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Storm Damaged Shed: 5 Stage Insurance Claim

As I type my third storm damage quotation of the day, it appears the same old British weather is playing havoc across the country… again.

  • Has your beloved shed been battered by a 30ft Oak tree?
  • Do you know how to make an insurance claim for your storm damaged shed?

With 12 years experience of making sheds to withstand 120mph winds all across Scotland, when someone who hasn’t had one of ours asks, “Can you help provide a quote for our insurers?”. I reply, “Yes I can, and it looks something like this…”

1. Is your storm damaged shed covered by your insurers?

If you’re wondering, Is my £10 per month premium going to payout on the storm damage to my shed?”, chances are it’s not. Budget insurers will exclude non essentials such as “outbuildings”.

However, it is worth checking, as most reputable insurers will include not only the structure, but the contents too. And, even if there is a maximum claim amount, it’s usually around £5,000.

2. Is your damaged shed a replacement or a repair?

If your damaged shed is disputable as to whether it needs a replacement panel or a whole new body, it is your job as the applicant to provide as much information as possible to help insurers make the best informed decision.

Depending on your type of shed; you can either provide your own evidence/statement, or if you believe the value to be more costly, you may benefit from seeking professional advice from a shed maker or local joiner.

3. What kind of evidence do you need to make an insurance claim?

Your insurers will want to know not only how much damage has been caused, but also what the condition of the shed was like in the first place.

It’s worth noting here if your shed wasn’t fit for a gerbil then it’s not going to be worth the insurance claim excess. Your insurers will not accept liability for a building that has not been maintained either.

The best way to provide evidence is supply them with a before picture and an after picture. If your insurers accept your claim, they will then ask for a formal quotation.

4. Where do you get an insurance quotation from?

The obvious place to start would be the place you got it from, asking for a like for like quote on how much the shed would cost now. If your previous supplier was a bit shit then maybe try a different supplier?

Your insurance company doesn’t have a specific company they use for shed replacements, it’s up to you to decide which company suits your requirements.

By using online platforms you can get a good indication of a companies legitimacy, i.e. Google and Facebook reviews. However, asking your neighbours is also a tried and tested method when looking for recommendable businesses.

You’re looking for one that’s not only going to make an amazing shed, but one that will be competent in carrying out formal quotations also, and ideally has done so for insurers in the past.

5. How long does it take insurers to replace a storm damaged Shed?

Realistically timescales are individual to the insurers. However, find a decent company who are willing to do the removal and disposal of the existing shed, as well as the delivery/assembly of the replacement – all within the same quotation – and you could be looking at a 2 -4 week turn around.

So, now you know. Check what your insurance cover includes, collate your evidence, contact your insurers (who may ask for more evidence), contact a decent reputable shed company in your area and, with any luck, you’ll get one like me who’ll look after you through the whole process.

Any questions, pop them in the comments below!

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