Featured Friends - Who do we recommend for painting your G&M building - blog feature image

Featured Friends: Who do we recommend for painting your G&M building?

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Photo by Pat Freling of Paint Strategies You’re ready. Ready to place an order. Ready to start living your best #ShedLife. But wait a minute! What’s all this about needing to paint a second coat onto your G&M building a few weeks after delivery? You’ll probably not want to do that as it sounds like a lot of hassle. You’re more likely to want someone to do it for you hey? A professional. But can’t G&M just do it all for you? We DON’T actually paint your shed for you. However, we DO put a base coat on in the workshop in whatever Sadolin colour from our range you decide on. But you WILL need to put another coat on it …

Featured Friends - Who do we recommend for garden landscaping - blog feature image

Featured Friends: Who do we recommend for garden landscaping?

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Amazing! You’re wanting a Gillies and Mackay building, but why stop there? It’s finally time to live your dream #ShedLife so why not go all out? You’ll want to take the opportunity to go the whole hog and transform your garden space into something worthy of your brand spanking new G&M building. But, who is going to do that for you? If you’re buying a top of the range Shed you need a top of the range landscape. We don’t want this to hold you back, so we’ve partnered with ‘AH-mayzing’ landscapers who we know create amazing garden transformations that live up to our high standards. So let’s get into it. Who do Gillies and MacKay recommend for garden and …

Featured Friends - Who do we recommend for your base work - blog feature image

Featured Friends: Who do we recommend for your base work? (for hard to reach sites)

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A Garden Room is the dream. But what about the base work? Your access is a nightmare. Your excavation is impossible. You’re watching your Garden Room dreams slip away right in front of your eyes and there’s no way to stop it. Ah, but there is. Luckily for you, we’re in there with some experts who can make sure you have a suitable and safe base, no matter how difficult your site is being. So let’s get into who we recommend to create your Garden Room base. Please note: We highly advise you obtain landscaper/construction quotes for base work before ordering your Gillies and Mackay building to obtain a full and clear picture of project costs. Related content: What kind …

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Garden Room Maintenance: 3 Top Tips

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Maintaining your Garden Room is paramount to the longevity of the building. The better you look after your Garden Room, the more likely it is to be passed down through the generations. Over the years, I’ve seen all forms of neglect and lost love for these beautiful creatures. So I thought I’d best help you keep the magic alive, when it comes to your Shedlife, by sharing some top tips. There are 3 crucial ways to keep your Garden Room in tip-top condition and stop it from becoming foosty, run down and haggard. And they are: TREAT VENTILATE REPAIR   1. TREAT First things first: whatever the external cladding, it’s always best to use some form of treatment on it. …

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What is the best construction for a Garden Room?

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If you’re familiar with Gillies and Mackay, you’ll know we don’t muck around with specification, especially when it comes to our Garden Rooms. We know what you need when it comes to staying warm, dry, loved and comfortable in your Shedlife. That’s why we have developed the best specification of Garden Rooms to withstand the Scottish climate. Grant and I love nothing more than to barter back and forth with new ideas, new technologies and a whole world of possibilities for design, specification and techniques. Our Garden Rooms are made with a 5-tier wall specification that looks and sounds like this… External Cladding As standard, we will always use 19mm thick tongue and groove Redwood which has been tanalised to …

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DIY Garden Room: The Half Build

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The Half Build Garden Room Listen… It’s okay. You can tell me, I’m totally cool with it. It’s only natural. You’ve got the skills, you’re right handy around the house and this might just be the dream project you’ve always wanted! I’m talking about ‘Do-It-Yourself Garden Rooms’. We’ve made 100’s of Garden Rooms for our amazing G&M customers over the past 30 years. So it comes as no surprise when people start to realise the potential of doing some of the work themselves, not least to save a tidy penny, but also because they want to. There are pros and cons, as well as different stages to consider, but we will discuss all of the important aspects in this blog …

Why won’t my Summerhouse door close?

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What about this heat?! I know – best we’ve had since 1976.  “When looking at daytime temperatures the UK average for the month was 19.9 C, the same average maximum daytime temperature as in the June of the still talked-about summer of 1976, and placing it joint-second…” (Met Office 2018) So what’s that got to do with your Summerhouse doors? Well, quite a lot actually. This heat is playing havoc with your timber. Timber is a porous, natural living breathing material. This means when we have a prolonged spell of dry, sunny weather it’s only a matter of time before your timber starts to shift. Summerhouse doors are particularly susceptible because they are facing south… with the hottest of the sun …

Does a shed need planning permission

Does a Shed Need Planning Permission? Video

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So you’re ready to buy a shed… great! But have you done your research and read our helpful blogs first? There are many things to consider before you go ahead with your purchase, and one question I’m often asked is, “Do I need planning permission for a Shed?”. It’s a great question and one I answer in this short video… Video Chatter One of the most common questions I’m asked on a daily basis is, “Does my shed require planning permission?”. The straight out answer is, it depends. There are nine different things that planning will ask of you, and if you answer no to all of them, then you don’t need planning permission. They start off with generic things …

Does a Shed need a Building Warrant?

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We’re often asked about Planning Permission for sheds, but equally important is whether or not you need a Building Warrant. What’s the difference? Firstly, Building Control is a completely different entity from your local councils Planning and Development department. Planning permission is needed when separate criteria’s are not met, see: Do you need Planning Permission for a Shed?. Planning is to do with aesthetics; will your development have an impact on the surrounding area? Neighbours, environment and in some cases the look of the street/area you live in. Building Standards/Regulations is primarily to do with the structure of the build. Depending on size; is the buildings structure safe and suitable for the loads and variant elements it may endure. If …