Garden Office – The Brid: Buyers Guide

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Step One – Problems The Brid Garden Office Can Solve

Deciding if you need actually need a garden office in your life. It may seem obvious but it’s really important. You’re spending thousands of pounds on something here. Let’s make sure it’s the right thing for you, here’s some of the problems The Brid solves: –

Realigns your working day – So often when working from home you’re sitting in squalor itching to do last night’s dishes and hang out the laundry. The Brid closes the door on all of the half done chores and mixed in emails. It focuses you on the task in hand, shutting out the household hat that creeps in every time you broach the kitchen table to “get on”.

A Hiding place from the outside world/In laws/children – We all need our own space from time to time. It’s just the way we’re built. Recharge, regroup and re-setting ourselves is important. In order to look after and care for others you must first look after yourself.

Stimulator for getting shit done – yep, you need that kick to get you going, The Brid is your motivational space, filled with everything you know will make you want to do better. Whether its, inspirational words of wisdom on the walls, a fancy coffee machine or the best music playlist – your Brid sets you right up for the day.

Remembering why you love them – The Brid has enough room for two. You pair never get a chance. You’re just chasing time, playing taxi, working late, up early and always knackered. But now you’ve got The Brid, you have a routine – it’s your time together. From 9pm it’s a lock in with a bottle of wine and the perfect company.

Step Two – Do you need planning permission for The Brid Garden Office?

What size are you going for and where are you putting it? This is pretty important because if you stick it right on the boundary or in the front garden, planning will go mental. To make sure you don’t have to muck around with planning I’ve already written a blog for you on that – Here she is. Crackin’ blog by the way.

If it turns out you do in fact need planning, maybe you’re in a conservation area or live in a listed building then, we have a solution for that too. You can use our Scale Drawings to help with your application and follow these guidelines.

We have 2 sizes to choose from at the moment. The Wee Brid is 8’ x 8’ internally and 8’ x 11’ externally. The Bonny Brid is 12’ x 8’ internally and 12’ x 11’ externally. The reason the external size is bigger is because we have a 3’ veranda, canopy on the front of the building. Floor plans and elevations are available to download: –

The Wee Brid [8’ x 8’] : Floor Plan | Elevations
The Bonny Brid [12’ x 8’] : Floor Plan | Elevations

Step Three – What kind of Base do you need for The Brid Garden Office?

We’re not in a position to offer the groundworks but we do know reputable trades who are, we have a list of Gillies and Mackay accredited groundsmen.

J R Evans
Essendy Landscapes
Gordon Smith
Gardens Galore

If you’d prefer to do it yourself, or source your own trade. We’d like you to follow or preferred base specification. Using the floor plan for size and the following method.

Dig down to firm ground – compact and level Type 1 Hardcore (minimum of 100mm)
Using sharp sand, level off base
Lay 50mm thick 2’ x 2’ slabs for the whole area – level

We love it when the slab base is slightly smaller all round, the reason for this is to allow the water to run off and away from the building. If the slabs protrude the build it invites water to splash back up onto the panels and nobody wants that.

Step Four – What does The Brid Garden Office price include?

At this time we have 2 sizes and one design. We have limited our offering as we are at the introductory stages of this new building design.

This building’s specification is to suit all year round use. It has minimum maintenance requirements, it is double glazed, fully insulated and is built to defend itself against the Scottish weather. The Brid keeps you warm and dry in the winter, yet cool and comfortable in the summer.

We have 2 sizes and one design on offer, at the introductory pricing.

8’ x 8’ (8’ x 11’ footprint including Veranda,Canopy) £7,000.00

12’ x 8’ (12’ x 11’ footprint including Veranda, Canopy) £9,500.00

We are limiting the introductory offer to 30 units. Once the introduction is complete and the first 30 buildings have all gone to plan, we will raise the cost of The Brid considerably and go to market to make a profit.

Because of the nature of an introductory product, we ask for your patience as we take things slow and for your cooperation when we ask for feedback about the process. We want to get this right and we know it’s just the start of a beautiful #ShedLife for us all.

