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Following on from my comparison of JML Garden Rooms, today I’m looking at Outside In Garden Rooms to see how their Uno Mini compares to a Gillies & Mackay Radiata Garden Room. These garden rooms are a similar size, but as we’ll see, there are several key differences between the two manufacturers.

Who is the best garden room manufacturer in Scotland?

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As always, what’s best for you may not be best for someone else. Choosing a garden room manufacturer is a tricky business that usually needs a whole lot of research. So to save you wading through hundreds of pages of onlinery, we’ve gathered the key information you need to compare Outside In Garden Rooms with Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms.

With showrooms in Edinburgh and Livingston, Outside In Garden Rooms is a family company that installs garden rooms throughout Scotland. We’ve written about Outside In before, and their range of buildings spans small one-person setups all the way to large modular rooms.

Are Outside In Garden Rooms good quality?

There’s a reason this company featured in our Top Ten Garden Room Manufacturers in Scotland. Their very beautiful website includes plenty of details about their specifications.

To give you a quick, accessible hit of information, this post compares four key areas: pricing, materials, features and project management.

How do Outside In compare to Gillies & Mackay on price?

The Uno Mini Garden Room from Outside In. A pent garden room with vertical timber cladding, sliding doors and a large window

Outside In’s Uno Mini Garden Room starts at £21,995. This building is 3.6m x 3m.

Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms range from £10,797 to £13,797, depending on size and customisations.

Which materials do Outside In and Gillies & Mackay use?

A stack of Radiata Pine ThermoWood timber.

Both Outside In and Gillies & Mackay use ThermoWood cladding – this timber has been treated with steam and heat to make it durable and highly resistant to shape changes, rot and insect damage.

Outside In use vertical ThermoWood cladding as an alternative to Siberian Larch, which isn’t currently available. The type of ThermoWood isn’t specified.

Gillies & Mackay use horizontal tongue & groove Radiata ThermoWoodcladding.

Which features do Outside In garden rooms have compared to Gillies & Mackay?

Outside In garden rooms come with uPVC windows and doors, with the option to upgrade to aluminium. The Uno Mini comes with an EPDM single-piece rubber membrane roof which has a 20-year warranty.

Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms come with premium aluminium frame argon-filled double-glazed doors and windows with soft-coated Low E glass for excellent energy efficiency.

Do Outside In and Gillies & Mackay offer a project management service?

Both companies offer a comprehensive project management service, covering associated trades and all aspects of installation.

How do Outside In Garden Rooms compare to Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms?

A Gillies and Mackay Rannoch Radiata Garden Room with a cherry blossom tree in the foreground.

Gillies and Mackay offer more traditional materials and construction at a lower price point, with custom-size options and inclusive project management. Outside In’s Uno Mini starts at a higher price, providing modern roofing solutions and the option for glazing upgrades. Both options cater to different preferences in materials, design, and budget.

Do you still have questions? That’s totally understandable – garden rooms are complicated buildings with lots of elements to compare! To find the answers you need, keep checking our Learning Centre for even more content relating to the wonderful world of garden rooms. Since I’m also learning a whole lot about this topic, I’ll continue to update this post with new links, resources and any other useful information that I find on my travels.

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