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If you have ordered a playhouse or a summerhouse from Gillies and Mackay and it has a veranda and canopy on it, the veranda is made out of decking.

That decking is a pressure treated timber, which means that you don’t actually need to treat it with anything.

However, some people want to know if they can paint it, and that’s absolutely fine. You can, but please remember that the Sadolin that you’re putting on the building isn’t really compatible for a walkable surface.

You should be looking at some sort of decking stain alternative. The one that we would recommend is Jotun, and it’s called Demidekk.

It comes in a lot of different natural tone colours, which means that the wear and tear of the decking isn’t so obvious, so you don’t have to do it so often.

If you’re thinking about painting it, just remember that the Sadolin isn’t compatible with the decking and you would need to get a specific decking stain for it.

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