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We know how confusing it is trying to figure out what timber building is best for your needs and your budget.

That’s why at Gillies & Mackay we believe that in order to help you to make the right buying decision, our prices must be explained in some detail.

How Much Does a G&M Cost?

First of all, we believe in transparent pricing – that’s why you’ll find all our price lists with a shedload of helpful information on our website. Easy to view and download, or even print off if you will – think of it as a wee keepsake of your Shedlife dreams 😍
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Apex Sheds

Three Gillies& Mackay timber sheds painted red, blue, pale green with white doors and trim.

Prices From:

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Pent Sheds

Blue Pent Shed at the bottom of a sunny garden

Prices From:

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Potting Sheds

potting shed vs greenhouse

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Radiata Garden Rooms

A Gillies & Mackay Garden Room Scotland. A Radiata Rannoch Garden Room with double-glazed windows and doors.

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Blackstone Garden Rooms

Side and front of Dark Grey Garden Room with black windows and doors

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What is Included?

At Gillies & Mackay we manufacture and assemble our own timber buildings from our workshop in Errol. With our buildings you’re making a once in a lifetime investment, from our family to yours.

In order to uphold our high Gillies & Mackay standards, being involved at every stage is crucial to our care of you and your building.

Our prices include:

  • Your beautiful Gillies & Mackay timber building
  • VAT
  • Delivery (Outwith a 30-mile radius additional mileage fees may apply)
  • Assembly

So when you buy a Gillies & Mackay, we look after virtually everything for you – all you need to do is paint it and give it some TLC once in a while it's sitting pretty in your property.

What you get for your money
A Handcrafted G&M Building

Because we do all our manufacturing in house we have complete control over every element of the build. From hand selecting the first piece of timber used, right up to the last screw fixing onsite.

Whether it’s a shed, garage or garden room they all follow the same process; we have a team of carpenters who take pride in their workmanship and spend their days honing their craft by building the most incredible creations.

It starts with the woodcutters, whose generational knowledge of dendrology – that's the scientific study of trees don't ya know – is passed down from our founding director John Mackay.

Every piece of timber used in your building is hand selected by Gordon and Galen who have a zero tolerance for shite wood. If it's no good, it's not our wood.

Galen and Gordon guide the bench joiners Chris and Lewis, deciphering 30 year old structural traditions set in stone (or wood, in our case) by our founding director Grant Gillies. These repeated practices go hand in hand with ensuring each and every Gillies & Mackay building is their very best work, individually handcrafted, just for you.

First Class Customer Service

In 2015 Gillies & Mackay embarked on a journey called ‘They Ask, You Answer’; simply put, to simply answer all the questions our customers have across what we call 'The Big 5': Cost, Price, Comparison & Reviews, 'Best Of' and of course, Problems.

We don’t hold back. we tell you EVERYTHING, truthfully and without prejudice, and let's be honest – it's all for our own gain. Why wouldn't we make things as easy as possible for our customers? That’s why when you visit our website you can’t help but wonder... Why is this so damn helpful!? And that’s why when you follow us on social media, you’re getting all the information you need before you’ve even made contact with us.

Our MD Cara initially introduced the concept to us and set about creating hundreds of articles and videos to help our customers make the best buying decisions, and with that we've built an entire department devoted to creating the best possible buying experience for our customers from day one. It's our belief that the buyer’s journey is the most important indicator of our success – and you, my Sheddie friend, are part of it.

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Delivery & Assembly

Delivery and assembly is included in our pricing because we believe the construction of your building is just as important as the manufacturing. With Gillies & Mackay you won't be lumped with a flat-pack shed to build yourself – no way!

Assembling and finishing is the sole responsibility of the onsite team – it’s their job to make sure your building is up to the G&M standard. They take our beautifully crafted panels, strips and fixings then make them into something shed dreams are made of!

