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How much does a 10′ x 8′ shed cost in 2024?

You’d think that it would be a simple question: how much do sheds cost?

But if you’ve ever navigated the murky waters of shed-shopping, you’ll know that prices vary wildly. It’s not always easy to understand exactly why.

This post will help steer you towards the shed of your dreams. It’s a quick round-up of how much a 10′ x 8′ shed costs from five different Scottish shed manufacturers.

Why aren’t there any shed suppliers in this post?

It’s not a fair comparison to stack shed suppliers and shed manufacturers up against each other. Suppliers sell mass-produced buildings (and usually their sheds cost much less) and manufacturers design and build their own. This impacts both the cost and the quality of the buildings. You can read more about the differences between suppliers and manufacturers here.

Because all of the companies below are manufacturing their own sheds, we can compare them like for like. We’ll use a 10′ x 8′ shed for the purposes of this post.

And because let’s face it, I’m biased towards Gillies & Mackay, I’ve used a handy helpful tool to research this topic. Wherever I felt that I might be biased, I asked Chat GPT. It gave me a statement of the facts it could find out about each company. I’ll let you know throughout the post if the information comes from me or Chat GPT.

So let’s get going with some shed prices!

Balmuir Sheds£1,586Dundee
Paterson Garden Buildings£2,572Alloa
Drysdale Sheds?????Milnathort
Ravensby Sheds£1,785Carnoustie
Shed Centre£1,884Falkirk
Gillies & Mackay£2,916Errol

Why do some sheds cost more than others?

A price difference of £1,330 between our cheapest and most expensive sheds? It’s perfectly reasonable to wonder why there’s so much difference. What it it that you’re paying for?

Let’s take a look at the different specifications used by each company, along with other benefits that they provide:

BalmuirPatersonDrysdaleRavensbyShed CentreG&M
Scandinavian RedwoodYESYES?????????YES
Tongue & Groove CladdingYESYES???YES???YES
Cladding Thickness16MM19MM???16MM16MM/19MM UPGRADE19MM
Framing Thickness38MM x 75MM??????50MM x 38MM???75MM x 45MM
Pressure-treated Framing???????????????YES
Timber RoofYES????????????YES
Steel Box Profile RoofingNONONONONOYES
Air Vents???YES?????????YES
Guarantee & Aftercare???????????????30 YEARS
Living Wage Employer???????????????YES
Learning ResourcesNONONONONOYES

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Are Balmuir Sheds a good option?

A screenshot of the Balmuir Sheds website, showing the company logo and a navigation menu. An mage of a summerhouse on a patio fills the screen.

Based in Dundee, we’re well-acquainted with Balmuir Sheds, having written about them several times before. What we love about Balmuir isn’t just that they make good sheds. They also have an incredibly informative website that provides all the details that a discerning Sheddie needs to evaluate how good their sheds are. We know how much a Balmuir shed costs, and we can see why.

Balmuir makes decent garden sheds, but their specification is somewhere in the middle of these comparators. In other words, there are better sheds out there that cost more, and worse sheds out there that cost less. Balmuir are a solid option, and the cheapest shed on this list, but there are higher-spec products available if you’re willing to spend more.

Are Paterson Garden Buildings a good option?

A screenshot of the Paterson Garden Buildings website. The background is a large image showing four timber sheds. The company logo and a text box are overlaid, with lots of text describing their buildings.

Paterson Garden Buildings are another firm we know well and have written about before.

I’m delighted to see that their website finally includes some information about the specifications of their buildings. I’ve tried and failed to track this down in the past. We can finally see what type of timber they’re using and the thickness of their cladding. However, there’s still a lot of information missing, and some of what’s listed isn’t particularly helpful in determining the quality of the buildings. Paterson’s STILL don’t have prices on their website. I have no idea whether or not their pricing is consistent and fair. It’s still a mystery. The only way to find out what a Paterson shed costs is to phone and hope they’re in a good mood.

Based on their prices, which are at the higher end of these comparators, it seems as though Paterson’s are building decent sheds. However, until they stop hiding their prices and specifications, it’s hard to know what you’re paying for.

Are Drysdale Sheds a good option?

A screenshot of the Drysdale Sheds website, showing a navigation bar and three photographs, two of the same pent shed and one of an apex shed.

I tried to call Drysdale Sheds to find out how much a 10′ x 8′ shed costs, but after five phone calls I still didn’t have a response and I nearly knew their answering machine off by heart. I wanted to feature them properly in this post, but I can’t do that without this crucial information which isn’t online, and until they answer their phone, it’s not available to me anywhere else.

