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Featured Friends: Who do we recommend for painting your G&M building?

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Photo by Pat Freling of Paint Strategies You’re ready. Ready to place an order. Ready to start living your best #ShedLife. But wait a minute! What’s all this about needing to paint a second coat onto your G&M building a few weeks after delivery? You’ll probably not want to do that as it sounds like a lot of hassle. You’re more likely to want someone to do it for you hey? A professional. But can’t G&M just do it all for you? We DON’T actually paint your shed for you. However, we DO put a base coat on in the workshop in whatever Sadolin colour from our range you decide on. But you WILL need to put another coat on it …

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Where can I buy paint for my Shed?

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Painting your shed is not just about making it look pretty… it’s about protecting the wood from the elements and ensuring your shed stands up to the test of time. We prefer to use Sadolin Superdec or Sadolin Quick Dry, here at Gillies and Mackay, when we give your timber building a base coat. You see… it’s not JUST any old paint. Oh no, it’s special paint for your Shed, see! A wood preservative in fact… and your G&M building needs it. Here’s all ye need to know… VIDEO CHATTER Sadolin Superdec or Sadolin Quick Dry – we’ve been using it for years! It’s the good stuff, none of your watered down nonsense. The thing is, we need you to …