Calum, Kev and Ross are our primary team of onsite joiners – however, we’re huge advocates of walking in others' workboots; so all the joiners including the MD get a shot out on site to see how the real work is done 😎

Site Access & Basework Form

The integrity of who we are and what we stand for is truly demonstrated by how we look after you and your building AFTER it has been assembled.

There are varying factors of how your building will behave over the years – wood is of course a natural product – there are elements of maintenance that you will be responsible for.

But Gillies & Mackay, you are not alone in this journey. We provide you with all the knowledge and expertise required to ensure your building lasts a lifetime. Your G&M building comes with a promise, and that is in essence; if you do your bit, we’ll do ours.

Look after your building as we ask and we will look after it too. Once you’re a G&M Sheddie you’re with us for life ❤️

Aftercare Guide
Where Your Money Goes

So you can see what we put into our products, and how we look after our customers. But you might be thinking – okay, but I want to know what I'm really paying for? What factors impact the price?

Well, my Sheddies – we did say we were transparent...


Making a choice between ‘that’ll do’ and 'that’s better' is something you need to decide based on importance and value to you and your needs.

For Gillies & Mackay it’s always been about ‘that’s better' and we are very particular about our timber suppliers for G&M - we have three main guys who have been looking after us for almost our entire 30+ years of being in business:

  • Roddy Soutar - Direct Line Timber, Dundee
  • Crawford Churchill - Thornbridge, Grangemouth
  • Kenny Gale - Donaldson Timber, Fife

There's a huge amount of trust that we bestow in these men, to look after the G&M brand and ensure the wood that they supply is to the standard of not only what we want, but need in order to maintain our only USP - the Gillies & Mackay reputation.

Materials equate to roughly 65% of all of our costs. Each department has procurement and by doing so it ensures the materials we use are the best we can possibly afford...


If there’s one thing for sure and certain, no one loves sheds more than we do. We live and breathe sheds. Born and raised, spanning three family generations, we are the purveyors of the #Shedlife.

Our company requires a multifunctional team, with a diverse range of skills and talent across manufacturing, construction and services. Around 25% of our costs are labour, and although that's on the high end of the spectrum, for us it’s a protected area of direct cost. We are living wage employers, and each individual at Gillies & Mackay is an integral part of our ability to succeed, with every role created through necessity, and one where we strive to improve the quality of life for each person in our G&M family.

Our Vision

We believe everyone deserves a #Shedlife.

Our founders John Mackay and Grant Gillies are a perfect representation of our buildings – honest, hard working and reliable. For over 30 years they have given to each and every one of us, protected our livelihoods and fed our families. For them, we will carry on their reputation and build on their founding principles to create a G&M fit for generations to come. Their legacy is at the heart of G&M.

Our MD – John's daughter Cara – is entrusted to look after the future of the company, and she is constantly striving for better, encouraging all of us at G&M to believe in a world where life doesn’t have to be so hard. Through years of hard work – starting in the workshop making sheds at 16 years old – and a true passion for the family business, she has invested in the company’s infrastructure to make the lives of our workforce and their environment not just enjoyable, but to feel loved.

This isn’t a job for us, and it’s not just a shed for you - this is our Shedlife.

The Stuff Out of Our Control...

There are of course a multitude of external factors that can influence price. However, over the past 10 years or so, we have managed to incorporate the majority of cost fluctuations from the cost of materials to labour and more into our annual price review. This usually works out around a 5% price increase on our standard buildings. Some years the big builds don’t change, and some years they go up a wee bit – it's part science, and part art.

Ultimately we do our best to ensure our relationships with our stakeholders are well looked after. Even in the midst of COVID, our supply and stock meant our customers didn't experience any detrimental shortage and we were able to continue relatively unscathed.

Looking at the market as a whole, and although we know there are many alternatives to a G&M – check our review blogs here – we are not a finite company. Our goals are not set on price competition or by 'how much, how fast?' – we’re far more interested in for why and for how long? Infinite belief in Shedonism!

Frequently Asked Questions
We have a whole section on our website dedicated to FAQs, but here are some specifically about our prices...

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