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By Cara Mackay on 07 Jul 2016

Does a Shed Need Planning Permission? Video

So you’re ready to buy a shed… great! But have you done your research and read our helpful blogs first?

There are many things to consider before you go ahead with your purchase, and one question I’m often asked is, “Do I need planning permission for a Shed?”.

It’s a great question and one I answer in this short video…

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One of the most common questions I’m asked on a daily basis is, Does my shed require planning permission?”.

The straight out answer is, it depends.

There are nine different things that planning will ask of you, and if you answer no to all of them, then you don’t need planning permission.

They start off with generic things like:

  • Is the building going to be used for business use?
  • Is the building within your garden?
  • Is your house a tenement block?
  • Do you have upstairs and downstairs neighbours?
  • Are they going to be affected by this building?
  • Is the building you live in, your house, a listed building or within a conservation area?

If you answer no to all of these, then you don’t need planning.

The other things are a little bit more specific about the actual shed, garage, summerhouse or cabin.

The most important one, and the one I instantly ask any customer is, “Are you placing this building within one metre of your boundary?”.

Your boundary is your fence, your hedge, a wall, whatever separates you from your neighbours or the rest of the world, that’s your boundary. If you have your shed or outbuilding within one metre of that, then it has to comply with a height restriction of two point five metres.

That can be problematic for larger buildings, cabins, garages and even larger summerhouses, depending on roof pitch. You need to have careful consideration for that specifically.

The other things are the actual overall height of the building, which needs to be under four metres, and the wall heights are not allowed to be any taller than three metres. Those two things are typically not going to be an issue, as none of our buildings are over four metres. Normally any single storey building won’t be over four metres anyway.

Other things to consider are whether or not you are expecting this building to create a boundary. If this is going at the side of your house and is going to, in effect, be part of a fence or create a fence-like presence that’s visible from the side of the road, planning will want to know about that, and you’ll probably need planning permission for it.

The last thing is whether or not it takes up more than 50 per cent of the area. If you’re putting it in your rear garden, is the building going to be bigger than 50 per cent of the garden?

Finally, something that isn’t detailed on the planning website but is extremely important. If the building itself is over 30 square metres – which would need to be quite big, six metres by five metres in size – then you need a building warrant. This is a completely different thing and belongs to building control, and the technicalities and the specification of the building rather than anything about where it’s going or what it looks likes.

If you answer no to any of these, you don’t require planning permission.

  1. Business use.
  2. Outwith your garden.
  3. Tenement block.
  4. Listed or conservation.
  5. One metre boundary restrictions.
  6. Height restrictions being four metres to the actual overall height of the building, three metres to the wall height, and whether or not you’re using it to create a boundary.
  7. If it’s taking up more than 50 per cent of your garden.

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