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By Amy Hanlon on 09 Aug 2023

How much does a small timber garage cost?

May I compliment you on your impeccable taste? The fact that you’re even researching timber garages is a definite mark of quality. A timber garage is elegant, tasteful, and classic, whatever its size. And if you’re planning on squeezing your garage into a tight space, you’ll want to know: how much does a small timber garage cost?

Are all timber garages made the same way?

They are not. Repeat after me, Sheddies – A GARAGE IS NOT THE SAME AS A BIG SHED!

At least, it shouldn’t be. You know we love big sheds. But around here we also know that you deserve something a bit more sturdy, a bit more solid and a bit more watertight than a big shed. Because the fact is, once your shed is over a certain size, it becomes much harder to keep water out. If your building will be larger than 16′ x 10′, or 4.8m x 3m, you may well have problems.

How do we know this? Because we’re the people who fix those problems. Our garage specification was born out of necessity – we were having problems with leaky big sheds. We knew that a single-skinned building of the size needed for a garage wasn’t reliably keeping water out.

If you’re shopping for a timber garage, you need to know what you’re getting for your investment. If you’re buying a big shed, it may not be easy to keep this building completely watertight.

This article will break down the costs of a 3-tier timber garage project.

How small can a garage be?

A photo of a single apex timber garage, painted grey. The garage does not yet have a door, but has two double-glazed windows and a double-glazed access door. It has black guttering and is next to some trees and a fence.

For this article, I’m using a real order that we built for a customer last May. This garage measures 4.8m x 3.4m. You can build a slightly smaller garage – our sizes start at 16′ x 10’/4.8m x 3m – but most customers want a bit more room than this. As with any custom project, it’s important to decide what you’re using your building for. If you want to keep a car in your garage, make sure it fits!

Let’s break it down, yo! (I’m sorry. I’ll stop it. I’m just a wee bit too excited about the garages.)

How much does a concrete base for a garage cost?

A photo of a rectangular poured concrete base for a garage.

I wish I could give you a short, simple answer here, but I can’t. The price of a concrete plinth varies hugely depending on where you are, what the ground is like and what the access to that ground is like. The only way to get a definitive price for your project is to have a reputable firm give you a quotation.

For a small garage, £5,000 is a decent ballpark figure, but quotations may be higher depending on your site.

How much does the actual garage cost?

Our prices include the building, VAT, installation and delivery within 40 miles of our base in Errol. For the 4.8m x 3.3 m garage, the charge for this was £9,504. This is the cost for the basic garage building.

This price includes the three-tier walls, steel box profile roofing, and a louvre vent.

What other costs are involved in a timber garage project?

You’re going to need a garage door to get a car in and out of your timber garage. This customer opted for an up-and-over manual garage door, which cost £1,850.

Automatic or electric garage doors will add to the cost of your project. We recommend Tayside Garage Doors for your garage project, and you can contact them to check out your options.

Do additional doors and windows cost more?

This particular project didn’t include any additional doors or windows. Usually, an access door and two fixed horticultural glass windows are included in the price of the building. If you want to upgrade your doors and windows to uPVC double glazing, prices start at £950 for a personnel door and £450 for a single window. Any additional windows or doors will be priced separately.

Will the cladding type impact the cost of my garage?

Another decision to make about a timber garage is the type of cladding used. Cladding is the timber that makes up the outer shell of the building. There are different styles of cladding and different types of timber that can be used. These will also impact how much your small garage costs.

What are the total costs for a small timber garage project?

Here are the prices for two garage projects, one with the uPVC upgrade and one without:

Project 1Project 2
uPVC Windows & Door (1 door, 2 single windows)£1,850

The grand total for our example garage is £11,354. Neither of these prices includes the cost of a concrete base. While you can estimate between £250 and £420 per square metre for a base, you will have to contact a groundworks firm for an exact quotation.

How do I buy a small timber garage?

If you’re ready to get your small timber garage project off the ground, let us know! While this article gives you an idea of the costs involved, every garage project is unique. We can’t wait to see what yours will involve! You can email us or give us a call, or if you’d like to see a timber garage in the flesh come and see us at our Show Area here in Errol. Ready…Sheddie…GO!

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