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Featured Friends: Who do we recommend for your base work? (for hard to reach sites)

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A Garden Room is the dream. But what about the base work?

Your access is a nightmare. Your excavation is impossible. You’re watching your Garden Room dreams slip away right in front of your eyes and there’s no way to stop it.

Ah, but there is. Luckily for you, we’re in there with some experts who can make sure you have a suitable and safe base, no matter how difficult your site is being.

So let’s get into who we recommend to create your Garden Room base.

Please note: We highly advise you obtain landscaper/construction quotes for base work before ordering your Gillies and Mackay building to obtain a full and clear picture of project costs.

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Who do Gillies and MacKay recommend building your Ground Screw base?

If you’re Garden Room is in a straightforward position then you‘ll have a little more flexibility with who you go with for your base works.

But sometimes, it’s not that simple.

For example, if you have difficult, non-practical access, you can’t excavate the ground, or you just don’t want to impact the environment in the way that a concrete plinth would, then you’ll need to look at another solution.

If this is the case then we are really happy to recommend No More Digging (NMD).

No More Digging offer a range of ground screws, which are low carbon alternatives to traditional concrete plinth foundations. They can be installed in sites with difficult access. Not only that but they are better for the environment and generally save you some money too.

Visit No More Digging website.

How much does it cost for No More Digging to install a Ground Screw base?

Good news.

Even though they deal with more difficult sites and have a lower impact on the environment, Ground Screws are usually cheaper to install than a concrete plinth.

Finally, the break you were after!

The cost of ground screws will very much depend on a lot of factors, including the existing ground, the ease of access and the size of the building that you are installing. But on average the cost will be somewhere between £500 and £2000 (for a Summerhouse all the way up to a large Garden Room).

In comparison, the cost for a concrete plinth can run up to around £5000 on average, depending on the size of the building.

So ground screws will save you some money on your groundworks.

Case Study: G&M Summerhouse – £750
Case Study: G&M Summerhouse – £508

How long will it take to build my Ground Screw base?

How long your base takes to install will depend on how many Ground Screws you have to install. And this will be based on the size and weight of the building you are installing.

On average, a set of around 20 ground screws would take around 3-4 hours to install. So in terms of installation time, it would be a fraction compared to a traditional concrete plinth.

What is the process for organising your Ground Screw base from No More Digging?

If your site needs ground screws rather than a traditional base then we’ll refer you to No More Digging, once you’ve bought your G&M building. They’ll give you final cost and installation date.

We’ll liaise directly with No More Digging to ensure that they have the right frame for installation and to ensure that it is ready for delivery and assembly of your G&M building.

The next step in your groundworks…

Ordered your G&M building?

Get in touch with No More Digging to organise your groundworks.