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By Cara Mackay on 10 Jan 2019

Shed Security: Is my Garden Shed Insured?

Guest Blog by Jane Barker

The humble garden shed has a special place in our hearts and homes.

Whether it’s the dusty sanctuary of dad’s ‘man cave’ (home to the remains of a short-lived drumming career), mum’s ‘she shed’ (where hobbies take up most of the room), or just an escape space for other members of the family.

Sheds, garages and other outbuildings are an invaluable asset to a home, be it for storage, a place for hobbies, or even rented out.

But when it comes to insurance, are you sure you have the right level of cover for your bikes, BBQ, gardening tools and sporting equipment, etc.?

In this blog, we’re looking at shed security and helping you figure out whether your garden shed is insured.

Things to consider when securing your shed

The AA has produced this new video encouraging people to consider their shed and garden safety and security.

Highlights from the report include:

  • The contents of the average UK shed are worth around £2,000
  • If you ensure that you lock up your shed – then you’re covered by your home insurance
  • When keeping expensive items in your shed/garden office, if the cost is more than £1,500, they need to be declared on your policy as a specified item
  • Granny flats/annexes are also covered under home insurance – unless the building is self-sustained or shares a separate postcode to the main house

Top security tips for your shed

Here are the AA’s top five tips on minimising the risk of theft:

  1. Make sure your shed’s in good condition – if you think a thief could easily break in, don’t leave expensive items in there.
  2. All hasps (hinged metal fastenings for doors and windows) should have concealed screws.
  3. Fit windows with an internal grille, fixed to a steel frame.
  4. Fit security cages to keep valuable equipment in.
  5. Clearly mark all your tools and garden equipment with your postcode and house number.

You can read more detailed information and the most common questions asked, answered here.

Natty’s recommendations

Cheers to Jane and The AA on this perfect piece about securing your Shed. So often overlooked when you are buying a Shed or even just upgrading the one you’ve got.

One thing we always advise our customers is to have a concealed door hinge. Most Sheds can be accessed fairly easily when hinges are exposed.

If what is inside is important to you then you’ll want to consider a Mortise and Tenon door with concealed hinges.

picture of open shed door showing concealed hinges

Concealed Hinges

Another thing is security windows. These windows are only 1ft deep and we put them right up under the eaves (top of them all) to make it really difficult for anyone to see in or get through them.

image of side of shed showing security style windows

Security Windows

Sheds are as much a target for crime as houses and cars and ultimately if they want to break in they will. But if you can make it difficult for them, then it might just be enough for them to give up and go home.

If you need any more advice on how to secure your Shed or what to look for when buying a Shed to keep your items secure, then please do leave a comment or get in touch!

Big Safe Sheddy Love!

Natty x

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