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You’re looking at Pinterest and YES the ideas are amazing, right? But how do you do it? How do you turn a Pinterest She Shed (or SheShed or maybe She-Shed?!) idea into reality without it looking like some 3 year olds arts and crafts from nursery?

Patience is the first thing that is required ladies. Then preparation. I know, I know I cannae be bothered with it either. I just like to get stuck right in while the mood takes me and worry about the paint stained consequences later. BUT this is not what we’re doing here.

What we’re going to do is – take care! Decide exactly what decorating techniques we’re using and do our planning.

I’m showing you my very own She Shed! I love it. This is the place I do all my best work. It’s the perfect setting for working alone, with my team and especially for my YouTube Channel! I’m going to explain exactly what you need to do to get your garden building on point and looking She Shedtastic.

First things first. You need to think about the end result as much as the first coat of paint… Says she that had not one care in the world and just slapped on Sadolin Classic Gergorian Grey (watered down) to weather the lining and give a gorgeous beachy feel.

When I say watered down, I mean it. Say 1ltr of paint to 3 ltrs of water and just slap it on. Look how beautiful that timber is on the walls! If your building is single skinned then you’re adding protection to the external wall – if your building is like mine, Lined and Insulated then you’re just adding beautifulness.

You’re next BIG JOAB is probably the flooring. I’m always going to side with Laminate. It’s my fave. But you can get creative, like one dude floored his ManCave **cough say what?! cough** with vinyl records! But laminate is nice and easy, especially if you get decent stuff like QuickStep – it just clicks together and you’ve a 25 year guarantee to go with it 😉 tidy.

The other thing is, if you’re not keen on the idea of a Stove, laminate is totally compatible with underfloor heating, you’re Sparky can help you with that though.

BUT – I AM! Keen on a Stove?! Aye okay lass. This is how you do it. Stove in A Shed? You must be Shedding me?! Nope! It is definitely doable.

After you’ve painted the walls, insulated and lined (if you fancied), then sorted out the flooring and the heating, what’s left? Well the decor of course.

YASSSS! It’s the best part!

Okay where to start… Day bed? Ikea. Simple. I also bought the netting and wire from there too. But that was the last of it. After that I was an up – cycle GODDESS.

Yeah okay, not all me. A couple of pieces, yes. BUT my amazing friends at Pepped Up Studio (they are so good) have done loads of real crackin’ pieces for me. Here’s some of my favourites.

These ladies know their stuff, right?!

If you fancy doing your own, I would recommend local auctions or Gumtree for old school pieces you may not have noticed before. All it takes is a little pepping and you’re all the way 😉

The other items I have in my office consist of a mixture, collected over time. Places like; The Range, Dunelm, Home Bargains are brill for cheap steals. But you can’t beat timeless classics and homely touches. This is especially apparent when you have children and they’re hell bent on breaking anything dear to you. Keep those things in particular, safe in your very own SheShed.

Questions? Got any? Aye probably. Ask away, cannae wait.


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