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By Cara Mackay on 06 Jun 2019

Timber Garages Scotland – Top 4 Suppliers

Timber Garage Manufacturers are hard to find in Scotland.

BUT… we’ve managed to find some hidden gems tucked away on page 3 and 4 of Google.

A couple of our suppliers have already featured in our Shed reviews so it’s nice to see some familiar faces.

I’ve made it my mission to review all the Timber Building Suppliers in Scotland to help you make the right buying decision for your perfect Shedlife. Whether that’s Sheds, Garages, Garden Rooms or Summerhouses, I am on it!

This time it’s all about the Timber Garages and what Scotland has to offer.

In order to make this fair, we have to set a standard. I conduct my reviews using desktop research alone. This means that all the information available to me, is also available to you. I use Google to pick my Timber Garage Suppliers and then go hard on their online presence, websites and social.

We’re not interested in the paid ads – we only like organic search. It’s honest and more accurate to our needs i.e. location.

Our Top 4 Suppliers are: –

  1. Stewart Timber
  2. Max Timber Sheds
  3. Elite Fencing and Sheds
  4. The Shed Company


  • We don’t talk about ourselves! Nope – this is not a sly skanky ad for Gillies and Mackay, we are not in this review. This is purely for my research purposes and I take a clear, impartial view on all companies I review.
  • We only talk about 6m x 3m Garages in our comparisons, it makes things easier.
  • The opinions in this blog are based on my own personal judgement and what I believe is important when it comes to the perfect Garage; Specification, Price and Service.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Stewart Timber

Stewarts have 2 options for cladding – 21mm Loglap or 15mm Shiplap.

Both are tongue and groove and both are made from Swedish pine. Stewarts did not disappoint when they were reviewed for sheds, so it’s no surprise that they’re coming up trumps on specification for their garages too.

Any timber Garage manufacturer using Redwood will always get my vote.

Stewarts do not assemble the Garage though, so it’s up to you to sort that out AND work out what kind of base you need for it too.

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They do, however, give you a price!!

£2,455 including VAT

This is for a 20’ x 10’ (6m x 3m) Garage, constructed in the 21mm loglap with 75mm x 32mm framing and 16mm tongue and groove sarkin.

The specification is good for a single skinned building. I like the second picture (below) because I believe it’s tanalised cladding – which is far more suitable for a building that’s effectively bolted to concrete and susceptible to damp.

The price is even better!! Stewarts have nailed it again.

2. Max Timber Sheds

Okay Max let’s have a look shall we?

Very simple information on the website, but what we do know is that they can build-to-measure and also offer to do the groundworks.

Max Timber Sheds offering to do the groundworks is definitely a barrier that most timber Garage manufacturers won’t take care of.

It would be interesting to know how that process works and what their base specification is.

Looking specifically at the Garage Gallery on the Max Timber Sheds website, I can identify OSB sarking on the roof and whitewood cladding/framing – untreated.

DPC (Damp Proof Course) information is very important when it comes to Garages. So, I would want to ask what Max is doing to ensure that the building stays dry internally, that it’s not affected by rising damp and that the timbers will not ingress water.

Reviewing the 20’ x 10’ (6m x 3m) size, Max Timber Sheds are charging £2,165 for a 19mm log tongue and groove. They haven’t specified whether it’s Redwood or Whitewood but from the pictures, I’m fairly confident that it’s Spruce.

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The Garage price includes delivery and assembly (within 15 miles of Falkirk).

3. Elite Fencing and Sheds

Elite Fencing and Sheds have two priced Garages on their website, and can also build up to a 30’ x 12’ (9m x 3.6m).

Interestingly their largest size would take them over the 30m2 permitted development size for building control.

It would be good to know if Elite Fencing and Sheds are submitting building control, and whether they are being approved on the structure detailed on their website.

In my experience BC stipulate a breather cavity, which would mean the building would need to be 3 tier.

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Anyway… I digress…

Elite Fencing, their 18’ x 10’ (5.4m x 3m) is a decent size garage and from what I can tell (on their website and on their social media), it’s of a very similar construction to that of Max Timber Sheds.

19mm tongue and groove cladding and untreated framing – I’d take a guess and say that it’s Spruce timber (Whitewood) again here.

Looking specifically at Elite’s website, I’d like more information on what the Garage is made of, how they construct it, what preparation is needed or how to look after it.

Unfortunately, there’s an SEO massacre happening here! Where Elite is explaining the uses of Garages and keywording the hell out of their copy, they should instead, provide the information we actually need.

Let’s not be too harsh, though. I love that Elite have videos touring their products so you can see the buildings as they stand, inside and out. Elite Fencing and Sheds are genuinely trying, their Facebook page is up-to-date and they have loads of images.

Elite Fencing and Sheds 18’ x 10’ Garage costs £1,895.

The website states free local delivery. It doesn’t tell us if it includes assembly, or give any indication about what groundworks are required.

4. The Shed Company

So, this is more like it. Robin and Jonathan at The Shed Company in Perth have a much better idea of what consists of decent construction.

The Shed Company lead with a far more substantial construction than the previous three companies we’ve already talked about. The Shed Company are basing their product range on much larger buildings and therefore recognise the importance of specification.

Looking specifically at their information on Garages, we are told exactly what materials they are using. For the first time in a LONG time, I’m witnessing Larch as the standard cladding.

This is amazing.

I’m seriously impressed with Larch being their chosen rough board. Why? Well, Larch is typically 1.5 times more expensive than Scandinavian Redwood and usually offered as an upgrade.

Larch is considerably heavy which makes sectional companies shy away from using it. The Shed Company assemble on site so it’s not a problem.

I love Larch, specifically Siberian Larch, profiled and dressed to show it’s true colouring – just beautiful.

The Shed Company also specify their framing 95mm x 45mm C16 Grade (that’s good!) and their Steel Box Profile Roofing.

These guys make everything to order so there’s no set pricing. But they do detail a guide of £10,000 for a 6m x 6m.

One thing I’m not sure about is the 36m2 restriction they have detailed on their website for Planning. I know for certain the building must be under 30m2 for building control, so it may be an idea for The Shed Company to revisit that advice.

Robin and Jonathan do an amazing job of updating their Facebook and responding to their customers who use it.

So what am I saying…

Ultimately all four Timber Garage Suppliers are doing a great job for what they’re offering and for the price given.

Their general presence and reviews are all decent, and apart from Max, everyone’s making the effort to spend time engaging with their customers online.

My only concern is that none of them are offering a breather cavity/membrane. I feel like The Shed Company have the competence to do this, but given their pricing is based on single skinned, it could get very costly. So I understand why close board and strap cladding is their preferred choice.

When I’m talking about a breather cavity it’s something that I myself had to discover the hard way.

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Stewarts are the perfect combination of affordability and quality for a single skinned Garage, while Max and Elite are fairly similar in both offerings. But, I need you to really appreciate the importance of base work and preparing your concrete plinth before buying a garage from anywhere.

The Shed Company is the out and out winner on this review, as far as I am concerned. They’re competent in their specification and in their inclusive services for groundworks and finishings.

I’d love to hear your experiences with any of the reviewed companies in the comments below.

Till next time… Natty x

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