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Comparing Shed Roofing Options – Felt, Steel and Shingles

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a new shed (or other timber building). Great! But, have you chosen what roof you’re going to go with?

There are three types to choose from: 

  • Felt
  • Steel, and
  • Shingles

And to help you choose, I’ve done a wee video explaining the difference between all three…

Video Transcription

Today I’m going to speak to you about the three different options for the roof covering of your shed, summerhouse, cabin, garage or playhouse.

The first one is felt, the traditional roof covering, but it’s not suitable for everything. It’s perfect for smaller sheds and some summerhouses, but it’s not ideal for larger buildings.

We would say to use a steel box profile for larger buildings, and that’s also relevant to a pent pitched roof, which is the model pitch flat roof.

The steel box profile is steel and it’s sheeted and corrugated, and that’s put on top of the sarking, so there is timber underneath it and you’re not dealing with condensation. That’s what we would suggest for the bigger ones and that’s what we do as standard for these.

The other more decorative option is the bitumen shingles which we use on shaped summerhouses like hexes and octagonals and corners that have all got lean back roofs that are very visible.

It looks a lot prettier with the bitumen shingles on it, and you can have that for your cabins and garages as well. Any of the larger sized buildings we would recommend steel box profile or shingles. The shingles are a little bit more expensive.

So the three options are felt, steel box profile and shingles.

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