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Garden Rooms: Do I need Planning Permission and/or Building Control

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Nothing gets my shed door slamming more than when customers can’t get the right information about Planning and Building Control from their local authorities. More often than not, customers are under the assumption that if you don’t need Planning (based on the Permitted Development Act) you are absolutely well within your rights to erect a building in your garden. No questions asked… Well, not quite. What’s this Planning all about then? Planning are interested in the aesthetics and the overall impact the building will have on the surrounding environment. They’re not much concerned about the structure or whether you’re going to be safe in it. Planning regulations are the same for every council. The permitted development rules for an ancillary (Garden) …

Does a Shed need a Building Warrant?

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We’re often asked about Planning Permission for sheds, but equally important is whether or not you need a Building Warrant. What’s the difference? Firstly, Building Control is a completely different entity from your local councils Planning and Development department. Planning permission is needed when separate criteria’s are not met, see: Do you need Planning Permission for a Shed?. Planning is to do with aesthetics; will your development have an impact on the surrounding area? Neighbours, environment and in some cases the look of the street/area you live in. Building Standards/Regulations is primarily to do with the structure of the build. Depending on size; is the buildings structure safe and suitable for the loads and variant elements it may endure. If …