What’s included and not included in The Brid price: –


The outer body
3’ Veranda, Canopy
The inner Insulation and lining
2 (1) double glazed fixed window
1 set of double glazed double doors
Steel box profile roof
Double coating of the exterior cladding

The inner Insulation and lining
Laminate flooring

VAT Delivery & Assembly*

If you are within 50 miles of Errol (PH2 7SP) Delivery and Assembly is already included in the cost.
If you are within Scotland and under 3 hours of travelling the cost is £4 per mile outwith the 50 mile radius.

If you are more than 3 hours travelling (in Scotland) it is possible to arrange overnight accommodation for our assemblers to carry out the assembly over 2 days. Additional charges agreed on application.

If you are in England we will arrange a courier and local assemblers. Additional charges agreed on application.

Not included


Mains electrics for: –
2 x double sockets
1 x uplight
1 x light switch
1 x exchange box

Underfloor heating


Groundworks. We’re joiners, groundworks is something we CAN do but we choose not to – we think our time is best serving up amazing buildings instead.

Mains Electrics is subjective. The cost is down to how far away your mains electrics are and how complicated it is to run electricity to where your Brid will be situated. What the electrician will do is, come out and survey your site and then give a price.

Underfloor Heating. Requires us to visit a second time. The Electrician will quote for the underfloor heating and we will charge a flat rate fee for coming back out to do the laminate after.

Step Five – How to order The Brid Garden Office.

You can place your order in person, over the phone or by email.
You will need to pick a colour of Sadolin that we will apply in the workshop. We will double coat your building so you don’t need to paint it after assembly for at least 5 years.
We will give you a delivery and assembly date of which you will need to have you base work ready for.
It is also a good idea to have the mains electrics in place before the building goes up so we can bring the wires through the floor on assembly.
We will ask you for a 30% deposit with the remaining balance due 7 days prior to delivery. You can make payment by Card or via Bank Transfer.

Step Six – What kind of access does The Brid Garden Office need for Delivery?

Receiving delivery and assembly

Ideally we love it when you’re there – it gives us peace of mind knowing the exact positioning you want The Brid in. We will arrive early in the morning and have everything done in the one day. If you have opted for underfloor heating, we will return after the Electrician has been to fit your laminate.

The guys delivering and assembling will need clear access to your site.

If there’s one thing you need to absolutely be sure of it’s – How on earth do we get in?! In this video I explain EXACTLY what I’m talkin’ about.
If your access is: –

‘we can park in your massive driveway, unload the sectional building right beside and carry it say 10 mtrs to the actual site without anything at all in the way…’

Then you can skip this bit. You are our favourite kind of Site Access and DOM LOVES YOU.

I’m going to ask you a list of questions, can you answer NO to all of these?

Is the carrying distance from where the guys park their Van to where the G&M building is going, more than 30 mtrs?

Please let us know the exact distance and the terrain so we can calculate and additional labour charge for long distance access.

Is there any tight turns between existing buildings, walls or fences that will restrict the guy when carrying the panels to the site?

Please let us know as we may need to conduct a site visit to ensure access is doable with the standard panel sizes or whether we need to make adjustments to suit. There will be an additional change for this.

Doms’ nemesis is the dreaded plant pot! Are there any obstacles in the way of the guys when they’re carrying the panels to the site or erecting the building?

Please make sure you move all planters, pots and ornaments out of the way before the guys arrive. We cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage to garden furnishings should they not be moved out of the deliverers way.

Are there any overhead restrictions? Our guys will be carrying panels above their height. Are there any arched gateways or through wall access that will stop them from being able to do this?

Please let us know as we may need to conduct a site visit to ensure access is doable with the standard panel sizes or whether we need to make adjustments to suit. There will be an additional charge for this. With this kind of access if you can measure the diagonal of the opening, it’s a great help to know that measurement on order.

Are there steps up to or down to the site? Is your garden elevated in tiers?

Please let us know, feel free to send in pictures and give us the exact amount of steps or tiers. We may need to charge extra for delivery if this takes the guys longer than normal.

If you don’t tell us about your unusual access before delivery it means that when the guys come to deliver they won’t have enough time to do so. This will mean your building won’t get assembled on that day and you will be expected to pay a re-delivery charge as well as following the lead time for a new date. It is really important that you let us know about these things on order, not after.

Step Seven – You are ready for your very own Brid!

You’re all set. You know what Brid is for you, you know about Planning Permission, you know how to get the perfect base, you know exactly how to order and you know that access for delivery and assembly is really really important.

Let’s make this happen.