The Brid

Garden Office

Working From Home #WFH

Are you FED UP?! Of being treated like the home help when you’re meant to be working?
Are you DONE! With battling your way through everyone elses crap to clear a space to do your work?
Do you long for a place to call your own, somewhere you’re not interrupted, somewhere you can just…GET. ON. with what needs done.

We have the answer.

I felt the exact same and that’s why I’ve spent the best part of a year coming up with this new design. I had 3 main priorities: –

  • Affordability
  • Purpose
  • Comfort

Easy right?
Not quite, see the design is perfect but there’s only one glitch – we need a new workshop to accommodate it as a full time product. SO! For now we sell this beautiful creature in batches of 10. The next delivery/assembly will take place in February 2018.


Perfect for one human and a medium sized dosey Lab, or two humans.

Building Cost: £9,500.00

Includes additional 3’ Verandah, Canopy (12’ x 11’ area required)

Scotland: Price includes VAT Delivery and Assembly with 50miles of Errol (£4 per mile thereafter) – one assembly visit only. If opting for underfloor heating, additional return charge applies for fitting laminate.

England: 10% reduction on building cost. Additional courier and assembly charges apply. Price on application.

Price on application from accredited G&M Trade

  • Groundworks
  • Mains Electrics for:
    2 x double sockets
    1 x uplight
    1 x light switch
    1 x exchange box
    Underfloor heating
  • England Assembly Team


  • Decorate your Brid your way.

  • Business Meeting?! Nae bother.

  • #ShedLife

  • Millies Beach Huts