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Time for more comparisons! This time I’m looking at Scottish Garden Rooms vs Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms.

Who is the best garden room manufacturer in Scotland?

A post from the Gillies and Mackay Learning Centre, titled "Best Garden Room Scotland: Top 10 Manufacturers" A photo shows a pent timber garden room with large double-glazed doors and windows

Just like our other comparators JML, Outside In and Urban Pods, Scottish Garden Rooms feature in our blog post Top 10 Garden Room Manufacturers in Scotland. Their website suggests a wide range of uses for a garden building, from home gyms to golf simulators to hobby rooms.

How do Scottish Garden Rooms compare to Gillies & Mackay on price?

The Scottish Garden Rooms website, showing a navigation menu and a range of photos which suggest possible uses for a garden room. The photos are labelled "Relaxing Space," "Treatment Room," "Hobby Room," and "Bar/Games Room."

The Ashmere model begins at £12,096 installed, with supply-only options and custom designs available.

Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms range from £10,797 to £13,797 with customizable options within a 12m² limit.

Which materials do these two companies use?

The Gillies and Mackay workshop, where different lengths of timber are stacked according to type and use. The photo shows Radiata Pine ThermoWood, Scandinavian Redwood, pressure-treated framing and sarking.

Scottish Garden Rooms use composite cladding, while Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms use Radiata Pine ThermoWood.

Which features does The Ashmere have compared to Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms?

The Ashmere from SGR

Scottish Garden Rooms provide uPVC windows and doors as standard, with aluminium upgrades available for improved thermal efficiency. The Ashmere has a low-maintenance EPDM rubber-coated roofing membrane.

Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms use premium aluminium frame double-glazed windows and doors for enhanced durability and modern aesthetics. Depending on your chosen design, the buildings have either steel box profile roofing or Isola roofing shingles. Steel box profile carries a 20-year guarantee and Isola shingles carry a 30-year guarantee. 

Does each company offer a project management service?

Gillies & Mackay provides comprehensive project management with all trades handled in-house for consistent quality.

Scottish Garden Rooms offers a full service from consultation to completion, including architectural coordination and minimal installation disruption.

How do these two companies compare?

A Gillies and Mackay Vorlich Radiata Garden Room with some trees and grass in the foreground.

The main difference between these two companies is the materials used in the buildings. The choice of timber ThermoWood or composite cladding reflects the traditional craftsmanship and natural material focus of Gillies & Mackay versus the more modern option offered by Scottish Garden Rooms.

While this comparison gives you a good place to start considering your garden room options, no doubt you have a load of other questions. Fortunately, our Learning Centre has tons of information on our Radiata Garden Rooms, and on the many features that you’ll encounter as you research your perfect garden building. This content is being updated constantly, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll make sure we answer your question.

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