Paint: How Do I Protect My Shed?

Paint: How Do I Protect My Shed?

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Video Transcription

I’m going to speak to you about the paint for your building.

When the building leaves our workshop it’s got a base coat of Sadolin already on it, and you need to re-treat that building within three weeks of it being assembled.

That treatment that you put on is the finishing coat, and that should be enough for the building for the next three years.

However, it does depend on exposure, and usually you find that with the summerhouses, if they have got a south facing frontage, that they need more treatment because they’re drying out quicker.

So you need to apply the second coat within three weeks of the building being assembled, and you also need to paint the insides of the doors, the top and bottom grains, where the lock is, where the hinges are, all round, completely inclusive.

The doors are periodically exposed to the elements, and they are the ones that are at highest risk of contracting even by about five millimeters, and that can set the whole locking system off. If you treat them inclusively, then it stops the movement so much.

You can paint the inside, that’s absolutely fine. Just make sure it’s microporous so it allows the timber to breathe.

We would recommend using the same Sadolin, and it has a huge range of colours. Do not use varnish, as it’s not microporous and it will suffocate the timber. Any moisture that’s getting in from the outside is going to get trapped in there and will turn the timber black, which is what you do not want.

If you want to protect the floor, get a carpet, get a rug, lay laminate, put lino down, just do not put varnish on it.

If you do those things and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the tins, then your building should be absolutely perfect and you will maintain your guarantee with us.