Tuin Log cabin

Tuin Log Cabins: Interlocking Log Cabins Explained…

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I know you’re probably thinking: “What is an interlocking log cabin?” I’ve been asking myself the same thing. How do I explain, not only what it is, but how log cabins compare to sectional panel garden rooms.  Cath, the Gillies & Mackay office saviour messages me last week to say: ‘Oh beautiful Cara, who shines like no other…. People keep bringing Tuin Brochures in! Can you please bestow your knowledge of Interlocking Log and what I need to know to help our customers make the best buying decision – for them?’ You see when people are thinking about getting a beautiful new garden room, interlocking logs, and Tuin often pops up. We don’t make interlocking log cabins, and that doesn’t mean …

3 reasons your Summerhouse might be leaking

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No one likes a leaky Summerhouse! And our Scottish weather is so unpredictable, with a fair bit of rain to contend with. But that wouldn’t be the cause of your Summerhouse leaking. There are other factors to consider, as I mention in this wee video below: VIDEO CHATTER Now, depending on age, there may be a time where your Summerhouse will spring a leak and where this leaking comes from is what you need to know. 1. Slab Base The first one, and the most common one, is when a Summerhouse sits on its slab base and then the customer has put a decorative slab around the outside of it. And put it right up to the Summerhouse. What we …

New garden building: Dealing with difficult neighbours

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Dealing with difficult neighbours when you’re thinking about getting a summerhouse for your garden can seem like a nightmare. Well, let me put your mind at ease… check out this wee video where I explain that there’s really not a lot they can do about it!