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How often do you have to re felt your Shed?

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So you’ve got a Gillies Mackay shed and you’ve had it for maybe eight or nine years now. It still looks brand new of course. That’s what everybody always says. But you’re just a little bit concerned about the roof, because when you ordered the building, you were told that it comes with a 10 year guarantee for the felt. So it’s getting close to the 10 years. So you’re thinking, “Should I be thinking about re-roofing it?”

The best thing to do is just inspect the roof. See what the condition is like. First thing’s first. If it’s not letting the water in, then it’s probably doing okay. Secondly, if you’ve not got any trees or bushes overgrowing it, then there’s not going to be any buildup on the felt, and moss or whatever tends to grow on the felt if it’s got overhanging trees and things. So that’s good. And if you look at the roof. If you get a step ladder and have a look at the felt and see that there’s no breakdown in the particles. So it’s got slate shingling on it. If there’s no breakdown there, then it’s probably absolutely fine. And just let it go.

Sometimes felt roofs can not need redone for 15-20 years even. So don’t be too hasty with doing the re-felt. You can just let it go a bit longer. The guarantee is for the expectancy, not for the actual date. Okay?

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