Shed vs Summerhouse: What’s the difference?

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Shed v’s Summerhouse which is best suited to what you need? You’re just starting out on your shed buying experience. You’re not 100% sure what it is you’re actually after. You’re thinking, “I need some space in my garden, but is it a Shed or is it a Summerhouse? What is the actual difference between the two?”

The way I look at it is — a shed is for practical use. It’s something that is either going to be there for storing your garden equipment or there for practical working space. 

By practical, I mean messy pretty much. Vehicle maintenance, tinkering about with tools, that type of thing. Pottery would work. All those sorts of things that are a bit messy. That’s what a shed is ideally for. It’s nice and practical. 

The timber is structural and its main priority is to be structurally sound. The timbers are pressure treated (green) and rough sawn. They’re not decorative, clean or finished. Being a sturdy strong building is primarily what the sheds are about.

The summer houses are all clean, dressed timbers. We use mortise and tenon handcrafted framed windows and doors. We’ve taken time to make the Summerhouses that extra bit special so they’re nice and beautiful and just a little bit more time and effort goes in.

The sheds have a panel door, fixed panes, so that keeps the cost down on them for their practical uses. Where the summer houses are for more of a leisurely place to play basically. 

You can have your lunch there, you can have friends over in there. You can read a book, listen to the radio, paint, whatever. Anything recreational. Play music. That sort of thing. That’s what your summer houses are for. Somewhere nice to be. Sheds are for practical utilities and that’s the differences.