Their website is severely lacking in useful information, with no prices and no information about their specs. Presumably, customers decide they want a building from Drysdale’s based on the photos on the website, then spend ages trying to get them on the phone to find out how much their sheds cost.

Are Ravensby Sheds a good option?

A screenshot of the Ravensby Sheds homepage, showing the company logo, a navigation menu and a large picture of a summerhouse in a garden.

Ravensby Sheds also have a website with lots of bonny photos and not much information. They’re the second cheapest shed on our list, but I can’t recommend them or comment on their value for money because I don’t know anything about the specifications of their buildings, and neither do you.

I was able to get them on the phone, though, so that counts for something.

Are Shed Centre a good option?

A screenshot of the Shed Centre Falkirk website. The background is a large photo of a timber summerhouse with a navigation menu and text overlaid.

Just a wee heads-up – The Shed Centre is a popular name for a shed company. Companies House has two registered in Glasgow. There’s a Shed Centre Direct and a Shed Centre Scotland. There’s one in Perth, but their workshop is in Glenrothes, and there’s another in Falkirk, which I don’t think is the Companies House one(s), but I couldn’t find out for sure. What a minefield!

Just think of a different name, lads!

To be clear, the Shed Centre in this post is Shed Centre Falkirk. They at least do us the courtesy of calling their website www.theshedcentrefalkirk.co.uk

The Shed Centre Falkirk have a fairly basic website that has taken some bad SEO advice suggesting that they use the phrase “sheds in Falkirk” as often as humanly possible. ShedsinFalkirkShedsInFalkirkShedsInFalkirk! Google hasn’t worked like this since about 2008. But anyway!

As with Ravensby and Drysdale, there are no specifications. As with Paterson’s, there are no prices. Once again I can’t tell you if their 10′ x 8′ shed is good value for money because I don’t know anything about the buildings.

When I called The Shed Centre Falkirk to ask for a price, the extremely helpful man on the phone did point out that they offer 16mm weatherboard cladding or 19mm loglap cladding. The price in the table (£1884) is for the 16mm cladding. A 10′ x 8′ shed with 19mm cladding is £2060. But since I don’t know anything else about the shed, I once again can’t comment on value for money. You have to just accept that this is what a shed costs without any further information.

Are Gillies & Mackay a good option?

A screenshot of the Gillies and Mackay website, with a large image of a timber garden room surrounded by trees and grass forming the background. A navigation menu and text are overlaid.

Onwards to the most expensive shed on our list, where it’s very difficult for me not to be biased because I work here! So to avoid my bias I gave Chat GPT the web addresses of all of these shed companies and asked, “Who builds the best timber garden sheds in Scotland?” Here’s what Chat had to say:

“Based on the available information, Gillies & Mackay appear to be the top choice for the best timber garden sheds in Scotland due to their high-quality materials, extensive customization options, and strong customer service.”

Yep, we’re the most expensive option on the list. We’re also the best. Our buildings are guaranteed for 30 years and have the most robust specifications of any of the companies on this list.

Do you want to know more about our specifications? All the information is right here on the Shed pages on our website. The type of timber we use, the thickness of the cladding, the roofing and flooring details. There’s no secrets; it’s all right there. And if you’d like to find out more about pretty much any aspect of buying, owning and maintaining a timber garden building, our Learning Centre has tons of useful blog posts to help you find your best shed and to make the best of it for many years.


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Why do some sheds cost more than others?

Quite simply, sheds vary in quality and this is reflected in their cost. As with any other industry, you have a range of options at a range of price points. However, you wouldn’t expect a Kia to perform the same as a Rolls Royce, or an artisanal hand-crafted sausage roll to taste the same as a Greggs. Similarly, if your shed is made from 6mm whitewood cladding over 33mm x 33mm framing with 7kg roofing felt, it won’t perform the same as one with 19mm Scandinavian Redwood cladding and steel roofing. It also won’t cost the same.

How can I choose the best shed for my budget?

If you’re looking at a post about how much sheds cost, chances are you’re in the market for a shed.

To find the best shed you can afford, use our Shed Buyer’s Checklist. It gives you a list of specification points to check against any building you’re interested in, and a list of features to avoid.

And if you want to see for yourselves just how sturdy our sheds are, pop into our Show Area in Errol to take a look. We’re open six days a week, and love a chat about all things shed-related!


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