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Sheddie, let’s talk paint! 🖌️

We get it! You’ve taken delivery of your G&M building, and doing work on it is the last thing on your mind. You just want to get straight down to enjoying it. 

Ah, if only your brand new #sheddie life was that simple. 

In order to ensure your G&M shed lasts a lifetime you need to give it a little tender loving care -and painting care is essential. Just a few hours of work up front will add years of life to your building. 

If you don’t paint your G&M building, the almighty shed demons will come and cast their shed hexes on you: wood rot, water penetration marks, leaking and mould – making a very sad shed. 

But remember part of the shed experience is that you GET to be involved in the making of it, in the care of it. Painting your shed is like making sure your beautiful child has put on their raincoat and wellies, ready to adventure into the beautiful Scottish rain.

But fear not! This is your fairy shed mother’s speaking🧚 And in this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about painting your shed including:

  • Why your shed needs a second coat of paint after delivery
  • When your shed should get the second coat of paint
  • What weather conditions you should paint your shed in
  • How much paint you will need
  • How much the paint costs
  • Where you can buy the paint from
  • What to do if you can’t paint your shed
  • Other paint factors to consider

Why does your shed need a second coat of paint after delivery?

When our lads (and lassies, it’s 2020 mind) are hard at work building your G&M shed in the workshop, they put your base coat of paint. This is done pre-delivery to make sure your timber is protected from the get go – from when it is partly assembled through to you receiving it on site. 

We want to avoid any moisture penetrating the timber from the offset as it’s moisture that can cause the most problems for your building.

There are three main reasons why you need to put your second paint coat on your G&M building, these are: 

  1. The timber boards need time to settle in their new home
  2. The second coat will remove marks, scuffs and dirt from delivery
  3. We don’t have the capacity to paint two coats 

So, let’s look at each of these reasons individually…

painting shed

The timber boards need to settle in their new home…

Timber is beautiful, but it’s a tricky old thing. It’s constantly moving. Expanding and shrinking depending on the weather conditions. When it’s wet, timber expands. Dry conditions, the timber contracts. 

In Scotland, there’s moisture EVERYWHERE.

After a couple of weeks of your new #sheddie life you’ll begin to see bare timber, usually where the tongue and groove joins meet. This is what we mean by “time to settle”. The timber will take its true form in the outside conditions. Remember the timber has been sitting in warehouses for weeks in dry conditions – therefore it will naturally change when it’s exposed to weather in your garden.

Bare timber is bad news for your building as it’s a porthole to all kinds of moisture-sucking and rot. 

So you’ll want to get painting those exposed parts and get your building looking beautifully uniform in colour. If you don’t, it will be like you wearing a rain jacket with holes in it. It doesn’t do the job effectively. 

Your second paint coat will cover up these bare spots on your settled timber protecting it from our lovely Scottish weather. 

The second coat will cover marks, scuffs and dirt from the delivery…

When we deliver your new G&M building we transport it in panels from our workshop to your site. Of course, it’s handled with the care and respect and G&M building deserves by our delivery team. 

However, marks, scuffs and scrapes are still likely to happen. Whether it’s from loading or unloading from the van, or squeezing panels through tight spaces on site. 

This doesn’t mean your building is damaged.

It’s just a mark that can be covered with your handy paint skills. Be patient with your shed judgement, it can be fixed 😉

A second coat not only works to seal the bare spots on your settled timber building, it covers up any little mark or scuff that it obtains during the delivery process – making it look sexy AF! 😉

We don’t have the capacity to paint the second coat…

We’re just a wee business with a limited amount of space, which is in constant use. We sadly don’t have the space to store the buildings for the weeks it takes for a building to settle, and this would add much more time to the overall making of the building. 

More time = a much longer lead time for everyone. 

Our main job is joinery and making sure the timber lasts. We’re experienced in knowing the right kind of tools you need but we’re not qualified painters.

Plus, even if we painted a second coat on your building it still doesn’t solve the first two problems above. It will still need to settle, and you still run the risk of getting scuffs and marks during the delivery. 

Regardless, your building will still need to be painted when you get it. 

It’s much better to leave the final job paint job in your hands, that way it’s done the way YOU like it, and you get to bask in the pleasure that you’ve contributed to the final work of your building.

If you’ve visited our Show Area, all of the buildings have their second coats on so don’t panic when you first receive your building and the colour is looking sparse. Once your second coat is on, the colour will be just as you dreamed.

When should I put the second coat of paint on my shed?

We recommend you paint your shed THREE WEEKS AFTER you’ve received it. 

This is enough time to give your shed some breathing space and allows the timber to settle down. 

Don’t worry if you do it slightly later (which might happen if/when the weather is bad). The base coat has given your shed some initial protection. But as close to three weeks is preferable.

sadolin pain

What weather conditions should I paint my shed in?

The ideal time to paint your shed is in the Spring/Summer months on a dry day (difficult in some parts of Scotland we know).

However, you might be getting a Winter delivery. In that case, look for the next best dry day at above 5 degrees celsius. If it’s not exactly three weeks after, don’t worry. Your shed will be fine until then (that’s why we do the first coat).

How much paint will I need for my shed?

You’ll need to purchase a tin of Sadolin Superdec or Sadolin Quickdry, in your chosen colour when you ordered, for your second coat. How much you need will, of course, depend on what size your G&M building is.

