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By Cara Mackay on 07 Aug 2017

Ordering a Gillies and Mackay building: Top 3 tips

You would be right in thinking that ordering a new timber building from Gillies and Mackay is an easy process – because it is!

But, there are some really important things you need to check out first (before you place your order) if you want things to run nice and smoothly.

If you’re not sure what they are, here’s a short clip explaining the three most important factors to consider.

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This is the buyer’s prep video, so these are the three things that you need to know and understand before ordering a Gillies and Mackay building.

First things first, do you need planning permission?

Check it out, just make sure. It usually has to do with the positioning of the building.

If you have it close to a boundary or past the front elevation of your house, then it’s possible that you will need it. Check that out.

Do you need planning permission for a shed?

The next thing is access. How do the boys get from the van to the site? Really think about that. Are there any tight turns? Are they going upstairs, downstairs? Are there any overheads, restrictions there where they’re going through archways?

These things need to be thought of. If there’s anything that is in their way, get it out of their way, and if there are things that can’t be moved, then let us know, and we’ll do a site visit to make sure that we can still get in.

The next thing is the site. So you know if it’s a summer house or if it’s a garage, they’re site-specific.

So a summer house needs a slabbed area.

garage needs a concrete plinth.

A shed needs a clear compact area that’s within two inches of tolerance.

That is important because if that shed area isn’t within two inches of level, the boys will not be able to deliver your shed and we will need to re-schedule you in for delivery.

If any of these things confuse you, please get in touch and we can do a site visit or answer any questions you may have about your own individual garden.

That’s the three things that you must consider before purchasing one of our sheds.

Planning permission, site access, site level – it’s as simple as that.

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