Where can I buy felt for re-felting my Shed?

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Where to buy felt for re-felting your Shed.

Does your Shed need a re-felt? If it’s been 10 years or more and it’s a G&M Shed, then it probably does need to be re-felted.

If you’re wondering if that’s something that Gillies and Mackay can offer as a service, then I’m afraid not 🙁

A re-felt is something that you would either get a roofer to do, or you would manage yourself.

If you’re re-felting your Shed yourself, then you need to be careful about where you get the felt from.

If you’re thinking B&Q or Wickes, just go pick up a roll… truth be told it’s going to be a nightmare. There’s nothing worse than trying to work with shite felt.

We source our felt from England as it’s not available here in Scotland. It’s called  SBS 180 – there are a number of brands we use stuff like; Icopal  and Challenger  it lasts about 10 years and is nothing like the cap sheet you get from DIY stores that’s much, much thinner, and won’t do the job.

The best thing to do is just give us a phone and we’ll put a roll aside for you. It’s no bother at all.

If you are getting a roofer to do it, then just get them to phone, and they can pick it up.

We want your felt to last the next 10 years so make sure to buy right.