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Your brand new shiny timber building has just been installed in your garden. You’re all set to live your best ShedLife. There’s just one problem. PAINT. You definitely remember someone saying something about paint, but you were too excited about your building to pay attention. You have one crucial question: where can I buy paint for my shed?

We get it. To most people, paint isn’t all that fascinating. Most people who are interested in paint are artists, who don’t usually have all that much investment in timber buildings.

But you know if you’ve been around here any length of time that paint is a vital part of the health and longevity of your building. Whether it’s a shed, summerhouse, garage or garden room, it needs to be painted to protect it from the elements, and there are hundreds of different paint options to choose from.

What sort of paint is best for my building?

Sadolin. For once, there’s a straightforward, simple answer. It’s Sadolin. We don’t just recommend Sadolin for our buildings, we insist on it in order to maintain your guarantee. 

You want your shed to stand the test of time. And to want to avoid problems like water ingress, mould and rot. You love your new building, and you want to keep it looking great for decades to come. Because we know all of this, we recommend Sadolin SuperDec. It’s a water-based exterior paint that is resistant to flaking and cracking. It treats the wood and doesn’t need a primer or undercoat, and it’s available in tons of colours.

What colour can I paint my shed?

You might be confused by this last claim if you’ve followed the link above. That page states that Sadolin SuperDec is only available in White, Black, Walnut or Grey. However, this page shows just how many options you have for paint colours when you choose Sadolin SuperDec. The tinted paint comes in a whopping 318 colours! 

Of course, we don’t have 318 shades of paint sitting around in our workshop. We’ve chosen a palette of popular and stylish colours, and the majority of our customers choose from this. 

But if you do want to choose one of the other options, let us know. We will paint your building in the workshop with a similar shade for its first coat. Then when you give it its second coat after the building has settled, you can paint it whatever colour you’ve chosen.

Do you sell Sadolin?

A Gillies & Mackay apex shed painted cream, with steel box profile roofing.
An Apex Shed painted in Stephanotis Cream

We don’t. The storage space needed would be mahoosive! We do timber buildings, and we stick to what we’re good at. We leave paint-selling to the paint-sellers.

So where can I buy paint for my timber building?

You can only buy Sadolin from a licensed stockist. The closest stockists to us here in Errol are Bannerman’s Colour Studio in Dundee and Perth. Mention that you’re a G&M customer and they’ll give you a 10% discount. Hurray for discounts!

The Sadolin website also includes a storefinder page, but some of the stockists listed are trade only, or their websites don’t have Sadolin listed in their products. Crown Decorating Centres also stock Sadolin, and they have branches all over the UK. 

Sadolin’s website notes that it’s a good idea to phone ahead before travelling to a stockist to check that they have what you’re looking for in stock. This is definitely good advice. 

If you’re ordering online, Decorating Warehouse is our top nod. They have a huge range of colours and deliver throughout the UK, with free delivery on orders over £69.99. 

Crown Decorating Centres also offers online ordering, but their website was so annoying that I gave up trying to add the colour I needed to my basket. If I can’t figure it out, I’m not buying from you, Crown!

Don’t forget to check out our Paint FAQs if you need any more information.

It can be tricky to tell how paint colours will look on your building. If you want to see what they look like in real life, the best thing to do is pay us a visit. Our Show Area features our chosen Sadolin palette, and you’ll go home knowing your Volcanic Ash from your Stephanotis Cream. I’m in the Hudson Bay Vorlich – give me a wave as you pass!

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