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By Amy Hanlon on 16 Oct 2023

Is A Timber Garage Big Enough For My Car?

Is a timber garage big enough for my car? How big is my car, anyway?

Surprisingly, people don’t always consider their car’s size when planning a garage project.

It might seem pretty straightforward. If you want to keep your car in there, you need to know it’s big enough. But the problem is that we don’t tend to measure things, especially familiar, everyday things.

Fortunately, you can put your measuring tape away for this one. The good old internet comes to the rescue once again!

Whether you’re buying a standard-size garage or a custom build, here’s all the information you need!

Why choose a wooden garage?

A Gillies & Mackay timber apex garage painted Stephanotis Cream.

Timber garages are classic, beautiful structures that complement homes and gardens. However, you may be concerned about the longevity of a structure made of natural materials. Wouldn’t you be better off with a concrete or brick garage?

If you’re looking for a structurally sound, long-lasting garden building there’s one very important question to consider: What’s the difference between a wooden garage and a big shed?

The answer is that a wooden garage, like the ones at Gillies & Mackay, has a layered structure that makes the building watertight and durable.

A big shed comprises a single layer of timber cladding. This is attached to a frame that forms the walls and roof of the building. As the name suggests, it’s built exactly the same way as a garden shed. It just so happens to be big enough to drive a car into.

If you’re looking for a building that will keep your car safe and dry for decades to come, you want a wooden garage rather than a big shed.

What size is a wooden garage normally?

You can buy a wooden garage in a wide range of sizes. Single garages for one car, double garages for two cars… you get the idea! While there are no standard sizes for garages, you’re after a garden building that will accommodate your storage needs.

What size do you need for different cars?

A screenshot of Gillies & Mackay's 2023 timber garage prices, showing various combinations of size, manual or electric garage doors. Prices inclulde VAT, delivery and assembly within 40 miles of Errol.

The absolute minimum size for a single wooden garage is 4.8m x 3.3m (16′ x 10′). This is more than wide enough for most modern cars, but may not be long enough for every vehicle.

Double garages are usually 5m x 6m, or even larger.

Bear in mind that garden buildings larger than 30m2 internally need to comply with Building Standards, and you’ll need a Building Warrant for the project.

Make sure you know the dimensions of your car before committing to a garage that won’t be big enough.

Does it depend on the car?

You must take the size of your car into account when you’re shopping for a garage. There are tons of websites that will give you this information – I told you that you could put your tape measure away!

How do I find out the size of my car?

Parkers.co.uk is particularly useful, as you can search using the make and model of your car, but also using your registration number. Doing this gives you the exact dimensions, along with the specification, price, fuel consumption and resale value of your car.

If this feels like too much information to wade through, Car Dimensions Tool is a simpler way to find out the measurements of your car.

What extra clearance does a car need inside a garage?

Remember – as well as considering the size of the car you should allow at least 1.1m extra width for opening your car doors and accessing your vehicle.

As a general rule, 3m will be wide enough for most cars plus clearance, but remember to check this against the width of your car.

What is the alternative to storing my car in a timber garage?

A large timber garage with a carport. The garage is natural timber and has a dark grey door. There is a white SUV parked under the carport.

There’s no law saying that you have to use your garage for car storage, of course. Custom garage projects allow for alternatives, like a combination garage and carport. You can use a carport for parking, with a garage for general storage or as a workshop space.

A carport is also a perfect way to turn a single garage into accommodation for two cars, or a double garage into accommodation for three cars.

Garage Door Options

Don’t forget to check the height of your car as well as the width and length! One of the most common customisation requests we get is to raise the height of the garage door.

If you have a camper van, SUV or Range Rover you may need extra height so you can park your vehicle without any bumps or scrapes!

Think about your options for garage doors, too. If you choose an up-and-over door, the door panel will be stored adjacent to the roof of the garage. You should make sure the

Is A Timber Garage Big Enough For My Car?

If your garage is custom-built it can accommodate whatever you want to use it for. Whether you’re storing a car or building a workshop, there’s a garage for you. Get in touch with our Sales Team or come and see how we customised our garage at our Show Area here in Errol.

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