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What is the best size for a Garden Room?

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So many factors will play on what size of Blackstone Garden Room you will want. Primarily, it will come down to the space you have and to what extent you want to build to. For example, it’s purpose: if you intend to use your Blackstone as a holiday let then it’s going to be bigger than if you’re just thinking about some office space. Let’s talk through the different size categories we tend to stick to at Gillies & Mackay. As you can imagine after 30 years of building Garden Rooms there’s a fair bit of repetition in the requirements. So, we’ve come up with a simple range to make choosing yours easier. The Range Just a wee one? (up …

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What kind of base do I need for a Garden Room?

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At Gillies and Mackay our buildings are fairly HEFTY, to say the least. So, when we’re thinking about the foundations for a Garden Room, we need to appreciate that the weight has a huge influence over what kind of base we should construct. Typically a Garden Room will weigh over 2 tonnes. We would normally recommend a concrete plinth built to a specific specification. However, new technologies, such as ground screws, are offering a more eco-friendly alternative. Let’s have a look at both options… Concrete Plinth For years we’ve been involved with specifying a structure for the concrete bases required to support our buildings. Most commonly for our Garden Rooms and Garages. Let’s call it ‘clever-clogs concrete’ – a nice, …

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Garden Rooms: Do I need Planning Permission and/or Building Control

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Nothing gets my shed door slamming more than when customers can’t get the right information about Planning and Building Control from their local authorities. More often than not, customers are under the assumption that if you don’t need Planning (based on the Permitted Development Act) you are absolutely well within your rights to erect a building in your garden. No questions asked… Well, not quite. What’s this Planning all about then? Planning are interested in the aesthetics and the overall impact the building will have on the surrounding environment. They’re not much concerned about the structure or whether you’re going to be safe in it. Planning regulations are the same for every council. The permitted development rules for an ancillary (Garden) …

Tuin Log Cabins: Interlocking Log Explained

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Wait a minute?! What is interlocking log? I know, I’ve been asking myself the same thing. How do I explain, not only what it is –  but why is it a thing? And how do Log Cabins compare to Sectional Panels? Cath my saviour, from the Gillies and Mackay office messaged me last week to say, ‘Oh beautiful one of beauty like no other…. People keep bringing Tuin Brochures in?! Can you please bestow your knowledge of Interlocking Log and what I need to know to help our customers make the best buying decision – for them.’ So what is it? Interlocking log is; Machined logs or battens, half notched (cut out) at the corner, interlocking with the opposing wall. …

How much does a Garden Office cost?

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If you are working from home and considering the costs involved with buying a Garden Office instead of working from the kitchen table, I’m here to help. I’ve spent a fair bit of time researching this, 8 months straight. In fact if you count Blackstone Cabins it’s actually about 12 years. We’ve all been there, faced with the daily struggle of separating home life and work life, whilst trying to explain to your partner that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you are the hired help. You NEED to actually work.

Garden Office – The Brid: Buyers Guide

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Step One – Problems The Brid Garden Office Can Solve Deciding if you need actually need a garden office in your life. It may seem obvious but it’s really important. You’re spending thousands of pounds on something here. Let’s make sure it’s the right thing for you, here’s some of the problems The Brid solves: – Realigns your working day – So often when working from home you’re sitting in squalor itching to do last night’s dishes and hang out the laundry. The Brid closes the door on all of the half done chores and mixed in emails. It focuses you on the task in hand, shutting out the household hat that creeps in every time you broach the kitchen table …

How much does a shed cost?

The Best Summerhouse Manufacturers Scotland: Top 3

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I ken where you’re at. You’re looking for the best Summerhouse design, best size, best specification and above all best price, right? Aye. It’s your dream, your ‘go to’ place for all the answers to your hectic life. A beautiful Summerhouse to sit pretty in your garden. To bring you a tranquil spot of relaxation and above all, isolation, free from the shackles of everyday life. You hit THE Google and await the answers… It’s a right shame though, when you’re met with a barrage of shite websites and even worse social media platforms. So! Why not let me help – yeah? I’ve said ‘TOP 3’ but I’m not going to lie to you, I struggled. I reckon you’ll thank …