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By Cara Mackay on 14 Sep 2016

Wee Oor Wullie Pirate Sets Sail

We did something incredible…
It starts with my friend Vicky Beach Huts, she’s already crazy… She was all; game – set – match! For the Oor Wullie auction on Tuesday 13th September. Me? I was just quite happy standing on the sidelines with huge admiration for the whole of Dundee and beyond.

Half way through the auction Vicky Beach Huts messaged me;


We go on to discuss the realities of cashflow and what we’d do with an Oor Wullie… Naturally we decided it was the exact thing we both should do right now, because, well IT’S AMAZING!

And then…

As you can see there’s something wrong with my screen and it’s blanked out some words – but I think you get the gist of Vicky Beach Hut’s and my excitement.

We won an Oor Wullie – not just any Wullie – the wee one! The Pirate. Absolutely, perfectly fitting for both Vicky Beach Huts and Us here at Gillies and Mackay with our Beach Sheds.


Isn’t he handsome? He’s designed by Whimsical Lush’s Suzanne, a beautifully talented designer from Dundee.

Vicky Beach Huts is amazing – she’s marking her return to Dundee to follow her dreams of bringing Beach Huts to the East Coast – by making the largest contribution for what is a truly heartfelt cause – Ex NHS she knows where its at.

Gillies and Mackay set their charity quota every year. But this year Mr Gillies and Mr Mackay get a Wullie in return to display in their gorgeous show area.
For me; there is a real reason I’m spending my house sale proceeds and it’s one very close to my heart, no swears, just sincerity. It goes a little like this;

When I was 18 I fell in love with a girl – Her name was Sophie and she was gifted to me at the age of 4 and a half. Sophie has struggled badly with Asthma throughout her childhood and we spent many nights in Ninewells fighting through – I cannot imagine how it must feel not to be able to stay with your child when they’re in High Dependency and I am so grateful for being able to be by her side when she needed me the most. The Archie Foundation make this a thing and I’m so proud to have been a part of tonight, with my crazy friend Vicky Beach Huts.


Sophie <3

Thank you Archie Foundation for all that you are.

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