless. I’ve been doing an offy lot of research over the past wee while, in particular, how much a shed costs in the Midlands market – in particular the Birmingham area.

Reason being, I plan to open a new Gillies and Mackay soon and it’s in my interest to make sure what I offer retains the title of ‘best sheds in the world!’

“That’s all very well Natty Shed Girl but how much does a Shed cost?”

Okay, Fair. Enough about me, what about these guys…

Search Title: Garden Shed – Birmingham

Googles first 4 businesses are the ones I’ll talk about next.

1. Jackson Garden Supplies

Jackson Garden Supplies; massive range of different sheds and materials but looking specifically at a ‘heavy duty’ 8′ x 6′ there’s no clear description of what type of tongue and groove wood they are using. However, looking at the pictures I’d be inclined to say whitewood 16 mm. They do stipulate a 2” x 2” frame. I have included additional extras offered to make this building more inline with my own construction.

£1129.00 – includes Vat, Delivery and Assembly (65mile radius)

Screenshot from Jackson

2. Aston Sheds

Aston Sheds; make their proud claim of being the cheapest shed makers in the midlands. Looking at their materials page I was able to identify 12mm shiplap as their cladding and 25mm x 48mm framing. Although they again do not directly discuss what kind of timber it’s clear to me from the pictures that they are also using whitewood. Their price guidance doesn’t say 8′ x 6′ but again from the photo’s I presume that size is within the price bracket advertised.

£390 – £440 – Includes Vat, Delivery and Assembly (30mile radius)

Update 2020: Looks like Aston Sheds have discontinued timber sheds and are now only selling plastic and metal sheds (sad face).

See: Wood vs Metal vs Plastic Sheds

3. Rutlands Sheds

Rutlands Sheds; Like Jackson, Rutlands offer a wide range of materials including concrete buildings. Their specification for their timber sheds is clear. 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding, 16mm flooring, 28mm x 45mm framing and a 20kg weighted felt. Regardless of the fact the specification is far less than my own, I totally commend Rutlands for having it clearly displayed on their website, making it easy for customers to decide. Their 8′ x 6′ can be bought directly, online.

£402.00 – Includes Vat, Delivery and Assembly ( 30mile radius)

Rutlands Sheds

Screenshot from Rutlands Sheds website

4. Easy Shed

Easy Shed; From the BEAST range – this is by far the best out of the 4 options. There are again a few options to choose from. I have picked as close as I can to my specification. Their cladding is 20mm thick tongue and groove redwood (yeay!) origin not specified (boo) – they have 3” x 2” framing and… oh wait hang on, if you want 20mm it’s not tanalised (a pressure treatment) it’s 12mm tanalised cladding for the BEAST range. Anyway, despite all the options, the price for an 8′ x 6′ could be…

£1061.00 – Includes Free Delivery (unspecified)

Easy Sheds

Screenshot from Easy Sheds website

Back to me and what I think…

All 4 companies websites are a nightmare to work and it’s taken me the best part of 4 hours to draw conclusions and take notes of conflicting information.

There is a drastic increase in price for what appears to be little more.

Realistically it comes down to what you need the shed for.

If it’s a quick fix to store some stuff in for a short while, I’d be leaning towards the cheaper options. But if it’s something you would like to spend time in and expect it to last more than 10 years say, I’d take a closer look at the more expensive companies.

Alternatively, you could just wait a wee while until I come down to the midlands with a proper shed 😉

I’ve mentioned redwood and whitewood a couple of times; here’s a video explaining the difference: –

There you have it Midlands. There are definitely more companies in the area I’ll continue to review other suppliers.

So either, this is months on, I’m really famous and you’ll get that review right now by just scrolling down OR… if you’re hot off the press,  subscribe for next week 😉

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