Here’s our quick breakdown of building size and the amount of paint you will need:

SizePaint Amount (in litres)
7’ x 5’ or under2.5 
7’ x 5’ – 10’ x 8’ 2.5 
12’ x 8’ – 20’ x 17’ 5.0/7.5

This will also give you some paint left over for any touch-ups you feel you need to make over the years. Touch-ups are for when you feel is necessary.

You will need to re-paint your full building every 5-6 years to ensure the timber stays protected. However, if there is a particular side that gets the most of the weather, you may have to re-paint this side earlier as the paint breaks down quicker.

How much does Sadolin paint cost?

On top of your shed/summerhouse cost you’ll need to factor in the cost of a tin of paint and Sadolin is the higher end of the outdoor paint cost scale. 


Cause much like us it’s absolute CLASS for longevity and protection. And their colour range is B-E-A-utiful. 

In our experience, it is the best outdoor paint there is on the market and customers are always raving about its longevity.

Please do not use a different brand – we only guarantee the building when Sadolin is used.

A 2.5l tin will cost you in the range of £37 – £45.

A 5l tin will cost you in the range of £70 – £80.

Where can I buy Sadolin paint from?

Sheddies always want to know if they can just buy the paint directly from us, but we don’t have a license to sell Sadolin 😔

However, it’s super easy to purchase and we have a few recommended stockists for you that can ship it right to your door. Nae hassle!

If you are local to us in Errol or Perth, Dundee, and surrounding areas, our go-to pals are Bannerman’s. They have a shop in Dundee and Perth. Bannerman’s also supplies us with Sadolin for your basecoat.

Decorating Warehouse
Decorating Warehouse supplies Sadolin all over the UK and delivers right to your door. Use their search bar, type in Sadolin Superdec or Sadolin Quickdry plus your chosen colour and it will take you straight to it.

Buy Paints Online
Buy paints online is another Sadolin supplier online that delivers throughout the UK. Again, use their search bar to find your colour and get it delivered to your door. https://www.buypaintsonline.co.uk/

What if I’m unable to paint my shed myself?

You may be in a position where you can’t paint the second coat yourself, especially those hard to reach areas. 

If that sounds like you, then it might be worth getting a  local painter to do the job for you. Painting is their life work so you know they will do an excellent job with no worries. Of course, it will be an extra cost you will have to consider.

Our local recommended go-to painters are the wonderful RG Decorators.

Another option might be to ask a family member or friend for a wee favour. They might do it for a little extra pocket money, a simple cup of tea, or just an afternoon in your wonderful presence 😊

“Aye, go one then. Get the paintbrushes out and stick the kettle on”

What else do I need to consider when painting a shed or summerhouse?

There are a few other things that you might need to think about when it comes to all things paint. 

  1. Can I paint my shed two-tone?
  2. Keep a note of your original paint colour
  3. Can I change the colour of my shed?
  4. Do I need to paint the inside of my shed or summerhouse?
  5. What paintbrush do I need to use for painting my shed/summerhouse

Can I paint my shed two-tone?

You may have gone for a two-tone colour on your building (there is an additional charge for this), which means you’ll need to purchase two different colours of Sadolin paint for your second coat. 

You’ll usually only have to purchase a one litre tin to cover the colour of the trims of your shed.

two-tone paint

Keep a note of your original paint colour

You’ll need to know your original paint colour for touch ups and for your repaint. So, make sure to keep a note of your colour choice somewhere safe so that you remember for future painting. 

Your colour is on your order form copy or the tin you purchased if you want to hang on to that. If you still don’t know, send us an image of your shed to info@gilliesandmackay.com and usually we’ll be able to tell. 

But bear in mind we change our available colours yearly depending on demand, so you’re colour won’t always be on our colour chart (you’ll still be able to get it from one of the Sadolin suppliers).

Can I change the colour of my shed?

Seen a new colour scheme on pinterest? Want to re-do the garden and your shed no longer goes?

We’re constantly re-decorating – that’s our creative prerogative.

 You can absolutely change the colour of your shed if you wish. Bare in mind, it might take a good few coats to cover the original colour, especially if you are going from dark to a lighter colour.

Do I need to paint the inside of my shed?

Painting the inside of your shed gets you extra sheddie points as it continues to add protection to the timber. Done right, with your fab interior skills, it can look stunning. Again, we recommend that you use Sadolin to do this.

But what if I want to keep the timber look on the inside? 

Yes, the timber does look stunning on the inside so if you’d prefer to keep it that way without the timber being exposed, Sadolin does a fantastic clear coat option. You get to keep the timber look, whilst offering your internals that protection that’s needed against dirt and scuffs. Win! Win!

What paintbrush should I use to paint my shed or summerhouse?

If you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and time when doing your painting, the right paintbrush is absolutely vital. A poor quality brush will not give you enough coverage and you’ll find yourself doubling your work and a poor paint finish. Only the best painting for the best sheds 😉

Dean, our go-to joiner for all things shed, has passed on a his top recommendation for you – in his words “they’re top of the range”:

Purdy Elite 3’

We don’t recommend a roller or sprayer as the consistency of Sadolin is thick due to preservative elements, meaning it can only be applied by brush.

Paint is essential to keep your G&M building looking GREAT…

Long gone are the days of drab wood treatments being the only colour choice for protecting your shed. Thanks to Sadolin, the possibilities are endless! And you can match your shed to your personality or your mood. But whatever the colour, your second coat will help protect your building and keep it new for longer.

For further tips on how to look after your timber building, be sure to download the G&M Buyer’s Aftercare guide.

Download: G&M Buyer’s Aftercare Guide

Paint well and prosper 🖖

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