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Urban Pods vs G&M’s Radiata Garden Rooms

It’s Urban Pods Garden Rooms turn for a comparison. If you’ve been keeping up to date with recent posts you’ll have seen the comparisons with JML and Outside In Garden Rooms. Next up it’s Urban Pods!

Who is the best garden room manufacturer in Scotland?

Like JML and Outside In, Urban Pods also feature in our Top 10 Scottish Garden Room Manufacturers blog post. Based in Livingstone, Urban Pods install garden rooms throughout Scotland.

Are Urban Pods garden rooms good quality?

A screenshot of the Urban Pods website, showing a pent garden room with the text "Love your space" above a paragraph that reads, "Create a beautiful, inspiring outdoor room and add the valuable extra space that your. home, hobby or business really needs. Urbanpods designs and builds spaces that you'll love to spend time in, made from the finest materials and to the highest standards."

Urban Pods garden rooms offer a wide range of buildings, from the 9.41m2 Ufficio to the 20.55m2 Massimo. Their buildings are sleek, beautiful and stylish, and they have plenty of photos of their buildings on their website.

The closest size comparison to a Gillies & Mackay Radiata Garden Room is the Urban Pods Medio. Let’s crack on and compare the prices, materials, features and project management for each of these buildings!

How do Urban Pods compare to Gillies & Mackay on price?

The product page for Urban Pods Medio Garden Room, with a photo of a garden room next to a patio with a table and chairs. The text reads, "If the Ufficio is just a bit on the snug side, have a look at the splendid medio, which offers an additional 5m2 to your area (total area 15.72m2 - enough to make a difference to the space inside, yet without impacting too. much on the footprint.

The Medio from Urban Pods is priced around £17,950 + VAT. If I get my calculator out to save you the hassle, that comes to £21,540.

Depending on the model and any customisations you choose, a Gillies & Mackay Radiata Garden Room ranges from £10,797 to £13,797.

Which materials do Urban Pods and Gillies & Mackay use?

I’ve hit a bit of a stumbling block here in my research because the Urban Pods website states that all buildings use Siberian Larch cladding. Right now it’s illegal for companies in the UK to buy or sell Siberian Larch timber unless it was already in the UK or Europe before March 2022.

While Urban Pods may well still be using Larch, it’s extremely unlikely that it’s Siberian Larch.

Gillies & Mackay Radiata Garden Rooms use Radiata Pine ThermoWood cladding. This timber has been treated with heat and steam to produce a reliable, durable material that’s highly resistant to shape changes, rot and insect damage.

Which features do Urban Pods garden rooms have compared to Gillies & Mackay?

Urban Pods Medio garden rooms come with infrared heating and Karndean flooring. I presume the buildings are double-glazed, but this isn’t detailed on their website. The type of roofing used also isn’t specified.

Gillies & Mackay Radiata Garden Rooms come with premium aluminium-frame argon-filled double-glazed soft coat Low-E windows and doors, and feature either steel box profile roofing or Isola roofing shingles, depending on the design.

Do Urban Pods and Gillies & Mackay offer a project management service?

Urban Pods don’t mention project management – their website focuses on their products without much information about how the process is handled and communicated to the customer.

Gillies & Mackay offers a comprehensive product management service, from design to installation, and coordinates all aspects of the build for you.

How do Urban Pods garden rooms compare with Gillies & Mackay’s Radiata Garden Rooms?

A Gillies and Mackay Rannoch Radiata Garden Room on a sunny day with beautiful spring flowers in the foreground.

What does this mean for you, the customer? Well, Gillies & Mackay offers a more inclusive installation process with extensive project management, which might appeal to customers looking for a hassle-free setup. Urban Pods provides a streamlined, modern product at a higher price point but may require additional arrangements for installation aspects. Each building caters to different preferences in terms of design, price, and service comprehensiveness.

Whichever garden room company you choose, make sure that you know your cladding from your roofing, and your planning permission from your building control. Our Learning Centre has a wealth of information about the different aspects of garden buildings. And if there’s anything we haven’t covered yet, let us know and we’ll get to it!

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