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By Cameron Sale on 26 Jan 2022

The best summerhouse for 6-8 people…

Here we have it! The final blog in this series. 

We’ve been through the best summerhouse for 1 or 2 people, 4 people, and now, it’s time for the GRAND finale…the best summerhouse for 6-8 people! 

Aye, that’s right, we’re talking about big summerhooses. 

Keep reading this if you’re the sort of person that likes to have friends and family around for a BBQ each Sunday, maybe you like throwing the occasional garden party or perhaps there’s not even 6-8 of you and you just want the biggest and best summerhouse out there. 

It’s really important that you keep in mind three things when thinking about which summerhouse to go for: 

  1. Size
  2. Style
  3. Layout

By the end of this blog, you’re going to know our top two G&M picks, as well as learn the magic formula to help you pick out a summerhouse from any website.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

What is the right summerhouse size for me? 

Choosing the size for your summerhouse is monumentally important – especially if you have a certain amount of people to fit in there.

Just because it’s important though, doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. You’re usually going to be looking at the bigger end of most summerhouse supplier’s ranges. 

Take oor Rannoch for example, she’s the ultimate space maximiser with a 12’ x 12’ design and a nice tall roof. Fitting 8 people into this traditional beauty is no trouble at all, with each person having 18 square feet to sit in. That’s a luxury in this game, don’t you know? 

On the other hand, choosing a shaped summerhouse for 6-8 people can be a bit more difficult. The biggest shaped G&M summerhouse is the 10’ x 10’ Deuchny, which again, boasts a beautifully constructed roof that gives you a bit more room on the inside.

Fitting 6 people into here is going to be easy peasy, with 16.66…square feet of room available to all.

Fitting 8 on the other hand, is going to get a tad bit cosier, but still doable! Each person will now have 12.5 square feet of room available to them instead. 

I never thought that summerhouses and maths would go together, but here we are! 

What style of summerhouse is right for me? 

Good question! This one is going to require some thought, but we’re going to give you a few pointers to get you started. 

Is your summerhouse going to sit as the centrepiece in your garden or up against a flat-backed boundary wall? 

If so, a squared summerhouse is probably best for you! 

Is your summerhouse going to sit in the corner of your garden?

If yes, a shaped summerhouse is probably best for you. 

Where does the sunrise and set in relation to where your summerhouse will be facing?

To make the most of the sun (that’s what a summerhouse is for after all) you’ll want to think about the window configuration of your desired summerhouse. Which summerhouse design has a window layout that will allow you to capture sunlight at the hours that you want?

If you’re in the market solely to maximise the amount of space that you have, it is definitely best to go for the 12’ x 12’ Rannoch (for squared summerhouses) or 10’ x 10’ Deuchny if you’re after a corner summerhouse

As mentioned before, not only do these summerhouses have the biggest floor space, but they also have a pitched roof, meaning that you have more room overhead and don’t feel as cramped. 

Okay – are you there yet? Have you decided on the summerhouse of your dreams? Great, now it’s time to start thinking about design! 

What summerhouse layout is best?

Because you’ve gone big with your summerhouse, you can start to get ‘fauncy’ with the interior design. There’s not much from your own home that can’t be done here. 

Sofas, drawers, tall cabinets, desks…all you have to do is imagine it and do it!                                                  

We would recommend putting a sofa with a couple of chairs into your summerhouse to maximise space. For the Rannoch, something like the design below might work…

To fulfil these shed dreams, the Ikea Soderhamn (link below) could be an excellent choice! 

When it comes to the 10’ x 10’ Deuchny, it’s a bit harder.  Your best option here might be to go for 2 x 3 person sofa rather than an L shaped sofa as they are pretty big! By putting two sofas in, you’ll even have space for a table on the inside. 

Another IKEA choice, (you just can’t beat a bit of IKEA furniture really, can you?) is the Asarum 3 person sofa (link below) which looks like it’s going to be perfect for fulfilling your shed dreams. 

Ready to buy a summerhouse…

There we have it then! The final piece of this series has officially been wrapped up! 

The verdicts are in and it looks like the 12’ x 12’ Rannoch and 10’ x 10’ Deuchny are going to be two buildings to choose between if you’re after a summerhouse on the bigger end of the scale. 

If these buildings aren’t for you, just remember to think first about the size, then the style and finally the layout of the building that you’re after! Combining these three steps means you can’t go wrong. 

Good luck with your summerhouse hunting! 

All my shed love, 

Natty x

P.S, if you want to find out more about the 12’ x 12’ Rannoch or 10’ x 10’ Deuchny, you can book in to visit our show area below, where one of our expert summerhouse #Sheddies will be able to give you 30 minutes of their undivided attention.

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